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Very affordable brushes from Makeup Revolution

Having the right tools to apply makeup is just as important as the makeup products themselves. I remember having only one brush which I used for blush and the rest of my makeup I would apply with my fingers, sponged applicators or sponges in general (not a beauty blender though). But these days are long gone and currently I own lots of brushes and have preferences on which brush to use for different products. Majority of my brushes are from Zoeva, Real Techinques or Morphe but I also own some cheap brushes from eBay which I reach for daily so, not always, quality comes with a higher price tag.
Today I want to share with you 9 Piece Amazing Brush Collection* (£20) from Makeup Revolution which is not only very affordable but also good quality and makes a perfect starter kit for someone who owns none or very few brushes.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Brush Collection

All these brushes have been available to buy separately for some time but recently Makeup Revolution decided to put them in a set, by popular demand, to make them even better value for money. The bristles are made of finest synthetic hair and are very soft, I've used them multiple times on my face and I didn't experience any scratching, they're real pleasure to work with. I have also washed them couple of times and they got cleaned and dry quickly and easily and there was not shedding of the bristles.

Face brushes
Makeup Revolution Amazing Brush Collection

1 - brush F104, this brush is perfect to apply powder all over the face or bronzer which is how I use it mostly, to dust my bronzer on the forehead and cheeks. It picks up the right amount of product and it blends it nicely on the skin.
2 - brush F105, I love using this brush to apply my blush, although it can be used also for bronzer or even contouring when using it at the angle.
3 - brush F103, small duo-fibre stippling brush, perfect to apply cream products on the cheeks, like highlighter or blush or blend cream contour as it has enough density but also some flexibility to make it all look perfect. I also like to apply some more intense blushes with it as it' harder to go overboard with this kind of brush.
4 - brush F101, this is the classic foundation brush which I am not a fan of, although it's still perfectly soft and fine but I prefer different methods for applying my base products. Having said that I used it a few times to apply my corrector under my eyes and it did a good job, also it's great to apply liquid, or even powder, highlighters if you want very precise and intense look.

Eye brushes
Makeup Revolution Amazing Brush Collection

1 - brush F102, this is classified on Makeup Revolution website as a concealer brush and while it sure can work at applying concealer, for me it's a perfect brush to pack eyeshadow on the lid, it does the job very well.
2 - brush E102, this angled eyeshadow brush is perfect to define the crease or outer corner of the eye, I like to use it the best as my lower lid brush as it fits in the small space perfectly blending an eyeshadow along the lash line seamlessly.
3 - brush E103, great blending brush to apply eyeshadow in the crease or to blur edges.
4 - brush E104, this liner brush might not the best to apply eye liner as it's not the thinnest on the market but it's pretty good and I've been reaching for it a lot when I want to smudge some darker eyeshadow along my lash line or to fill in my brows, it's actually perfect to do so.
5 - brush E101, this is classified as an eyeshadow brush but for me it's too small so I like to use it to highlight my inner corner or for some precise eyeshadow application in the inner part of my lid.

Even though the Makeup Revolution Amazing Brush Collection might not be the prettiest or best quality on the market, for the price I think they are pretty awesome. Whether you're just start collecting makeup brushes or need some back ups but don't want to spend a small fortune on them this is a perfect set to get.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution brushes? Which other, very affordable, brushes can you recommend?

*PR sample

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