Monday, 6 June 2016

Snippets from our holidays in Costa Del Sol, Spain

Welcome back all!
I can't say I'm over the moon that we're no longer sunbathing on a Spanish coast but I'm slowly accepting the fact that our holidays has finished. To hang on it a bit more I've decided to share with you some pictures and moments of the time we spent in Benalmadena on our Summer holidays.

I posted some pictures on my Instagram and shared some snaps on Snapchat (mummysbeauty) but the Wi-Fi in the hotel was not the best and also I really enjoyed being away for a while from the online world. And surprise surprise, I didn't even think of going into any shop which sells makeup or other beauty products and I even resisted the Duty Free on the airports, probably mostly because we never had enough time to browse in shops while getting the plane but anyway I came back home without any new beauty purchases, well done me :)

Many of you, my regular readers, feel like friends to me so I thought it would be nice to show you a bit of my personal life and at the same time help myself ease into the blogging again with this lifestyle post :)

Summer holidays, Benalmadena

We chose holidays on Costa Del Sol in Spain because my husband and I love Spanish culture and cuisine and we were almost sure there will be plenty of sunshine there without being too hot at this time of year. We booked organised holidays with Thomson and everything went perfect. We went all inclusive as it seemed like the best option for parents with 2 small children and believe me, I don't want to even think how much more we would have spent if we didn't. Those ice creams every half an hour, drinks, food that was only half eaten would bankrupt us,  not to mention how convenient is to ask for another glass of wine or cocktail without forking out every single time :)

We were very happy with the hotel which was situated right next to the beach and we got a room with balcony and view on the sea from left side and mountains on the rights side, simply stunning. The pictures above show the view and part of the hotel pool area. Below are the pictures of our room, hotel restaurant and the pool.

Summer holidays, Benalmadena

We didn't go out at night as with two small children it's not so much fun but there was hotel entertainment in the evenings, for example Flamenco show, Magic show, live music, which we all enjoyed and after we put our boys to bed around midnight (they were having a real party time, at home they're in beds by 8pm, lol!) me and hubby still had some drinks on the balcony enjoying the night view and peace and quiet.

But we did explored the town a bit during the day, we visited Benalmadena Puerto Marina which is considered one of the best in the world and yes, it was a beautiful place with lots of boats to admire, restaurants and shops. We also took a boat trip into the sea which was so much fun until the sea started being a bit rough, lol!

Summer holidays, Benalmadena

Another place that I fell in love with and it was very much worth seeing was the Benalmadena Pueblo, the Old Town, lovely village up the hills with whitewashed houses adorned by beautiful plants and flowers. Typical Andalucian square, narrow streets and a church of Santo Domingo which sits on the edge of a hill and the surrounding gardens provide the most beautiful views over the coastline.
Below are some pictures from that village.

Summer holidays, Benalmadena

As you can guess we had amazing time on our holidays and as much as we want to discover different parts of Spain and world I'm sure we'll come back to Costa Del Sol one day.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal post and the pictures. I'll be back with my usual beauty musings on Wednesday :)




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