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'Create your own eyeshadow palette' tag, my perfect everyday Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette

It's well documented on my blog that I'm an eyeshadow palettes enthusiast/junkie, so when I saw on Katina's blog 'Create your own eyeshadow palette' tag I knew I want to do it myself as well. The idea behind the tag is to 'create' your own 12 eyeshadow palette consisted of existing single or 'in palettes' eyeshadows.
Last weekend I sat down surrounded by all my 40+ palettes ready to choose my 12 the most favourite eyeshadows amongst them. I knew it would be rather difficult but I didn't expect it to be impossible, haha!

my perfect everyday Makeup Geek custom made eyeshadow palette

After a long while I decided that I'm not able to pick only 12 shades from the hundreds I had in front of me but I've noticed that I kept reaching for Makeup Geek eyeshadows in the process. So I thought that it would be easier to pick 12 eyeshadows from my custom made MUG palette, which consists at the moment of 40 shades, so I still had to narrow it down quite a bit.

I knew I wanted my palette to be perfect for everyday without the need of reaching for anything else but also to have some options for an evening makeup or something more fun.
I love playing with colourful eyeshadows but I decided to make this palette a bit more 'basic' and versatile. My favourite palettes are those that include all the shades I might need for my everyday makeup, from matte highlighting shade, crease colours, lid shades to darker ones for defining the outer corner of the eye or lash line. If I could have more then 12 shades you can be sure there would be some fun pops of colour though.

I chose Makeup Geek eyeshadows for this challenge not only because it was easier for me but also because they have one of my favourite eyeshadow formula on the market and the shades I picked are truly fantastic to work with.
If you haven't tried MUG eyeshadows you really should and you could consider 'my palette' as a great start to your collection.

Let's get to the shades then!

my perfect everyday Makeup Geek custom made eyeshadow palette

White Lies - matte white, not chalky at all with the tiniest bit of sheen. Matte white or cream shade is a must for me as I always use them to highlight my brow bone, help with the blending or to set my primer with. I can't imagine 'my palette' without shade like this.

Starry Eyed - gorgeous pink champagne foiled eyeshadow, perfect as an inner corner highlight or lid shade for a more glamorous look.

Creme Brulee - warm toned medium brown, excellent transition shade or crease shade, I love this shade for 'no makeup' makeup just to add a bit of definition and warmth to my eyes.

Mai Tai - that's my 'a bit of fun' shade, beautiful duo-chrome coral with orange-y gold shift, perfect to apply all over the lid with some crease shade and something darker in the outer corner for a pretty eye look that is very simple yet looks quite complex. It can also be used as a fun inner corner highlight.

Tuscan Sun - this is one of my favourite MUG eyeshadows, such a unique shade, salmon-y brown, I love it in my crease, it looks great with so many different colours, perfect if you want to add something more interesting to your look then your usual mid-tone brown.

Cosmopolitan - another shade beautiful all over the lid, coppery gold with coral shift, you don't need much to have a fantastic eye look when you use this eyeshadow.

my perfect everyday Makeup Geek custom made eyeshadow palette

Prom Night - this is my perfect shade to apply all over the lid for a super quick but pretty eye look, beautiful taupe with lilac undertones, it looks equally great on its own or incorporated in a more complex eye look.

Latte - a 'must-have' neutral brown, great crease and outer corner shade, one of the basic colours I want to see in every palette.

Cocoa Bear - beautiful reddish deep brown, one of my favourite shades to deepen the outer corner and crease or even apply it all over the lid for brown matte smokey eyes.

Burlesque - gorgeous burgundy shade with subtle shimmer, another great shade for a 'one eyeshadow eye look' or to pair with other shades, it looks beautiful with Starry Eyed or Mai Tai.

Americano - stunning dark chocolate brown with purple undertones, excellent to smoke things out or define the outer corner or lash line. It also looks amazing all over the lid with Latte and Crème Brulee in the crease for a classic smokey eyes.

Corrupt - another 'must-have' shade for me which I always like to see in palettes, matte rich black, I use it almost every time I do my makeup to define my lash line for a fuller looking lashes and more defined eyes. It's also perfect to deepen outer corner or set your black gel liner so it lasts longer.

So this is it. My 12 eyeshadow palette consisted of my favourite Makeup Geek eyeshadows. What do you think of it?
How would your palette look like if you had the opportunity to create it?

If you decide to do this tag be sure to tag me on Twitter so I can have a read :)

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