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Morphe Brushes, why do you need to try them?

If you watch American beauty gurus on YouTube or even follow some American beauty junkies on Instagram chances are that you're very much aware of Morphe Brushes brand. They deliver good quality but very affordable makeup products and brushes. After totally falling in love with their eyeshadow palettes (check my review) I decided to try their brushes.
Morphe Brushes products are stocked on a few UK websites, I usually buy from Beauty Bay, because their prices are the lowest and they offer free delivery on orders over £15 and the parcel is always with me within 2 days of placing the order.
I've collected quite a few Morphe brushes over the last few months and I want to share with you my thoughts on them.

Morphe Brushes

Morphe Brushes have a wide variety of different brushes from different ranges, from very basic and cheap to more professional but still very affordable. The brand states that all their products are cruelty free. There is also a range of brushes that is Vegan friendly.
From my experience I can say that their brushes are really good quality, they're super soft, wash very well and don't lose their shape. They may shed a hair or two in the beginning but that can happen to brushes from any brand. I've been very impressed by Morphe brushes and while not all of them are amazing there are some that I actually prefer to use over my Zoeva brushes. I know, shocking, but true :)

Let me tell you a few words about all my Morphe brushes.

Studio Series brushes are made of the finest natural and synthetic bristles.

M439- Deluxe Buffer, £11.25
Morphe Brushes M439

My favourite way of applying any foundation is with Beauty Blender, I have different buffing brushes, the Real Techniques one, Sigma F80 and I never reach for them because I don't like the finish they give to my foundation. But I was curious about this Morphe brush as many YouTube beauty junkies swear by it and I have to say that, while nothing will beat my Beauty Blender, this brush is excellent. I actually prefer to use it with certain foundations. It's dense but not too much, incredibly soft and applies foundation easily leaving flawless finish. If you're in the market for a new buffing brush I highly recommend the M439.

M422 - Crescent Shadow, £3.25
Morphe Brushes M422

Fantastic to pack colour on the lid or. Although it's very soft the length of the bristles make it quite firm so you can also smudge the liner or apply the eyeshadow on the lower lash line with it. For the price it's a must have!

M506 - Tapered Mini Blender, £4.75
Morphe Brushes M506

Very soft and fluffy to blend the eyeshadow without effort but firm enough to make the effect look neat. Great for people like me, with smaller eyes, it fits in the crease perfectly making the blending process a breeze.

MB11 - Angle Liner, £2.50
Morphe Brushes MB11

I bought this brush thinking it will be good to fill in my brows but it's actually to big for that and it's also too thick to use for a liquid liner if you want a thin line or precise wing, I use it to line my upper lashes with eyeshadow or to smudge my liner for a smokey effect. Even though it's a very cheap brush I don't think is worth buying it unless you're looking for exactly something like this.

M217 - Bent Liner, £2.50
Morphe Brushes M217

It's a good liner brush, the bent shape makes it easier to work with when lining the lashes or creating a wing but it's not the thinnest liner brush I've used and I prefer the one from Zoeva.

Vegan Series is made of the highest grade Japanese synthetic bristles.

S13 - Deluxe Angle Blush Brush, £6.50
Morphe Brushes S13

This is my absolutely favourite blush brush! It's incredibly soft, applies and blends the product like a dream. I use it to for blush but also to contour and bronze my face. I'm desperate to get another one but it's been out of stock for while. Definitely another 'must have'!

S20 - Deluxe Precision Crease Brush, £3.25
Morphe Brushes S20

Just as the name suggest it's a great brush to precisely define the crease or to darken the outer corner. What I like this brush the most for is to blend an eyeshadow on the lower lid with as it's small, very soft and does the job perfectly. Great little brush!

Elite Collection

E28 - Round Blender, £5.50
Morphe Brushes E28

Fantastic blending brush, incredibly soft and fluffy enough to diffuse the edges of the eyeshadow to perfection. I use it to apply my transition shade in to the crease or to blur all the harsh lines when finishing off the eye look. If your eyes are bigger you'd love it as a crease brush. It's amazing, you need it!

E17 - Crease Precision Blender, £5.50
Morphe Brushes E17

A smaller sister of E28, the bristles are a bit shorter and slightly denser but still very soft. Love using it for my crease as it blends the eyeshadow seamlessly.

E14 - Oval Shadow, £5.50
Morphe Brushes E14

This is a brush that can do almost everything, it's dense enough to apply the eyeshadow all over the lid but has enough thickness to it and a bit of fluffiness to blend it in to the crease or smudge it on the lower lash line. It's a brush for those busy mornings when creating an eye look can take no more then a minute :)

E24 - Bullet Crease, £5.50
Morphe Brushes E24

This is like a big pencil brush, I love to apply my inner corner highlight with or to smudge an eyeshadow on my lower lash line, or to define the outer corner or even to use it for a very precise crease shade application. The brush is dense but the bristles are very soft, just like other Morphe brushes. It might look like a strange brush but it's actually very useful and I highly recommend it.

These are all the Morphe brushes I currently own and I'm very happy with them, the quality is fantastic and they're so affordable. I find some of my Zoeva brushes a tiny bit scratchy while these Morphe brushes are soft like a feather.

Do you own any Morphe brushes? What do you think of them?


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