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Shopping my stash, project 'pan', spending ban - update

Over three weeks ago I started my little project to shop my stash in order to re-discover some older makeup favourites, to try to finish off some products or simply decide that I no longer want them. I also decided to restrict myself to buying only products that I really need and stop spending lots of money on makeup just because something looks pretty or sounds amazing, while I already have a big collection of pretty things to use.
Because I'm off on my holidays next week and will be taking a little break from blogging I wanted to share my update with you today on how I did with my plans.

Shopping my stash makeup products

Shopping my stash

I've been really enjoying using the products I chose for this month project and it made me realise that if I had only them I would still have plenty of options to create different looks. I did used some different products as well, whether to test them out for my blog or to create makeup looks which I wanted to share with you but on most days I reached only for those sitting in one of my acrylic drawers on top of my vanity. I also realised that finishing off a product, even with daily usage, takes a long time and many of my eyeshadows or blushes will probably get too old and not safe to put on the face anymore before I will manage to use them up.


Shopping my stash makeup products

These were the products that I've been enjoying using the most:

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer, I'm still loving this primer, it smoothes my skin without having that heavy, greasy silicon feeling and it extends the wear time of my makeup.

Dior Star in Light Beige, I'm really amazed how much my skin has changed since I bought this foundation over a year ago and how much better is suited to my skin now then it was before. I love the coverage and finish of this foundation and with primer it lasts all day on my skin.

Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten Baked Powder Foundation, I use this to set my foundation with and not only it provides some extra light coverage but it adds a soft focus, luminous finish to my skin and it looks just beautiful. It doesn't really control oils so I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin but if you're skin is normal/dry I think you would love it.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Baked blush and highlighter, they're such a beautiful products that add healthy glow to the skin without being too shimmery.

Freedom Makeup Pro Glow in Purr, another beautiful budget product that adds flush of colour to my cheeks and a lovely glow without being shimmery.
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso, this is a pretty peach shade, perfect for this time of year and, again, it adds a subtle glow to the skin.
Can you see a pattern emerging? LOL! I'm all about that healthy and youthful looking glowy skin :)

Too Faced Everything Nice and Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna palettes (unfortunately both were limited editions) were my favourite ones for eyeshadows and I also love the peach blush and bronzer in the Too Faced palette. Both palettes provide such a wide selection of shades that I didn't need anything else whether for my minimal everyday makeup or evening glam.


Shopping my stash makeup products

These three products are not working for me anymore and I will say 'goodbye' to them:

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation, it really pains me to throw away almost full, very expensive foundation but it really is not working for me. I've tried in the past and I tried it recently again but the formula doesn't agree with my skin, it just sits on top of it making every dry patch looking incredibly visible and my skin cakey although it should be the opposite. I've tried different primers underneath but it's still a 'no'. And it's already a year old foundation so I'm not planning on passing it onto someone who could like it.

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte foundation, I used to love this foundation but right now I prefer less matte looking foundations and also the shade is way too pale for me, I don't even know how is it possible that I was wearing it last year. The tube is almost empty so I'm not feeling bad about putting it in the bin.
L'Oreal Revialift Magic Blur, I used to be obsessed with primers promising to blur my pores and making them look invisible but I came to terms with the fact that it's not really possible and only a good skincare routine can help with the appearance of pores and makeup can only slightly blur the imperfections. This primer does a good job at blurring skin but it also has that greasy sillicony feeling which I really dislike and it doesn't do anything to help with my makeup longevity so off it goes to the bin.

Project 'pan'

Shopping my stash makeup products

I haven't managed to use up anything yet but I surely made bigger dents in those products in the picture above. I think I will open a bottle of champagne when I use up a whole pan of any of my powder products, LOL!

Spending ban

So, did I manage not to buy any new makeup or unnecessary beauty products?
I have to say that I was pretty good although I did fail at some point. I bought just a few skincare items that I needed in my routine but I also placed a small ColourPop order when they were having 20% off sale. I haven't received it yet as it took ages for ColourPop to process the order and now I'm waiting for the TheMallBox company to take over and send the parcel to UK (I explained how I ship from US to UK in this post).

But main thing that I am actually proud of myself is that I resisted the temptation to buy the new, limited edition Urban Decay eyeshadow palette Alice Through The Looking Glass. As soon as I saw they were releasing it I was absolutely sure that no spending ban will stop me from adding this to my collection, haha!
But the more reviews I've seen the more I realised that I want it mostly for the beautiful packaging and it being a limited edition then for the eyeshadows themselves. As much as I love playing with colours on my eyes I don't do that on everyday basis and I already have so many palettes, including Urban Decay Vice 3 and Vice 4, which have similar shades, that I REALLY don't need to spend £43 on another palette for it to sit on my vanity and just gather dust.
But I'm not sure if I will keep my strength so don't take it against me when I end up with this palette at some point :)

So this is it from my update, I am planning to do another 'shop my stash' post when I come back from holidays as it's a fun for me and it seems like many of you enjoyed it.

Have you been shopping your stash recently? Are you trying to cut down the amount of money spent on beauty? If so, how has it been going for you?




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