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Morphe Brushes 35O and 35T palettes - are they worth the hype?

Morphe Brushes is an American brand who specialises in makeup brushes and eyeshadows. Ever since Jaclyn Hill (beauty guru on YouTube) recommended their products couple of years ago and then collaborated with a brand and created an eyeshadow palette containing all her favourite single eyeshadows from Morphe Brushes, the world went crazy for the brand. Since then lots of people on YouTube talked and recommended them for their affordable but good quality brushes and eyeshadows. Last year Morphe Brushes released a few new eyeshadow palettes which got super popular to the point that they were selling out in a couple of minutes every time they went back in stock, especially the super hyped 35O palette. I was lucky enough to get this and the 35T palette when they were available on BeautyBay.

Morphe Brushes 35O palette

Because I have the Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette I know that the quality of the eyeshadows is good, especially considering how affordable they are. Even though I wasn't sure if the quality will be similar in the 35 eyeshadows palettes and if the hype around them is real I ordered both palettes as the shades selection did look beautiful and for £18.95 each they were not breaking the bank.
The packaging of both palettes (and any other Morphe palettes) is very basic and cheap looking but they're quite sturdy and I haven't had any problem with it falling into pieces. Each palette contains 35 eyeshadows with different finishes, from matte, satin to metallic. The overall pigmentation of the eyeshadows is great, some are less intense and some are like pressed pigments or foiled eyeshadows. Most of them are very soft and smooth, including mattes, a few of them have a bit drier consistency but they're still nicely pigmented.
I don't have any problem with blending out these eyeshadows, they're very easy to work with, some of the shimmery shades have a bit of fallout but nothing crazy. I noticed that the super metallic/foiled shades are better to be applied with my finger tip, otherwise they don't transfer to the lids as intense as they look when swatched. The eyeshadows last on my lids without creasing or fading up to 10 hours, if applied on top of an eyeshadow primer.
The size of these eyeshadows is of regular Makeup Geek or Mac pans so you're getting lots of product for a low price.

Of course the ingredients list is not as impressive as the first ones are Talc, Mica and Mineral Oil but these ingredients are also present in much more expensive eyeshadows so, unless you're allergic to Talc or buy only products with best ingredients, you shouldn't be very concerned about it.

 35O palette
Morphe Brushes 35O palette
Morphe Brushes 35O palette swatches

This is the palette that every eyeshadow palettes junkie wants to have in their collection and rightly so because it's a beautiful selection of warm toned shades. There is almost every shade you might need to create a warm toned eye look, from matte off white and beige through different shades of brown to oranges and corals and gorgeous metallics.
Most of the eyeshadows in this palette have matte or satin finish, are very well pigmented and silky smooth, there are lots of options for crease shades or to darken up the outer corners. Although I do miss black eyeshadow as I like to line my lashes with it on everyday basis.
The metallic/foiled eyeshadows are very impressive, they're almost creamy and the pigmentation is insane!
All the above swatches were done without primer and are only a single swipe of my finger!  
My only little complain is that some of the matte shades look very similar to each other and it's hardly to tell them apart when they're applied on the eyes, so, in my opinion, they could have been replaced by different colours but it's just me being picky.

35T palette
Morphe Brushes 35T palette
Morphe Brushes 35T palette swatches

35T is another one of newest Morphe palettes and also very popular, with eyeshadows more on the cooler, taupe side which I love and this palette is actually my favourite out of the two. There is more shimmery, metallic shades in this palette but also a few matte, perfect for a crease or deepening the outer corner. I'm absolutely in love with those rosy, mauve shades and their pigmentation is, again, impressive, they feel so smooth and buttery. The colours in this palette pair beautifully with berry lips which I'm still obsessed with so it's been one of my 'go to' palette for a few weeks now.
What I'm missing in this palette is white/ivory matte shades for the brow bone and also black.
Although this palette seemed to be on the cooler side there are still some beautiful warm toned eyeshadows so I think it's even more versatile then the 35O.
As usual the above swatches were done without a primer and are only single swipe of my finger, you can see that most of the shades have fantastic pigmentation.

Are the Morphe Brushes palettes worth the hype?

Based on my experience with their palettes I'd say yes, they're amazing quality and very affordable. If you're a starting makeup artist building your kit or simply makeup enthusiast who likes to experiment with different eye looks the Morphe palettes are way to go as you get lots of product without your bank account suffering too much.
I've also tried some of Morphe brushes and I've been quite impressed so stay tuned for a post on them too.

Have you tried Morphe Brushes palettes? Did you like the quality of their eyeshadows?



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