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New makeup products on trial

I've been pretty good at not buying lots of beauty products in the last couple of months and I've noticed that the longer I go without letting myself indulge in makeup or skincare purchases the easier is to resist the temptation of having the latest releases or pretty looking products. But of course as a beauty junkie and a blogger there will be some occasional hauls :) So today I want to share with you my thoughts on a few makeup products that I've been testing for the last couple of weeks.

makeup haul

Hylamide HA Blur

This serum/primer is a relatively new product on the market and ever since I've heard many bloggers stating how great it is at blurring skin's imperfection I had it on my shopping list and finally got it.
HA Blur claims that thanks to  Hyaluronic Acid-based prism technology it will deliver exceptional blurring properties, creating the appearance of flawless skin that looks hydrated and refined.

I've been struggling with large pores most of my life, although I've noticed great improvement in my pores' appearance since started using many chemical exfoliators and skincare best suited to my skin's needs but still anything that promises to blur my pores will get my immediate attention.
Most of the time I'm left a bit disappointed with many products because my high expectations are rarely met but in case of HA Blur I was positively surprised.

The product has a thick formula that reminds me primers heavy in sillicones, but it doesn't feel like them once applied to the skin, it doesn't have that greasy feeling which I really dislike. And the best part is, it really blurs my pores like nothing else I've tried and it's not drying or heavy, it feels like nothing on the skin. It makes my skin look as flawless as it will get with makeup. My pores are still visible but the blurring effect is strong enough to make them look less obvious.

I've been loving this primer mostly because of the blurring effect it gives, it also keeps my makeup in place for a bit longer but I have to say it's not very good at keeping oils at bay. My skin is not very oily so it doesn't bother me if I get a bit more dewy after a few hours but I think those people with very oily skin might need something more mattifying before applying the HA Blur.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

We had to wait a very long time before this foundation became available in UK but it's finally here so I just had to try it, even though I did get the US version a few months back through Amazon but I wanted to see if the UK version is as good. Also I needed foundation with a darker shade to match my post-holiday tanned body so it was the perfect excuse for new purchase.

First off, I like the tube because it's travel friendly, easy to store and you can easily control how much product you want to dispense.
The formula of this foundation is quite liquid-y but still provides medium coverage which can be built up to medium-full although I always settle on one thin layer. The finish is matte but very natural looking, the foundation doesn't stay tacky and you can skip powder to set it. I have some small dry patches and the foundation doesn't accentuate them but I can imagine if your skin is on a drier side the formula might cling to dry areas.

The staying power of this foundation is very good on my skin, when primed and lightly set with powder, it lasts easily 8-9 hours without a need for any touch ups, but I do need to blot my skin couple of times during this time as I get a bit too shiny in my T-Zone. As a matte foundation I don't feel like it's controlling oils very well but I don't use any mattifying moisturisers/primers underneath so that should be improved if you do so.

What I like the most about this foundation though is it's blurring abilities, it optically smooths out the skin beautifully and together with Hylamide HA Blur creates a really flawless looking base and this combo has been my favourite since I got both products couple of weeks ago.

For reference I use shade 220 Natural Beige which is just a smidge too dark to match my body perfectly but once buffed into the skin and paired with highlighting concealer it looks good for me right now. Unfortunately there are only 6 shades available so there won't be a match for every skin tone.

My favourite method of applying this foundation is with duo-fibre brush as I feel like I get better coverage that way and I can blend it seamlessly into my skin.

Seventeen WOW! Skin Concealer

Seventeen is a budget friendly brand that has many awesome products in their range, I've tried and loved many of their products so I was happy to test this new concealer, especially as I've read good reviews about it.

It's a highlighting concealer that suppose to not only brighten but also hide under eye dark circles. I don't have too much darkness under my eyes but I think this concealer does a great job and what's even better, it doesn't crease or settle in fine lines and at my age I have to be very careful as many concealers tend to accentuate them making me look older then I am.

The formula of the WOW! Skin Concealer is quite creamy but very easy to blend, I usually use my Beauty Blender with under eye concealers but with this one I just use my foundation brush and it's blended perfectly in a matter of seconds. I'm really impressed!

I use shade Fair and there's also Medium available so, again, not too much choice but if you can get a match I highly recommend trying the concealer out.

Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit

I also got a Contour Kit which I have seen reviewed on different blogs and, again, I'm quite impressed with the formula of these powders. They're not chalky at all, feel soft and are easy to blend.
I have the kit in shade Medium (there's also Fair available). It contains highlighting powder in creamy white colour with the slightest sheen to it which is perfect for setting under eye concealer or very subtle highlighting the centre of the face. The contouring shade is a neutral in tone, medium brown with matte finish which gives a very subtle effect on my skin tone and I'm fine with that since I usually don't like to dramatically contour my face.

I like the packaging of the Contour Kit, it looks nice and sleek, has a handy mirror inside and it feels sturdy. It's a great everyday palette.

And here are all the products in action :)

Hylamide HA Blur

1 - bare face without any makeup on, apart from some eye makeup,
3 - Hylamid HA Blur applied, skin is visibly blurred,

Seventeen WOW! Skin Concealer

5 - one layer of Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in shade 220 was applied to my face, skin tone is more even, pigmentation and redness are covered,
7 - Seventeen WOW! Skin Concealer applied in the centre of my face and under eyes to conceal and highlight,
8 - concealer blended into the skin.

Finished makeup look:

coral lips makeup look

As you can see on the picture above my skin looks almost flawless, (as I say so myself), I didn't use any editing programs to smooth out my skin and my camera doesn't have that feature built in so that is how my skin looks with Hylamide HA Blur, Maybelline Matte+Poreless Foundation, Seventeen WOW! Skin Concealer and a dusting of powder in a natural light.
I'm loving it and highly recommend all these products, especially if your skin is normal/combination as they should work together perfectly well.

Have you tried any of these products? What new makeup have you bought recently?


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