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April beauty favourites

How is it May already?? This year surely is flying by! So much to do, not enough hours during the day, LOL! Although I'm quite excited as we're going on holidays by the end of May so I don't mind the next few weeks to by pass quickly.
Today I will share with you some new and some re-discovered old products that I've been loving and enjoying using in April. Seeing as there are many I want to talk about, let's just jumped straight to them.

April beauty favourites

Recently I needed to change up a bit my morning skincare routine as the products I had been using didn't work as well as I was hoping for. I like my day serums, moisturisers to be lightweight and not greasy but deeply hydrating and nourishing at the same time, plus they need to keep my oils at bay which is not that easy to get but I've been pretty happy with this two products from Bioderma which works perfectly well together.
Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner, £15 - very lightweight cream which regulates oiliness, keeps my skin matte for longer and includes ingredients helping to unblock pores making them appear less visible.
Bioderma Sebium Hydra, Moisturising Replenishing Care, £10.50 - although my skin is still on the combination side if I use mattifying lotions or moisturisers for oily skin it feels pretty uncomfortable and tight, so I had been looking for a product that will keep my skin nourished without overloading it and making it greasy and this Bioderma offering does just that. It's a quite reach moisturiser but it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving greasy residue, it keeps my oils in control but still provides great hydration and comfort. And it sits perfectly under my makeup.

I am a person who uses body lotion/cream every single day, after having a shower/bath, if I don't, my skin gets immediately uncomfortable and itchy. I go through body products very quickly and always buy those that are very affordable yet moisturise my skin well and get absorbed quickly, my favourite ones are from Nivea, Dove and Garnier. I never liked the thought of applying body oil in the morning, when I need to get ready quickly, and having to wait for it to get absorbed or even worse for it being greasy but one day I just grabbed the Garnier Ultimate Body Oil Skin Perfector, £5.53 and fall in love with it. It's in a bottle with a pump so no messy application, it sinks in to the skin quickly, doesn't feel greasy but it leaves my skin silky smooth and luminous. It's a blend of Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose oils and it smells beautiful, warm and sensuous, the scent does linger for a bit on the skin but I didn't find it competing with my perfume.

Talking about perfume, last month I was reaching mostly for my beloved Chloe, £65, it's such a beautiful, feminine, floral scent, absolutely perfect for this time of year and suitable to wear during the day or evening. And it lasts on my skin for many hours which is hard to find with floral fragrances in my experience.

makeup favourites

Although I didn't fall head over heels for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (review) I still enjoyed using it for most of April, it has some beautiful shades which are definitely Spring/Summer friendly and the overall quality of eyeshadows is really good.

After shopping my stash I re-discovered Dior Star foundation, £32.50, which wasn't my favourite when I bought it over a year ago but I'm really loving it right now as my skin is not as oily as it used to be. The foundation offers solid medium coverage, it blends beautifully without accentuating dry patches, it has very natural looking finish and, applied over a primer, it lasts up to 10 hours on my skin without the need to touch it up. And it has SPF35 which is always great to add extra protection to the skin.  

Colourpop makeup swatches

If you've seen my Colourpop haul then you know that I was very impressed with everything I ordered and I'm still loving everything, especially the eyeshadows Sequin and So Quiche which are absolutely stunning, Lippie Stix in shade Frida, perfect Spring peach colour and Ultra Satin Lip in shade Frick 'N Frack which is not only beautiful but the formula is amazing, super pigmented, very comfortable on the lips and long lasting.

I shipped ColourPop to UK using third party shipping company myMallBox (I explained everything in the ColourPop haul post) which I can truly recommend and, in fact, I just broke my spending ban and placed another small ColourPop order and will be using myMallBox again.
If you wish, you can use my referral link to sign up to myMallBox and you will be credited with $5 (to use on your shipping fees), once you shipped your first order I will also get credit of $5.

Another lip product that I've been loving recently it's the NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose, £6.50, if you're a regular reader of my blog then you know that I'm a massive fan of NYX Matte Lipsticks, they have amazing colour payoff, last long on the lips while being not drying at all.

Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampons

Last but not least I want to talk about period, ladies, and more so about the protection we use during that time of the month. This might not be the most comfortable subject to talk about but as women, we all go through this every month for years so it should be only natural to care about the intimate hygiene and sanitary protection products as much as we do for our skincare or makeup.

I have to be honest and say that before I was contacted by Veeda's representative I didn't pay much attention to the ingredients of my sanitary towels or tampons assuming they have to be safe to use. And while they are, most of them may also contain dioxins from the bleaching process (cotton bleaching), pesticide and herbicide residues, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes.
Veeda tampons are 100% cotton and have no chemicals, no synthetics, and no dyes. As a result, they reduce the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), irritation, and allergic reactions. 
Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is caused by a bacterial infection which can attack the major organs, leading to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs, and even cardiac arrest, sometimes in a matter of hours. 50% of occurrences are associated with high-absorbency tampon use. 

As a woman who went through two labours and some intimate infections in the past I'm not taking any more risks of any future irritations or allergic reactions.
I've had the chance to try the Veeda Regular Tampons* and Ultra Thin Towels* and I have to say they are as good as the ones I've been using for years from well known brands, they're soft and comfortable while being absorbent and offering great protection during period.

You may think that Veeda sanitary products are expensive but they're actually similarly priced as other ones, widely available. You can order them directly from Veeda website, Amazon, eBay or buy them in your local Boots.
If you usually use tampons during that time of the month then I would highly suggest you try Veeda products as you really want to use only the purest cotton inside your body.

So these are all the products I've been loving in April and can recommend to you.
What have you been loving lately? What are your thoughts on Veeda 100% Natural Cotton sanitary products?

*PR samples



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