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Custom made DIY hair dye from eSalon* (sp)

I've been colouring my hair since my early 20s, (many moons ago), and most of the time I've been doing it at home with hair dyes easily available in drugstores. As much as I love the effect of hair coloured in a salon I simply can't justify paying lots of money every 2, 3 months and I've been pretty satisfied with the DIY method.
I've never changed my hair colour drastically, I've always played safe and reached for browns or reds just to add some vibrancy to my natural hair. Although I did got creative one time and bleached a streak of my hair to a very yellow looking blonde shade, long story short, I hated it, haha!
Anyway, when eSalon, who specialises in custom made hair dyes, approached me I didn't hesitate to try their service. I was due hair colouring and intrigued by the company who creates personalised product just like in a salon.

Custom made hair dye from eSalon

eSalon is the first and ONLY customized mass hair colour service globally. We currently serve the US, UK, Canada and Europe.

Previously, the only hair colour options available to consumers were to spend $100+ in a salon, or face endless aisles of mediocre, generic boxed colour at the drugstore.  In this day and age, we believe consumers deserve better!

Since launching in September 2010, we have enjoyed tremendous growth and shipped over 3,000,000 unique hair colour applications -  and this number is growing fast.

Clients go to, provide their hair details and upload a photo. Then, expert colourists review the order and create a unique, individually blended hair colour formula, using professional ingredients typically only available in salons. Finally, the colour, along with personal application instructions, is mailed to the client, ready to apply at their own convenience.

Each custom colour application is only US $19.95 (£14.00) and comes with a money-back guarantee - we will reformulate for free or refund the product price.

We’ve gained national attention from leading publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, UK Vogue, Cosmopolitan and more. We recently won the highly coveted Best Home Hair Colour award by Allure - the first ever independent brand to win it. InStyle magazine chose us as Best of the Web and voted Total Beauty Best Hair Colour winner for 2 consecutive years . We were also featured on the Rachel Ray Show.

We firmly believe our product and service is far superior to any other home hair colour product on the market.

Custom made DIY hair dye from eSalon

To order your custom blended hair dye you need to register at eSalon and fill a questionnaire about your hair, what colour is now, length, texture, any hair treatments in the recent weeks/months and the amount of grey hair you may have, just like a hairdresser in a salon would ask so she/he could match the hair dye perfectly to your hair.
In addition you're asked to attach the most recent picture of you showing clearly your hair. Once you complete the questionnaire and choose the shade you'd like to order, the expert colourist will be in touch with you via phone or email to offer guidance and advice.

I was advised to get shade slightly less red and lighter then what I initially ordered which I agreed to. They keep client colour history on file and use that info for future colour applications but they can not currently take anyone more than 2 shades lighter than the customer's natural hair colour though which is understandable as it's an at home hair dye and bleaching your hair is always safer in a salon.

After agreeing to the expert hair colourist suggestions my order was dispatched the next day and I received it a week later. As they're based in California you have to be aware that you won't have your hair dye the very next day so you need to plan ahead.

All the products came perfectly packed and the box had everything I needed to colour my hair at home, from stain guard, satin remover, gloves, brush to, of course, the professional hair colour and sachets of  shampoo and conditioner to use afterwards.
I also received Colour Enhancing Treatment Tinted Love to maintain the hair colour for as long as possible.

Custom made DIY hair dye from eSalon

I also got personalised application instruction which is something you won't get in a shop-bought hair dye. After preparing everything as instructed and colouring my hair with the help of my dearest hubby (nothing new here, he's been helping with dying my hair for years, I'm guessing he prefers that then shelling out £80+ on wife's hair every 2, 3 months, haha!) I became the happy owner of soft and shiny, chocolate brown hair with just a hint of red.

Custom made DIY hair dye from eSalon, before nad after photos

Custom made DIY hair dye from eSalon, before nad after photos

I absolutely love the finished result!
I usually go way too dark when I buy my hair dye in a shop resulting in my hair very fake looking just right after colouring. But in case of using the custom made eSalon hair dye I feel like my hair look very natural, just more vibrant and shiny and I'm so happy with the shade. It was a completely new experience to me but I couldn't be more satisfied with everything, from the ordering process, excellent customer service to the actual results.
I've had this colour on my hair for over a week and my hair feels nice and the colour hasn't disappeared.
Also, I think it's important to mention that the dye didn't have any strong chemical smell like some others I've tried and all the hair products to use after colouring smells very nice and make my hair feel soft and nourished.

If you regularly dye your hair at home I recommend you try the eSalon service as it's easy, convenient, affordable and you get a professional advice. 
If you fancy ordering your personalised hair dye you can use this direct link (not affiliated) to get your custom colour for 50% off the regular price, meaning you'll pay only $10 (about £7) for a great quality hair dye and a fantastic customer service.

Do you colour your hair at home or in the salon? Are you tempted to try the customised hair dye from eSalon?

*PR Sample, sponsored post, all opinions are my own.



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