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"Ageing skin is not a flaw..." Avene PhysioLift range - review

"Ageing skin is not a flaw, ageing skin has specific needs."
Following a good skincare routine has been always very important to me, since early teenage years I've been looking after my skin, although the products I was using were not always right for me. More often then not I was treating my combination/oily skin too harsh hence it wasn't looking its best for years.
Only in the recent couple of years I have learnt a lot more about what my skin needs and, finally, I am quite happy with how it looks. Of course it's not perfectly flawless but it's much better then it was.
At the age of 36 I am also very much aware that my aging skin is loosing its firmness and plumpness so using the right products to make it look its best at every age is important to me.

Avene PhysioLift range

The beauty industry is giving women a hard time forever promoting young, youthful skin, bombarding us with anti-ageing products, like it would be possible to stop the natural process and be forever 20. The truth is, we're all ageing and no serum or cream can stop that or take the years back, what's important is, to look after our skin and embrace the age we're at.

Avene, French skincare brand, wants to change the way ageing is seen by society and invited a group of experts and bloggers from 30 Plus Collective (created by Hayley aka London Beauty Queen) to spend an evening discussing the way industry sees, talks about and treats consumers with ageing skin. It's important that we start to talk about ageing without the negative and insecurity-inducing way.

As we get older our skin develops different needs, over 50% women in UK have sensitive skin and finds many 'anti-ageing' products too harsh. With this in mind Avene created a range of products directed at ageing, sensitive skin. The PhysioLift range consists of 5 products, I was kindly sent two of them and after using them for 6 weeks I'm ready to share my thoughts on them with you.

Avene PhysioLift Night Balm

The PhysioLift range contains clinically proven active ingredients that are gentle on the skin but powerfully penetrate the skin to deep layers where they're needed to leave skin radiant, re-plumped, soft and smooth.
Retinaldehyde - it efficiently replenishes the skin's level of vitamin A, helps boost the skin's radiance and with added exfoliating properties it helps smooth and brighten the skin.
Innovative Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers (fragments) - Avene has identified the optimum size of Hyaluronic Acid molecules to mirror the physiology of the skin and synthesise  with the skin's own HA which helps to deliver moisture where needed to support the skin's collagen network.
Innovative Ascofilline - collagen boosting active exclusive to Avene Dermatological Laboratories which helps to re-plump the skin.

Avene PhysioLift Eye

PhysioLift Eyes*, 15ml, £22- smooths wrinkles and firms the delicate skin around the eye area whilst helping to diminish puffiness and dark circles. It has a unique "patch" texture which mimics the skin, ensuring excellent absorption of active ingredients all night long.

It comes in a plastic airless bottle with a pump that ensures all the powerful ingredients stay safe and active, the product has a light cream consistency that feels quite reach but it's absorbed quickly leaving the skin instantly hydrated and smooth. It's fragrance free. I find that half of the pump is enough for me to apply the cream around both eyes.
It's always hard for me to see how effective an eye cream is as I've been using eye creams for years and my under eye area looks quite good, of course I have some fine lines but I still don't have deep wrinkles. Having said that the PhysioLift cream definitely helps keeping my under eye skin hydrated, plumped and smooth. I've also noticed that I don't have as dark the under eye circles as I used to, especially when not sleeping enough, so that's definitely an improvement.

PhysioLift Night Smoothing, Regenerating Night Balm*, 30ml, £26 - this balm works all night long to smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles and re-plump the skin. It detoxifies the skin and helps to eliminate signs of fatigue, rejuvenating lacklustre skin and leaving it feeling silky soft.

This product also comes in an airless pump dispenser that's hygienic and protects the ingredients inside. I use two pumps of the balm to apply it over my face and neck. It has a very lightweight consistency although it feels quite reach on the skin but it gets absorbed quickly and it doesn't leave any residue, just incredibly soft skin. Some nights, after it being absorbed, I need something extra on top as my skin still feels a bit tight, that's when I apply one of my facial oils, depending on my skin's needs.
This Night Balm makes my skin much smoother and brighter, it was the only new product in my skincare routine for 4 weeks and I definitely noticed that my skin started looking plumper and just nicer. I don't have deep wrinkles yet, apart from this one line on my forehead that's very annoying and it has definitely got less prominent so thumbs up for that. My only little problem with this product is that after  a few weeks of using it every night I noticed that my skin got a bit drier and flaky and I think it's the effect of the Retinaldehyde so I've started using it every other night and I hope to see my skin getting back to normal.

I'm a big fan of Avene skincare and even though I haven't tried lots from the brand the things I did always impressed me. Their formulations are gentle on the skin but effective and the prices are quite wallet friendly.
The new PhysioLift range contains some amazing ingredients which ensure that our skin looks the best it can. If you're looking for some new skincare products for your ageing skin then I highly recommend you check the Avene's offerings.

There's nothing wrong with ageing, that's a natural life process, but of course we all want to stay youthful as long as possible and it's nothing wrong with that either. There's lots we can do to feel and look the best we can at every age, from healthy lifestyle, balanced diet to good skincare routine. But it's important to remember that being beautiful is not only reserved for very young people and our lines and wrinkles are to be embraced, not ashamed of.

What are your thoughts on the 'anti-ageing' beauty industry?
Have you tried Avene skincare?

*PR Samples, all opinions are my own.



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