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Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

If you're a beauty enthusiast and someone who reads beauty blogs and watches beauty videos on YouTube, I'm sure you know Makeup Geek eyeshadows and Marlena, the YouTube beauty guru, creator and CEO of Makeup Geek brand. I had wanted to try her eyeshadows for a long time since discovering her channel 2 years ago but ordering from US never appealed to me. So of course when UK online shop, Beauty Bay, started stocking them by the end of last year I had to try them to see why they're so hyped up. 5 months later I'm the owner of over 30 shades and I'm not planning to stop at this point. While creating a custom palette might be a great idea for someone who just wants some specific shades that will be used daily, for me it's a dangerous slope cause I like to experiment with different colours, I'm an eyeshadow addict and I have a strong feeling that I won't stop until I collect most of the available shades. I know, I have a problem, LOL!

Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

I originally bought a small Z-palette to keep my MUG eyeshadows in it but in a short space of time my collection outgrew it, so I got the large Z-palette but at some point it was too small as well. So instead of buying another large Z-palette I opted for an extra large metal magnetic palette from Makeup Forever, recommended by a few of my favourite YouTube vloggers and beauty bloggers, which holds up to 48 regular size pan eyeshadows and it costs less then large Z-palette which fits only 28 eyeshadow pans. The Makeup Forever palette is very sturdy and it holds the pans very well, although it's a bit heavier then Z-palette. You can get it in professional makeup shops like Guru Makeup Emporium.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

I started my collection, just like most of you, with some basic shades, I always love to have matte white and black, and those that are very hyped up and recommended by many beauty enthusiasts. Then I was creating some looks in my mind or was inspired by others and picked up shades to recreate them. As I've said already I like to experiment with different colours and my custom palette reflects that. I don't have too many neutrals, apart from the basic matte shades, as I'm always drawn to those more unique colours. But without a doubt I will collect some metallic bronzes and coppers in the future, just to complete my collection :)

I organised the eyeshadows in coloured groups to make it easier to show you what I have and talk about all the shades. I've done the swatches on a skin primed with an eyeshadow primer to show the full potential of every colour.

Basic and neutral mattes
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection, swatches

White Lies - matte white, very well pigmented, the formula is amazing, it's very smooth and soft but not too powdery, it has the slightest sheen to it making it excellent brow bone or inner corner highlight.
Peach Smoothie - this is one of those super hyped up shades so of course I had to get it, it's a matte soft peach, beautiful as a transition shade and to blend out the edges of other colours, the pigmentation is good but the formula is so soft that a single touch of a brush kicks up a lot of powder.
Crème Brulee - another well loved by others shade, soft warm toned brown, beautiful  in the crease, the pigmentation is great but, again, it's almost too soft.
Latte - medium brown with cooler undertones, great pigmentation and formula.
Chickadee - soft orange, good pigmentation and the texture is a bit stiffer but still smooth and soft enough to make the eyeshadow a pleasure to work with as there's no fallout with it and you can slowly build up the intensity of the colour, amazing in the crease for a warm toned look.
Tiki Hut - one of the new (Summer '16) shades, slightly mustardy medium brown, very unique shade, beautiful I the crease, the pigmentation and formula are fantastic.
Morocco - burnt orange with red undertones, gorgeous shade, beautiful in the crease or all over the lid, the pigmentation and formula are amazing.
Cocoa Bear - another very hyped up shade, red toned reach brown, great pigmentation and formula.
Mocha - dark brown with cooler undertones, good pigmentation and formula.
Corrupt - intense black with very subtle shimmer, it feels quite stiff and gritty in the pan but it performs very well on the eyes.

Gold and greens
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection, swatches

Gold Digger - metallic yellow gold, good pigmentation, it feels a bit stiff in the pan but it's easy to work with it.
Karma - one of the duo-chromes, light gold with soft green and red shift to it, absolutely stunning on the lid, the pigmentation and formula is amazing.
Ritzy - another duo-chrome, golden green with burgundy shift, very beautiful shade and the formula is also great.
Appletini - Spring green with light golden shimmer, the pigmentation is not impressive although it's buildable, it feels a bit crumbly when swatched.
Envy - very deep emerald green with slight shimmer to it, it has good pigmentation and formula.
Enchanted Forest - in the pan it looks like a matte version of Envy but when swatched is more grey then green, the pigmentation is not impressive and it sheers out quite easily when blended.

Peaches and corals
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection, swatches

Shimma Shimma - not really peach or coral but it ended somehow in this group, lol!, one of the most talked about MUG eyeshadows, stunning highlighting champagne shade, it doesn't have much shimmer but it reflects the light beautifully, great pigmentation and soft formula.
I'm Peachless - duo-chrome, golden peach with soft pink reflex, it looks beautiful all over the lid or as an inner corner highlight, it's not very pigmented but it's easily buildable, it feels a bit stiff in the pan.
Mai Tai - another duo-chrome, pink coral with golden peachy reflex, good pigmentation and formula, beautiful for Summer eye look.
Mango Tango - matte coral with very subtle sparkles which don't translate to the skin, the pigmentation is not the greatest but it works well when build up in the crease, it's also a bit crumbly.
Cosmopolitan - stunning coral with golden shimmer, excellent pigmentation and formula.

Pinks and burgundy
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection, swatches

Starry Eyed - one of the foiled eyeshadows, very light champagne pink with highly metallic finish, beautiful pigmentation and texture although it feels a little bit crumbly.
Cupcake - light dusty pink with matte finish, good pigmentation and formula, beautiful in the crease or as a transition shade.
Tuscan Sun - one of the new shades, matte deep salmon pink, absolutely stunning and unique shade, I love it in the crease but also beautiful for the lid, great pigmentation and formula.  
Bitten - deep burgundy with matte finish, good pigmentation but it has tendency to sheer out so it needs to be build up quite a bit to get required intensity. it produces a bit of fallout.
Burlesque - metallic deep burgundy, great pigmentation and formula.

Purples and taupe
Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection

Makeup Geek eyeshadows, my collection, swatches

High Wire - foiled eyeshadow, silver with blue undertones, great pigmentation and formula.
Prom Night - beautiful taupe with lilac undertones, very well pigmented and silky smooth.
Blacklight - duo-chrome, gorgeous lilac with blue shift, well pigmented and the formula is easy to work with.
Pillow Talk - one of the new shades, absolutely stunning lilac with sliver and blue undertones, pigmentation and formula are amazing.
Curfew - matte true purple, the pigmentation is not amazing but it's easy to build up the intensity of the colour, the formula is soft and smooth.

So what's my opinion on Makeup Geek eyeshadows? Do I think they're worth the hype?

Probably you know the answer already seeing how many eyeshadows I've bought and yes, I think they are great quality and rival more expensive brands. Majority of them are a dream to work with, they blend beautifully and last on the lids for hours without fading, creasing or becoming a muddy mess.
However, I find that the quality is not consistent, some of the shades lack pigmentation, some are quite stiff and gritty, some are too soft and kick up a lot of powder. But it happens with eyeshadows from many brands, so it's not a big issue, I guess some colours are harder to formulate.
If ordering lots of different shades you may find a few that aren't as impressive as others or not good at all so you need to be prepared for that.
Having said that, I've used most of the shades in my collection multiple times and all of them are 'workable' even if they don't swatch well or produce fallout. For £4.95/$6 a pan I think they are a fantastic option to create a custom made palette if you're a makeup artist or for your own use.

Have you tried MUG eyeshadows? Which shades are your favourite?



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