Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New releases from Maybelline

A few weeks ago I needed a new mascara, yes, I actually NEEDED something makeup related which is so rare nowadays for me :) Anyway, I went to Boots to choose the mascara and, just like your regular beauty junkie, I couldn't leave with only mascara, could I? So I picked up couple of, newly released in UK, products from Maybelline which is a brand I really like and many of their products like nail polishes, concealers, lip pencils are some of my favourites so I had high hopes for the things I picked up.

Maybelline Velvet Dream foundation

Let's start with the reason of my shopping, the mascara!
The Falsies Push Up Drama, £7.99 - although I've never tried the original Falsies mascara but after loving so much Lash Sensational I was expecting great results with the new Maybelline offering. Firstly, I like the bright packaging, it looks pretty and it's different.
Second, the wand looks pretty interesting and so do the claims:
"Will you dare to get the Push Up Effect? Our 1st Push-Up brush with Cup-Shaped bristles boosts and thickens lashes.
The formula Instantly plumps & volumises the look of lashes, with Styling Wax to keep them lifted.
Intense black colour for a dramatic, sultry look."

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama mascara

Unfortunately, for me this mascara doesn't work like I'd like it to. The formula is very wet which results in my lashes clumped together and easily transfers on the lid. Yes, it's very black, yes, it gives volume but heavy, clumped lashes is not the look I'm usually going for. Also the mascara doesn't lift my lashes and keep them super straight. I very rarely reach for lash curlers, I just haven't got into the habit of using it and I like my mascara to lightly curl my lashes but the Falsies Push Up Drama doesn't do it for me.
I hoped that once the formula dries up a bit I will like it better but I've been using it for almost 3 weeks and I still don't. The only way to make it work for me is to combine it with another mascara to get rid of the clumps and lift my lashes.

Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama mascara

The picture above says it all I think :)
I have very pathetic lashes so I need my mascara to do it all and the only drama that the Falsies Push Up Drama gives me is the panic on a busy morning how to quickly fix my ugly looking lashes.

Maybelline setting spray

Super Stay Makeup-Locking Setting Spray, £6.99 - finally we have a few drugstore options of setting sprays but how do they compare to the very popular and much more expensive Urban Decay offering?
The Maybelline Setting Spray comes in a plastic bottle and contains 75ml of product, the mist is not as fine as some of the higher end mists I've tried but fine enough not to disturb the makeup. I've heard people complaining that the spray left their face with white dots but I haven't experienced this, you just need to be sure to shake well the bottle before using it and spray your face from a distant of 30-40cm, I almost stretch my arm when I do it.

I don't use setting sprays on everyday basis, only for special occasions or when I want to ensure that my makeup lasts all day, at those times I usually have a few layers of different products on my face including powders and the setting spray helps to mesh all of them together nicely leaving my skin looking more natural and slightly dewy. I have to say that I didn't notice this with the Maybelline Setting Spray, it doesn't have the same qualities as, for example, the Urban Decay All Nighter or even Makeup Revolution Setting Spray. It keeps my face rather matte, although I wouldn't say it helps with the oil production, but it extends the wear time of my makeup for up to 2 hours.
So if you're looking for a refreshing mist that will make your skin looks glow-y then get something else but if you want setting spray to lock your makeup in place for longer then I think the Maybelline Setting Spray is a good option.

Maybelline Velvet Dream foundation

Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation, £6.99 - there is 6 shades available and I have Nude which is slightly to dark for me but somehow it blends with my skin tone. Matte foundation with hydrating properties sounds really good so, although I certainly don't need a new foundation, I decided to try it.
I have to say that Maybelline foundations don't usually impress me and, unfortunately, that's also the case with their new offering.
The formula is of a thick mousse and although I'm not scared of thick foundation as my trusty Beauty Blender makes everything blends nicely and looks better but the first time I tried the Dream Velvet foundation I hated how it looked on my skin. It just sit there, accentuating my pores and all dry patches.
The next day I tried to apply it with my fingers and it didn't look much better to be honest.
I almost gave up on it but recently I decided to use it with my new Morphe buffing brush (keep an eye on the post on my Morphe brushes coming next week!) and, Halelujah!, I liked it. I just really need to push the foundation in to the skin and buff lightly.

Maybelline Velvet Dream foundation

Dream Velvet foundation offers light to medium coverage, the finish is very natural, not matte but also not dewy. It feels lightweight on the skin and it's not drying at all. Although it claims to be matte it doesn't control the oils very well and I get shiny forehead within 3 hours if I don't use a mattifying primer underneath (my skin, currently, is normal with a bit oilier T-Zone). With primer the foundation lasts on my skin about 6 hours before getting slightly patchy and wearing off.

All in all it's not a bad foundation but definitely not the best I've tried, it requires some extra work when applying it on the skin and it doesn't last well for me. I don't think I will be reaching for it now I'm done testing it. It might be good for people with normal, slightly drier skin though.

Have you tried any of these products? If you did, what was your experience with them?


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