Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Get smoother thighs with CelluBlue Cup

With Summer quickly approaching many of us have probably started to think of getting that dream bikini-ready body as fast as possible and with not too much effort. I sure did!
I'm not going to lie, I'm the last person to join any gym or to start exercising at home, thankfully with my lifestyle I maintain healthy weight for me but, of course, during Winter I did gained a few pounds that need to go away now we have planned our holidays. Being a mummy of two means that my body went through lots of changes (hormonal and in weight) during pregnancies and right after them. Although I was very lucky not get stretch marks on my body I got some cellulite on my thighs and bottom over the years. So when Perrine representing CelluBlue Cup got in contact with me asking if I'd like to test the CelluBlue Cup on myself I said quickly 'yes'. A simple and non invasive way to improve the skin firmness gets my approval straightaway.

CelluBlue Cup

CelluBlue Cup is a little gadget made of medical silicone, designed and produced in France, it's a suction cup that fights any type of cellulite through stimulating blood circulation within the tissue.
It's totally safe and not painful. The CelluBlue Cup comes in a poach and with instructions on how to properly use it and it's important to follow them to get desired results.

CelluBlue Cup
CelluBlue Cup

At first the whole process might seem a bit complicated, it did to me, but once you do it, following the instructions, it's actually really easy and you can start doing it with your eyes closed or watching some YouTube videos like I usually do :)

To start your treatment you need to apply body oil to the affected by cellulite area (I used Caudalie Divine Oil just because I had it already and I don't like using it on my face or hair but when it finished I just used a baby oil) so the Cup can slide on the skin easily during the massage like it should.
You need to squeeze the cup and place it on your skin on the bottom of the chosen area and then slowly let it go, the skin immediately will be sucked in into the cup. If the suction feels too strong you need to squeeze the cup slightly to release some air. Then you need to massage the chosen area on your body from bottom to top according to instructions for 5 minutes.

After the treatment my skin was left a bit red which is a normal effect of increased blood circulation in that area, also after the first few times of doing the massage my thighs felt slightly sore to the touch but not really painful in any way. I've been doing the massage, 5 minutes for each of my upper thigh, for 3 weeks, almost every day and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much firmer my skin feels and it looks smoother.
As I mentioned at the beginning I don't have lots of visible cellulite so the effects are not really dramatic yet noticeable in person.

I wanted to include 'before & after' pictures and did take them but, first of all, I'm not very comfortable to show off my bottom on my blog, LOL!, and second, as the difference is quite subtle it wasn't very visible on the photos.

The CelluBlue Cup experts recommend using the cup in conjunction with healthy diet and exercising which is quite obvious as loosing weight and improving skin's firmness depends a lot on a healthy lifestyle. Although, like I said I haven't been exercising and I still see some improvement.

If you're struggling with cellulite and nothing seems to work I highly recommend you try the CelluBlue Cup (£15) as I think it's really effective, especially if you combine it with regular exercising.

I am hosting a giveaway (open internationally) in collaboration with CelluBlue Cup on my Instagram account for one of our followers to win one CelluBlue Cup so don't forget to enter if you're after that Sumer-ready body :)

Have you heard of or tried the CelluBlue Cup?



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