Friday, 19 February 2016

Makeup inspired by nature #1 Crocuses

Sadly the 'Makeup through the decades' series on my blog has finished (you can check the roundup here) so I decided to start a new series of posts that will give me a reason to have more fun with makeup and be creative and for you, hopefully, to enjoy them and maybe even get inspired.
I've asked if you had any ideas, requests for new makeup looks and some of you gave me a few options which I will definitely consider in the near future but today I want to start a series that I have been thinking of for a while, it's 'makeup inspired by nature' or, more accurately, by a pretty picture of nature. Obviously, it's nothing innovative, I've seen this kind of posts on many blogs or YouTube channels but as there's infinite amount of inspiration in nature I thought I would create my own series and share with you my makeup looks.
I want the looks to be quite wearable so I won't be painting flowers on my face but I will rather take inspiration from the colours and the overall feel/character of the picture.

Crocuses are one of my favourite Spring flowers, mostly because when they're out it means that the Winter is almost over. You hardly see snow in UK but in my home country, Poland, the view of those beautiful purple flowers peeking through the frosty snow is quite common between February and March and one of the most amazing views.
I found this cute picture on Google and it immediately inspired me to create a makeup look that would reflect that dreamy scene.

makeup inspired by crocuses

I wanted to focus on my eye makeup to get the whole 'inspired by crocuses' look and feel. I went through all my 40+ (!) eyeshadow palettes and finally settled on a few shades from my Sleek palettes as they seemed to reflect the picture the most accurately.
Looking at the pictures side by side now I think I could go for more vibrant purple but it did look good to me when I was creating the look so we just have to go with it.
I wanted purple shades on my lid to represent the flower with incorporated yellow for its pollen tube, fresh, vibrant green for its stalk and leaves and frosty white to get the feel of a snow.

sleek eyeshadow palette del mar
sleek eyeshadow palette del mar

After priming my eyes with a white base, I used white eye kohl for it, I applied Paradise all over my lid and in the crease, then I a added a bit of dimension in the outer corner with Opening Party and heavily applied Pearl in the inner corner for the frosty, snow-y effect.
With the help of Inglot Duraline I lined my upper lashes and created small wing using the yellow shade Ibiza Rocks, it wasn't as easy task as I imagined it to be and because I applied a few layers for the colour to stand out the eyeshadow crumbled later on. I need to get myself some colourful liquid/gel liners, new reason for more shopping :)
I dusted Balearic Beat all over my lower lid and darkened the lash line with Tree Of Life. I applied the white pencil on my waterline. And then finished off my eyes with mascara and subtle false lashes.

I applied makeup to the rest of my face like I would normally do, just didn't bronze my skin as I wanted a more cool toned finish, so only lightly contoured my cheeks and forehead. I dusted Hourglass Diffused Light all over my face for a subtle glow, applied Mood Exposure to my cheeks and highlighted the tops of them further with Iridescent Light.

On my lips I patted a bit of cool toned pink lipstick and then pressed some of the purple eyeshadow, Paradise, all over my lips and Pearl in the centre to match them with my eyes.

And this is the finished look inspired by Spring Crocuses :)

purple eye makeup
purple eye makeup
purple eye makeup

I hope you enjoyed this post and the makeup look!
It's so much fun to create a look inspired by a picture and I'm inviting all of you to do so :)
If you'd like to collaborate with me in this series, please, get in touch via email so we can choose a picture that will be inspiring for both of us and share the makeup looks on both blogs.

Have a great weekend!



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