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Summer nails: my favourite shades, nail polishes and top coats

Looking after my hands is high on my beauty priority list so I moisturise them multiple times a day and always make sure my nails look good. More often then not they will be painted, I like to change my nail colour weekly which will depend on the occasion, my mood and the season. I love nude shades on my nails which are always chic and go with everything but I also adore dark bold colours for Autumn/Winter, pastels for Spring and playful, happy shades for Summer.
Today I want to share with you my favourite Summer shades, nail polishes that work the best on my nails and excellent top coats which not only add shine to my coloured nails but also extend their longevity.

Summer nail polishes

Top Coats
I've tried so many top coats for the last few years in order to find one that would make my nail polish last longer as chipped nails are my real pet peeve and I don't have the time and patience to do my manicure every 2, 3 days. After numerous bottles promising miracles, from the so much hyped Seche Vite to anything that claims to prolong the time of nail wear, I have finally found 3 top coats that do make a real difference in how long nail polishes last on my nails without chipping.

None of the three top coats claims to make the nail polish dry very quick but they do speed up the drying time. I find the Revlon offering do especially well in this department and within few minutes my nails are dry to the touch. But all three top coats add amazing shine to my nails and help the nail polish last at least a day longer then it would without one. My nail polishes would last only 2, 3 days before chipping, now, using my favourite nail polish formulas and one of these top coats my nails look perfect up to 5 days which I'm very happy about.

Now let's get to my favourite nail polishes and shades that I love wearing during Summer.

Maybelline super stay gel nail colour blood orange
Maybelline super stay gel nail colour blood orange

These range of Maybelline nail polishes has to be my favourite formula from drugstore, very affordable and almost always on offer, they have very wide, curved brush which makes the application very easy and quick, they apply seamlessly, are opaque with 2 coats and last up to 4 days without chips on my nails. I absolutely love them and have many shades but my current favourites are:
Blood Orange - tomato red, beautiful juicy Summer shade,
Magenta Surge - neon-y pink with coral undertones, fun shade for warmer months,
Rose Rapture - light pink which has enough pigment not to be a light pastel but still very wearable even for the office.

revlon colorstay gel envy nail polish full house

revlon colorstay gel envy nail polish full house

Another excellent formula of nail polishes from drugstore, although a bit more expensive. Again the brush is wide and super easy to work with, the formula is creamy and very pigmented, you can get away with one coat of those nail polishes although I always apply two. And, as you might have guessed, they last, with the top coat, easily 3, 4 days on my nails without any major chips.
I have only a few shades from this range and my favourite for the Summer is:
Full House - turquoise blue that is the perfect colour not to make my hands look like dead person and makes me think of holidays and sea.

Seventeen Gel Colour nail polish Hurricane

Seventeen Gel Colour nail polish Hurricane

I wasn't expecting these nail polishes to be very good on my nails but they actually are! They apply without streaks, two coats are enough for perfect opacity, the brush, although not as perfect as the other I've tried, is wide and nice to apply nail polish with and they last on my nails 3, 4 days without chipping, secured with top coats. I will be definitely getting more shades from this range but the two I have are:
Raspberry WooWoo* - blue based medium pink, beautiful any time of year,
Hurricane* - perfect medium toned blue, I'm not usually a massive fan of blue nail polishes as you really need to find the right shade for your skin tone to make them look pretty, but this one I like a lot, especially paired with the pink shade.
You can see a photo of my current manicure using both shades on my Instagram.

essie gel couture on the list
essie gel couture on the list

As much as I love Essie nail polishes shade selection they can be a bit of hit and miss for me, some shades don't last longer then 2, 3 days without chipping and for the price I do expect more. But I'm still tempted to get some of them because it's hard to resist the temptation of all those amazing colours available.
Haute In The Heat is one of their older shades and I got it from Fragrance Direct for £2.99 so it has the thin brush which I'm not the biggest fan of but I can forget that because I adore this deep raspberry shade. With one of my favourite top coats it lasts on my nails 3, 4 days so it's still good and comparable to the other nail polishes.

When I saw that Essie jumped on the gel nail polishes bandwagon I had to try the new formula and chose the shade On The List to try it. I have to say I am impressed, with the Essie Gel Couture top coat the nail polish lasts on my nails 5 days without any major chips. The formula is nice and creamy, it applies evenly without leaving any streaks and the brush is excellent, wide and curved for easy application. I will be definitely getting some other shades from this range.

Which nail polishes and top coats are your favourite? Do you change your nail colour depending on the season?

*PR Sample



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