Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What I love about Christmas

With Christmas being only 2 days away I wanted to share with you a quick post about why I love Christmas. I think we all, more or less, enjoy that festive time of year. When I reached my early 20s I wasn't too crazy about Christmas to be honest, for me it was just lots shopping, cleaning, cooking and I was bored of it. But the older I get, and especially now having my own kids, the more Christmas has his magic back and I'm so happy about it.

1. The time of getting ready for Christmas, since the beginning of December, is actually my favourite, I love the excitement, the anticipation, the planning, the world turning more festive every day. What I don't love is the crazy amount of people in the shops but thankfully there's an online shopping!

2. Picking up and decorating Christmas tree make me very happy. Making our house look festive and the kids getting super excited is one of the highlights of the festive season.

3. Visiting Santa, obviously that's again for our boys but it's a special moment for them and seeing them happy makes me happy.

4. Christmas food, there is just something special about all the delicious meals served at that time.

5. Christmas Eve is actually my favourite day, both, my husband and I, come from a countries where we prepare a traditional Christmas Eve dinner, gather with all the family, eat, sing carols and stay up until midnight when some people like to attend church for a special mass.

6. Now our boys are big enough to fully understand all the festivities seeing them on Christmas morning bursting with excitement while opening all the gifts is just priceless.

7. Time spent with the loved ones, especially that we don't live close to each other so having the family around us makes me happy.

What do you love about Christmas? What are you looking forward to?

I'd love to take this opportunity and wish you all, my lovely readers, amazing, peaceful and joyful Christmas and a fabulous New Year 2016!

I will be taking blogging break as I want to focus all my time on my family instead of social media and having my husband's and my son's birthdays right after New Year there will be lots of celebrations to keep me busy. I will be back to my regular schedule on Wednesday the 6th January 2016.

Happy Holidays!



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