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Makeup through the decades #9: 2000s

We have arrived at the 2000s in my 'Makeup through the decades' series. It seems to me like we're in 00s right now but that's already a past decade, it's crazy how fast the time is flying. I have to admit that creating a makeup look representing the 00s trends was quite difficult for me and it took me a few days and lots of research to decide on the look. There wasn't a one characteristic makeup trend in the previous decade, makeup looks ranged from soft, natural to dramatic. After watching hundreds of photos, watching some videos and remembering my own makeup journey I came up with this smokey eyes makeup look that, in my opinion, represents the 2000s quite well.

2000s makeup trends

Although it's hard to pinpoint a characteristic makeup look in the 00s there are some makeup details that were definitely a sign of that decade. The early 2000s saw lots of sparkle and glitter on the eyes and body, high shine lip glosses were all the rage giving lips plumped up look, also frosty, shimmery brow bone highlight was very popular while nowadays we tend to highlight that area with light matte or satin shade. Apart from very natural makeup looks, 'smokey eyes' were definitely emerging and you see lots of those eye looks when you check pictures of celebrities of the previous decade.

Spray tans and bronzer were hugely popular to imitate the JLo glow, although by late 00s pale skin was embraced once again thanks to the characters of Twilight saga.
The last years of the 00s were focused on getting the complexion perfected, so skin-like foundations with luminous, healthy looking finish started being a big trend which is still very much current.
Brows were kept natural but defined , the importance of well groomed brows was widely known.
Cheeks were bronzed but blush was usually in a pale pink shade and applied sparingly. I was 'guilty' of no wearing a blush at all :)
Shiny, pale pink lipgloss, as I already mentioned, was the trendy lip product.
2000s was a decade of approving Botox for public use which became very popular and often overused.
Also in the later 00s false lashes and lash extensions started being fashionable again thanks to many celebrities, Lady Gaga being one of them.

2000s makeup look

To create a makeup look inspired by 2000s trends I applied my base products just like I would normally do it now ( Bourjois Air Matt foundation, Maybelline The Eye Eraser concealer, Bourjois Healthy Balnace powder) and then very lightly contoured my cheeks using Live Love London HD Contouring Expert palette ( review) and follow with the Hourglass Luminous Bronze in Light (review) to add healthy glow to my face, on my cheeks I applied Luminous Flush blush.

I decided to create smokey eyes look so I started with smudging black eye pencil ( Rimmel ScandalEyes) around my lashes and blending it with a synthetic brush. Then I applied on my lids dark slate grey shade (Revolver from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette)  and blended it out with matte grey shade (Defy). In my inner corners and inner parts of my lids I applied Bobby Dazzle- white frosty shimmery shade which I also highlighted my brow bone with. I applied mascara to my lashes and added Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes.
I filled in my brows using Inglot Brow Pomade #16.

For my lips I used only Rimmel Oh My Gloss! lip gloss in shade My Eternity for the plumped, juicy lips effect.

And this is the finished look :)

2000s makeup look
2000s makeup look
2000s makeup look

Let me know which 2000s makeup trends were the most characteristic in your opinion. Do you think I managed to get the 'right' look?

Which 2000s trends are you 'guilty' of? Chunky highlights in your hair, low-rise jeans exposing your underwear thongs or orange tan?
I, thankfully, avoided all these but I'm absolutely guilty of wearing grey smokey eyes on daily basis, sticky lip gloss, no blush or bronzer on my cheeks and no brows (!) cause I wasn't bothering with filling them in, LOL!



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