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Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks - best drugstore matte formula?

First of all, welcome back!
The two weeks of my blogging break have gone way too quickly but certainly left me more relaxed and re-energised. I spent lovely time with my mum, my boys got spoiled even more and we all enjoyed the last days of Summer holidays.

I also gave my blog a bit of a facelift and changed the template, it's nothing dramatically different but it's a fresh look and get me just that bit more excited about blogging.

And as promised, I'm back today with a new post.

Lipsticks are quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup item, although eyeshadows are still keeping the first place, and trying new formulas is always exciting for me. Even though matte lipsticks have been ruling the lipsticks world for some time now I feel like there weren't that many great ones in the drugstore. Not anymore!
Enter Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks (£4.49)* which were recently launched and I was kindly sent a few shades from the range.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

Seventeen is a Boots own brand which brings very affordable yet good quality products. Their Skin Wow! Concealer has been my favourite for under my eyes for a few months (check my review) and I've been also a fan of many other of their products, like the Skin Wow! Primer which is a beautiful product to add luminosity to the skin or the Define and Conquer Contour Kit which contains great, finely milled powders.
So when I've heard the brand is releasing new matte lipsticks I was expecting to be impressed. And I wasn't disappointed.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

First off, the matte, black packaging looks quite chic and I like the round lipstick bullet shape.
All three shades I have are very pigmented, feel somewhat creamy when applied yet have completely matte finish. They are very comfortable on the lips but might dry them out just a bit after a few hours. They're quite long lasting and while you'll need to reapply them after a meal, they easily survive drinking or light snacking. They're not transfer-proof though so you'll be leaving lip prints on your cup, glass or partner's face :)

I'm absolutely in love with those two darker shades which not only suit me well but the formula of the lipstick is excellent and, in my opinion, comparable to Urban Decay Comfort Matte lipsticks.
The lighter pink shade was a bit of a miss for me, firstly, the colour doesn't look good on me, second, the lipstick applies a bit patchy and accentuates dry skin in a very bad way.
So, unfortunately, the formula across the range might not be 100% consistent and I'm guessing that the lighter shades will be less forgiving and harder to work with.

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks swatches, Coral of the Story, Looking Buff, Rioja Your World

Coral Of The Story* - light pink with coral undertones, my lips have been quite dry lately and as you can see the lipstick accentuated that and it's looking patchy. Having said that it still lasted on the lips as well as the others hades I have and it's not in any way more drying the them.

Looking Buff* - beautiful rosy nude with mauve undertones, the kind of shade I'm always drawn to, it applies smoothly and looks even on the lips.

Rioja Your World* - gorgeous deep red shade, the formula is fantastic, it applies evenly and it doesn't draw attention to dry skin.

Even though I am not in love with one of the shades I am very impressed with the overall formula of the Mega Matte Lipsticks by Seventeen and highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for a great matte lipstick which doesn't break the bank. There are 12 shades to choose from and while the lighter ones might be not as impressive, the darker shades are excellent.

Also the Seventeen Lip Brush*, £2.49, is really good quality and it does a great job at precisely applying the darker shades to the lips, much better, in my opinion, then Zoeva Lip Brush which I've been using for a while.  

Have you tried the Seventeen lipsticks? Are you a fan of matte finish or do you prefer glossy lips?

*PR Sample




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