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Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, is it worth the hype?

Ever since Too Faced announced the new Sweet Peach palette on their Instagram I knew I'll have to have it. I'm a big fan of Too Faced palettes, I think they're beautiful, the quality is great and they're just a pleasure to work with. So as a beauty junkie who is obsessed with eyeshadow palettes it was unavoidable I will own the Sweet Peach palette as soon as it's available. I ordered it from Sephora website taking advantage of my birthday (check my Sephora haul) and I've been enjoying using it ever since.
This palette has become very hyped up, to the point that it's been selling out in minutes the moment it's available on any website. Of course it's beautiful, of course the packaging is adorable and considering it's Too Faced the quality should be spot on.
But is it really worth the hype?

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Unless you hate colourful, girly packaging you can't deny how pretty the palette is! The metal, sturdy tin, just like in the Chocolate Bar palettes, with beautiful ombre effect and embossed small peaches on the top. The palette comes in a cardboard box which is as cute and, as usual with Too Faced palettes, a little guide with three different eye looks created with the Sweet Peach palette.
When you open the palette you're greeted with small mirror, 18 eyeshadows with different finishes and a peach-y scent which is actually very pleasant although it's more like a peach sweets then fresh peaches.

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Most eyeshadows are well pigmented, although there are some quite disappointing shades and they perform on the eyes very well, they blend easily and last on my eye lids up to 10 hours without creasing or fading if used on top of a primer. After playing with this palette for over a week I've noticed that some shades don't swatch very well but they actually work on the eyes completely fine. In general the overall quality of the eyeshadows is very good but not excellent, I was left a bit underwhelmed by some of them.

Let me show you the swatches and tell you more about every shade. I didn't used any primer on my arm but I had to build up the colours so they could show up better on camera.

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette
First row
Too Faced Sweet Peach palette swatches
White Peach - off white with satin finish, the pigmentation is not impressive but it makes a beautiful brow bone or inner corner highlight cause it has a very subtle sheen to it.
Luscious - metallic peachy gold, excellent pigmentation, it feels buttery smooth.
Just Peachy - pink with golden shift to it, very good pigmentation, it feels soft but it's ever so slightly crumbly.
Bless Her Heart - olive green with golden undertones and shimmery finish, the pigmentation is good but not impressive, it's silky smooth though.
Tempting - very deep blackened forest green with very subtle golden shimmer, great pigmentation, very smooth and soft.
Charmed, I'm Sure - cool toned chocolate brown, very well pigmented and buttery soft.

Second row
Too Faced Sweet Peach palette swatches
Nectar - very light yellow gold with pearl finish, nicely pigmented and soft but a bit crumbly.
Cobbler - satin bronze with orange undertones, good pigmentation and texture but it feels a bit crumbly.
Candied Peach - true peachy orange with matte finish and pink micro-sparkles which don't really translate when the shade is blended on the lid, it's not very pigmented and it feels quite powdery although not chalky, it performs on the eyes better then it swatches though.
Bellini - peachy pink with golden shimmer, good pigmentation, silky soft.
Peach Pit - deep shimmery brown with purple undertones, great pigmentation and soft texture.
Delectable - deep purple with matte finish, not very pigmented and the texture is quite dry and powdery, it sheers out easily when blended, quite hard to work with.

Third row
Too Faced Sweet Peach palette swatches
Peaches 'N cream - very soft peachy beige with matte finish, good pigmentation and texture, it's good as a base for all over the lid or to mix it with other eyeshadows to create custom crease shades.
Georgia - beautiful matte light peachy pink which looks like a gorgeous transition shade but the pigmentation is quite poor and it requires lots of building up, the texture is nice and soft though.
Caramelized - shimmery bronze, great pigmentation and texture.
Puree - medium matte brown with orange undertones, great pigmentation, soft and smooth texture.
Summer Yum - medium matte terracotta brown, good pigmentation, it feels ever so slightly powdery.
Talk Derby To Me - matte black with lots of purple sparkle, it's not very pigmented and it sheers out a lot when blended, also the sparkle doesn't stick to the lid and it doesn't translate well on the eyes, definitely the worst shade from the whole palette.

Is the Sweet Peach palette worth the hype?

In my opinion no, although it's a beautiful, adorable palette with good quality eyeshadows and I've been enjoying using it.


To start with, for a palette called Sweet Peach there is not enough peachy shades for me. While I appreciate the versatility of the palette and amount of possible different looks you can create with it, I wish there would be 2, 3 more shades that actually represent peach a bit more, something coral or orange maybe. I really don't think we need those shimmery bronze shades which are in every other Too Faced palette or the disappointing sparkly black matte shade. I do like the purples and the olive green but I wish they were higher quality.

So overall I think it's a nice palette, if you're an eyeshadow palette junkie like I am you probably have it already or it's on your wish list and I can see why. But if you're just wondering if you 'need' this palette cause it's so hyped up I'd say you can easily skip it, especially considering its price point (about £39).
I was expecting to be wowed by the quality of the eyeshadows but I wasn't, I have to say I was more impressed by the Morphe 35O palette which costs much less and it has twice as much eyeshadows.

I wish I could say I highly recommend this palette but considering how much hyped up it is I think the expectations are very high and I feel like the palette  doesn't meet them.
Yes, it's beautiful, yes, I'm happy to have it in my collection, and I say yes, go for it, if you can afford it and you just can't stop thinking about it, but if you think it's the best palette yet then I have to disappoint you.

What is your opinion on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette?



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