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New skincare products on trial

As much as I love playing with and buying new makeup, skincare is also a great passion of mine. Without good solid skincare routine it's hard to have a healthy looking skin (check out my skincare routine post) so it should be a priority for everyone. As a beauty blogger and a beauty junkie I love to try new things and discover new brands and today I will talk to you about few new products which I've been trialling for the last month and I'm ready to share with you my thoughts on them.

Avene Micellar Lotion

Avene is a brand I'm always happy to try products from as all I've tried from them in the past never disappointed. I'm still using their products from PhysioLift range (check my review) which I'm really enjoying so when I was offered to try some of their cleansers I was happy to do so.

Avene Micellar Lotion

Avene Cleansing Foam

Avene Micellar Lotion*, 200ml, £12.50 - micellar water is my favourite type of makeup remover, especially for the eyes, and this Avene offering does the job perfectly well. Formulated with Avene Thermal Spring Water, famous for its soothing and anti-irritating properties, is very gentle on the skin. It has slightly thicker, oilier formula to my usual micellar water by Garnier but it's not greasy in any means. It removes makeup very effectively, it doesn't cause irritation to my skin and it doesn't dry it out in the slightest.
But one thing worth mentioning is that if it gets inside my eye it does sting it slightly which I found a bit strange considering it's aimed at the most sensitive skins. Having said that I'm still enjoying using it I just have to be careful not to soak the cotton pad with too much lotion when using it for me eyes.

Avene Cleansing Foam*, 150ml, £12.50 - this is a lovely, soap-free cleanser that comes in a container with pump and it's dispensed as a silky, cloud-like foam that is very gentle on the skin. Just like other Avene products it's formulated with Avene Thermal Water which makes it really soothing. Patented Glutamic Acid helps to mattify skin by regulating oil production.
I love to use this cleanser in the morning, it leaves my skin clean but not stripped from moisture, soft and supple. I'm not sure how well it works at mattifying my skin as it's not the only product I'm using in the morning but my skin hasn't been very oily at all so I guess everything it's contributing to this.

It's the perfect time to try some Avene products or to stock up on favourites as Escentual is having an 25% off offer at the moment on all their skincare.

Eco Natural Products is a website which stocks wide selection of brands, hard to find in any other online shop or on the high street, which produce high quality natural products, from skincare, body care, hair care to makeup. I was offered to choose a few items to try and it was very hard to pick just a couple as there are so many that sound both intriguing and amazing. After browsing the website for the longest time and doing my research I chose two products from Natura Siberica which is a Russian brand producing high quality certified organic cosmetics.

Natura Siberica day cream
Natura Siberica day cream

Imperial Caviar White Day Cream*, 50ml, £14.99 - "rejuvenating day cream, based on unique Black Caviar extract, instantly nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes skin making it firmer and more radiant. Black Caviar extract is a great source of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Penetrating deep into the skin, it increases skin renewal, boosts collagen and elastin production and provides a strong antioxidant protection, which results in smoother, younger and more energized skin. Milk proteins have strong moisturizing and softening effect. Help to repair and rejuvenate skin, protecting it from environmental damage. Organic edelweiss extract enriches skin with vitamins and nutrients, enhancing its appearance."
This cream comes in a frosty glass jar, it has a nice light texture, it sinks in quickly without leaving greasy residue but it makes my skin feel instantly moisturised, nourished, soft and supple. It has been my perfect morning cream as it's not heavy but at the same time rich enough not to make my skin feel tight and uncomfortable. I've been really enjoying using it and while it's hard to say how much my skin has been benefiting from it alone I can confirm that I haven't had any strange reaction to it or irritation which I'm always a bit concerned about when using all natural products.

Imperial Caviar Pearls De North Facial Meso-Coctail*, 30ml, £14.99 - "boosts the activity of skin cells in deep skin layers and helps to maximize skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Black caviar extract is a great source of proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Pearl extract gives the skin radiance and smoothness, making you look younger and renewed. Platinum helps to slow down and partly block age-related skin changes, minimize pigmented spots and prevent wrinkles formation. Provides a strong moisturizing effect. Low molecular hyaluronic acid stabilizes water balance, helps to refill wrinkles to make your skin firm and smooth."
This fancy treatment/serum comes in a glass bottle with a  dropper, it has a watery gel-like consistency and you can see some pearlescent particles in it. It sinks in quickly in to the skin but it leaves a slightly sticky film for a minute or so. I used to use it in the morning before the White Day Cream but I've noticed that my foundation wouldn't apply very well so I switched it to my evening routine. I think this is a brilliant serum and it's been helping to keep my skin hydrated and plump. Just like with the day cream I haven't noticed any bad reaction on my skin to this product.

Unfortunately I can't find these two products on the E-NaturalProducts website at the moment but I highly recommend checking them out for other natural and organic skincare products that won't break the bank but sound impressive. Now I've tried something from Natura Siberica I'm very intrigued to get some more products from the brand.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of natural, organic skincare?

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