Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Yet another ColourPop haul

After falling in love with all the products I got from Colourpop couple of months ago I knew there will be more hauls in the future and, surely, I didn't wait too long before placing another order. While Colourpop has very affordable products, the shipping to UK is not so much, so obviously, it's a bit of treat but because they were having 20% off sale and I had some credit with the myMallBox company, which I use to ship products from US, I thought it would be rude not to treat myself to some goodies :) I kept my order fairly small, just over $30, to avoid custom charges on arrival of the parcel in UK.

ColourPop haul

Just like last time I used myMallBox which is a package forwarding company making possible to anyone in UK or in other parts of the world, to buy products only available in US which are then sent to your country. I explained all the process in more details in this post.
Again, I didn't have any problems with my order, from arriving to the myMallBox warehouse to my home a mere three days later ( I used express shipping which cost with all the fees and taxes about $28).
Actually the biggest problem was how slow ColourPop was processing their orders, it took them almost 2 weeks to dispatch my order! I guess they were super busy with the sale.

If, like me, you can't wait to try ColourPop cosmetics or any other brand available only in US, I highly recommend using myMallBox services as they've been reliable and their customer service is very helpful. You can use my referral code A6068 to sign up which will earn you $5, perfect towards future shipping fees.

Now let's get to what I bought from ColourPop :)

ColourPop haul

I'm not a biggest fan of single eyeshadows that can't be easily put in a Z-palette as I never seem to reach for them but ColourPop ones are an exception. I've only tried those with metallic finish but they're amazing and well worth getting. So of course I had to order at least couple of shades more. I also wanted to get some cheek products even though I'm not very much into cream blushes, highlighters etc. but the ColourPop products have such a different formula that I had to try them.

ColourPop Dream Catcher highlighter Super Shock Shadows:

La La, $5 - the most beautiful rose gold shade with ultra metallic finish, the swatch above was done without primer and it was one swipe of my finger! It's absolutely stunning! It feels incredibly soft and smooth, almost wet to the touch. These eyeshadows last on my primed lids all day without creasing, they transfer lightly on the upper part of my lid because of my eye structure (deep set and slightly hooded) but that happens with any super metallic shades. The best method of applying them is with my finger in my opinion or flat, densely packed synthetic brush.

Get Lucky, $5 - another ultra metallic finish, light gold which looks like liquid metal. The same incredible formula! I don't care much about the matte shades from ColourPop eyeshadows range but the metallic ones are amazing and I want them all!

Cheek products:

Dream Catcher, highlighter, $8 - the same mousse-like formula as in eyeshadows, it feels and applies like a cream product but it's not greasy and it has finish almost like a powder. Dream Catcher is a beautiful soft peachy gold, it doesn't have chunks of glitter, it gives just a gorgeous glow to the skin.

Holiday, blush, $8 - Summery coral-y pink with matte finish, it gives beautiful flush to my cheeks with slightly dewy finish. I like to apply it either with small stippling brush or my beauty blender, just like the highlighter.

ColourPop Naked Ladies Ultra Satin Lip Lip products:

Cami, Lippie Stix Matte X, $5 - this is a new formula of Lippie Stix that ColourPop brought out recently, is super pigmented, very lightweight and true matte but somehow not really drying. Cami is a pink mauve shade, one that I always gravitate towards, it lasts long on the lips even with light eating or drinking and while it's not drying it will accentuate dry skin so you must exfoliate your lips before applying it. Having said that it's a great formula which looks very matte but it doesn't sink into lip lines and it glides across lips effortlessly.

Naked Ladies, Ultra Satin Lip, $6 - I'm already a big fan of the Ultra Satin Lip range as they're really long lasting liquid lipsticks but not drying in the slightest and they look pretty on the lips so I had to get couple of shades more. Naked Ladies is a bright coral, more on the red side, perfect for Summer. It can accentuate dry skin more then the other shades I have so, again, lips need to be prepared for it. I wore it couple of times for dinner while being on holidays and it lasted very well considering how much I was eating and drinking (all inclusive, baby, get in in my tummy, lol!).

Echo Park, Ultra Satin Lip, $6 - peachy nude, very pretty shade to pair with warm bronze smokey eyes. The formula is great, it glides across the lips without accentuating dry skin or lines and it lasts very well for 4-6 hours depending on the eating and drinking involved, it transfer slightly to cups etc., just like the other Ultra Satin lipsticks but the pigmentation is so strong that only some greasy food can remove the lipstick a bit. Re-application is easy without the need to remove the first layer.

So these are all my newest ColourPop products, I love them all and, honestly, can't wait to buy more form the brand.

Have you tried ColourPop cosmetics? Which products are your favourite?




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