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Trying Colourpop makeup and how I got it shipped to UK

After a few days off I'm back to blogging with an exciting, for me at least, post about my recent Colourpop haul. Colourpop is an American budget makeup brand that has been talked about by almost every American beauty guru on YouTube. Unfortunately they are available only online and they don't ship outside of US so of course many of us, not US residents, are desperate to get our hands on some of the hyped products. To the rescue come third party shipping companies which provide you with an American address to enable you to ship your goodies from any US retailer to their warehouse and then they ship the package to you.

Colourpop makeup

I've heard many people talking about different companies doing that and their mostly positive experience but I was still hesitant and it took me a good few months to finally take the plunge and order some products from Colourpop. I didn't make a big order as, firstly, I was a bit afraid of the whole process and didn't want to risk lots of money, and secondly, I didn't want to be charged with custom fee on the arrival of my parcel in UK.

I used myMallBox company to ship my Colourpop order and they were fantastic, everything went smoothly and I got my order within a week of the date when it was shipped from their warehouse to my UK address. I was informed by email of every step like when my Colourpop order arrived at their facilities and when they shipped it to UK which was the very next day.

My Colourpop order was $35 with free shipping to the US address and I paid around $28 to ship it to the UK through myMallBox which included insurance of the parcel and it was the faster option. The price depends also on the size of the parcel. Luckily I didn't get any custom charges so my total expense was around $63 which is about £43.

Now we have the formalities out of the way let me share with you the pretty products I got :)

Colourpop super shock shadows
Colourpop super shock shadows swatches

Being the eyeshadows junkie I am I couldn't not to try the famous Colourpop Super Shock Shadows ($5 each).  I've seen enough reviews on the range to know that their formula is different from anything else on the market, kind of mousse-y  texture but with powder finish, that they perform best applied with a finger and that the metallic shades are the stands out from the range.
I ordered three shades with metallic finish and I am very impressed by their pigmentation and the overall quality. They swatch and apply on the skin just like they look in the pan and they last on my lids around 10 hours without creasing and fading. I agree that using my finger is the best method of applying these highly shimmery shades. Because of their finish they are not my everyday eyeshadows but I have those more then enough, so I'm very happy to have something different in my collection, more a special occasion, night out shades.

Fringe - beautiful sparkly light champagne with silver micro-glitter, gorgeous for an inner corner or all over the lid for a subtle wash of colour with lots of sparkles or as a topper for another eyeshadow.
Sequin - gorgeous bright copper with golden and silver micro-glitter, stunning all over the lid.
So Quiche - it's a very unique and beautiful shade, soft olive with pink and purple sparkles, I'm yet to create a look with it but I can imagine it would look gorgeous paired with some purples.

Colourpop lippie stix

Colourpop ultra satin lip swatches

Let's talk now about the amazing lip products from Colourpop! I ordered two Lippie Stix ($5 each) with different finishes and two Ultra Satin Lips ($6 each) which are the latest Colourpop release. I didn't order any of the Ultra Matte Lips as I've heard many people saying they're quite drying and I'm not very into those sucking-the-moisture-out-of-my-lips products.

At the time of me placing the order Colourpop was celebrating reaching 2 millions followers on Instagram and they were adding to every order a limited addition Lippie Stix in shade Poppin so that is my bonus product. It's a gorgeous bright hot pink with very matte finish that, surprisingly, doesn't feel drying or heavy on the lips and lasts very well even through eating and drinking. Unfortunately it's not available for purchase anymore.

Lippie Stix - I love the packaging and design of these lip products, almost like a lip crayon but with lipstick formula, both shades are very pigmented, glide on the lips easily and last for up to 5 hours before needing any reapplication, even with some eating and drinking in the meantime. Non of the shades I have feathers outside the lip line during wear time.

Frida, satin finish - peachy pink nude, slightly glossy, feels very comfortable on the lips, almost hydrating, and easily survives drinks and some snacks.
Contempo, matte finish - mid-tone mauve pink, I always tend to gravitate towards those mauve-y shades, semi matte finish, it doesn't feel drying on the lips at all, it stays on for up to 5 hours even when eating and drinking.

Ultra Satin Lip - packaged in the classic liquid lipsticks/gloss tube with a doe foot applicator which I find easy to work with and precise enough to line the lips. They have matte finish but they don't dry completely so they aren't transfer proof, but you don't have to worry about them smudging easily. They last very long time on the lips, I'd say up to 6-7 hours, even with eating and drinking. The reapplication is easy and they look as new without the need of removing the first layer. They're very pigmented and opaque in one swipe. They feel comfortable on the lips although one of the shades is slightly more drying.
They're easy to remove with a makeup remover, my Garnier Micellar Water does the job perfectly well.
I'm super impressed with these liquid lipsticks, I think they're my favourite formula within the ones I've tried so far. They are not drying but long lasting, they don't accentuate dry skin and don't sink in the lines making the lips look crunchy and creepy like some liquid lipsticks do.

Frick 'N Frack - rosy terracotta leaning towards brown on my lips but with a hint of burgundy, super comfortable on the lips.
Lyin' King - deep raspberry red, it dries a bit more matte then Frick 'N Frack and it feels slightly drying over time but it also lasts on the lips a very long time.

Overall I'm very impressed with all the products and it's easy to guess that I'm already planning my next order, especially as the shipping using myMallBox was easy and stress free.

Have you tried Colourpop makeup? Did their products impress you?



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