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My tips on applying false lashes

Instead of my usual Friday makeup tutorial post I've decided to share with you today my tips on how to apply false lashes so they look good and feel comfortable on the eyes. I'm not expert by any means but I've been using false lashes for a while now, I'm not longer terrified by them and I can easily wear them for a special event without worrying about them. So after a few people asked me for tips on how to apply false lashes I thought I will share with you what I've learnt on the topic.
If, like me, you haven't been blessed with long, thick lashes but want to add a bit more drama to your eyes for a special occasion then false lashes is a way to go.
If you want to know how do I apply false lashes keep on reading :)

tips on applying false lashes

Before I start with any tips I want to say that practice is the key. Before I learnt how to wear false lashes couple of years ago I watched many YouTube videos to help me with that and while I got the basics I still struggled when it came to me actually doing it. But I didn't give up and kept trying. There were many disasters on the way but I finally got to the point that I feel confident at applying and wearing false lashes and, most of the time, they look good on my eyes.
So if I can do it you can do it too :)

Tips on how to apply false lashes

1. Choose the right lashes for your eye shape.

When I first started experimenting with false lashes I bought models that were recommended by a YouTube Guru I watched at that time, they were beautiful and looked gorgeous on her but unfortunately were too big for my eyes.
If your eyes are on the smaller side choose shorter and more natural looking lashes like Ardell Demi-Wispies or Kiss Natural Lashes. If you have hooded eyes or your outer corners are turned slightly downwards you can easily optically open up your eyes and make them look bigger by applying false lashes like Ardell Demi-Wispies which have a longer and thicker lashes at the outer corner.
Experiment with different styles to see which one suits your eyes the best. False Eyelashes website has a wide range of very affordable lashes from brand like Red Cherry which are really good quality. I'd say don't invest in a pair of fancy, expensive false lashes before you're confident with them because chances are you'll destroy them in no time.
Also, choose, to start with, lashes with very thin bands as they're much easier to apply and fit to your eye shape.

2. Trim false lashes to fit your eye perfectly.

How to apply false lashes?

Once you picked the style of false lashes you like be sure you measure them against your eye (right lash to your right eye, left to the left) before actually applying them. Don't assume they just would fit your eye as they come in one size to fit all. So put them on top of your lashes, without any glue, and see how much of the band you would need to cut. On the picture above I tried to show you how I do it.
My biggest tip at this stage is 'don't apply false lashes too close to your inner corner' as the edge of the band will bother your eye, no matter how thin the band is. I marked where I normally want my false lashes to start and end on photo 3. Cut off the part that is hanging outside of your lash line with sharp scissors. Always trim the outer part of the lash band not the inner, especially if the lash style is tapered from shorter in the inner corner to longer in the outer corner.
Always measure lashes for both eyes, your eyes might not be exactly the same size, mines are not.

3. Let the glue get tacky before applying lashes to your eyes.

How to apply false lashes?

I've used different glues over the time but I find the Duo Clear-White the best for me, although the tube is not the best way to use it, so I always get a drop of the glue on the side of my tweezers and spread it across the lash band of the false lashes, you don't need a thick layer of glue, just be sure it covers the whole band, especially the ends. Then I grab the lashes with my tweezers and wait up to 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky. That way the band will stick straight away to our lid when we put it on and won't be slipping around.

4. Apply your false lashes from above your natural lashes, looking downwards.

Tips on applying false lashes

I think this tip was a game-changer for me, it's so much easier to apply your lashes when you're looking down to the mirror. Rest your false lashes on your own lashes (I also apply some mascara beforehand so my natural lashes give more support to the falsies) and stick the centre of the band as close to your natural lashes as you can.

Tips on applying false lashes

Once the middle of the band sits securely on the top of your lashes grab your tweezers and stick the outer part to the outer corner of your lid in the right place, then do the same with the inner part.
When you're happy with how the lashes look on your eyes give the false lashes and your own lashes a quick squeeze with your fingers to ensure they're as close to each other as possible and the false lashes stick well to your lid.
And that's it, you've successfully applied false lashes! They make such a big difference to the eyes!

Tips on applying false lashes

5. Mask false lashes' band.

My last tip would be to always line your lash line with eye liner or black eyeshadow to mask the false lashes' band and make your lashes look fuller. You don't have to create a wing or thick line, just a very subtle lining makes all the difference. 
I usually line my lashes with black eyeshadow before I apply false lashes and then after, once the glue is dry and transparent, I use black eye liner to mask the band even better .

So these are all my tips on how I apply false lashes. I hope those of you who struggle with them find this post helpful! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and I'll do my best to give you answers.

Are you false lashes wearer?

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