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Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette - review and swatches

Being an eyeshadow palettes junkie, (or let me call myself collector, just to feel better about the obvious addiction), and a massive fan of Zoeva palettes there was no doubt that I would get at least one of the new Spectrum palettes that Zoeva launched couple of weeks ago. There are three eyeshadow palettes in this range: Nude, Warm and Cool. Although I initially thought that I will go for the Warm palette to start with, after a closer look at the shades in each of them, I've decided to choose the Cool Spectrum palette (£28.50) as it seemed a bit different from what I already have in my collection and also I've been really enjoying wearing cooler toned eyeshadows lately.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette

The new Spectrum palettes contain 15 eyeshadows each and come in a black, sleek, hard cardboard packaging. While I appreciate the elegant look of the palette I really dislike the outer, slightly rubberised, cover (think Nars packaging) as it will get really filthy with regular use because it's prone to collecting finger prints, dust and any other dirt and it's almost impossible to properly clean it.
Another thing that I am a bit disappointed with it's lack of shades' names, they only have numbers which is quite strange considering all the previous Zoeva palettes come with cute themes and names.
The price of the Spectrum palettes is significantly higher comparing to the older palettes, yes, there are 5 more eyeshadows but the new palettes are £13 more expensive which I think is a bit too much.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette

Apart from a few little complaints I have to say that the quality of the eyeshadows is very good and on par with the older Zoeva palettes. They're silky smooth, well pigmented and easy to blend. There is very minimal fallout when applying them on the eyes and they last with a  primer all day (about 10-11 hours) on my lids without creasing or fading.

First row/column, swatches from left to right.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette swatches
CL130 - matte white, good pigmentation, perfect as a brow bone highlight or all over the lid as a base.
CL100 - metallic light gold with cool undertones, great pigmentation.
CL070 - coral-y pink shimmer, good pigmentation.
CL040 - medium brown with neutral undertones, matte finish, good pigmentation, perfect as a crease shade.
CL010 - medium taupe, matte finish, good pigmentation, another great crease shade.

Middle row/column, swatches from left to right.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette swatches
CL140 - pale nude with matte finish, very close to my skin colour, perfect blending shade, good pigmentation.
CL110 - taupe bronze with metallic finish, great pigmentation, there is an almost identical shade in the En Taupe palette.
CL080 - lilac with blue undertones, satin finish, a bit crumbly but the pigmentation is good.
CL050 - metallic teal, great pigmentation.
CL020 - silver-y grey shimmer, great pigmentation.

Third row/column, swatches from left to right.

Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette swatches

CL150 - light taupe grey with pink shift to it, this shade is also present in the En Taupe palette, the pigmentation is ok, but it needs to be built up to get the best of it.
Cl120 - chocolate shimmer with copper undertones, great pigmentation.
CL090 - dark lilac with blue shift to it, satin finish, good pigmentation.
CL060 - matte teal, great pigmentation.
CL030 - matte black, great pigmentation.

Overall I really like this palette, it has a great mix of cool toned shades with some fun colours to play with but also some neutrals for everyday makeup. I think it's great that there is matte white and black as these are always useful and I, personally, reach for them every day to set my eyeshadow base and highlight my brow bone (white) and to line my lashes (black). There are couple of shades that are repeated from previous palettes (En Taupe in this case) but most of them are new ones, so even if, like me, you have all the previous palettes you should still enjoy the Cool Spectrum palette.

Do you own any Zoeva palettes? Are you tempted to get one of the new Spectrum palettes?



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