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Splurge or save #4 Too Faced 'Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar' palette vs Makeup Revolution 'Salted Caramel'

Ever since falling in love with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette some time last year, I knew I want to get the Semi-Sweet palette and was waiting patiently for it to be available in UK. When it finally was I hesitated, you know, the normal feeling of remorse of having too many eyeshadow palettes, but I could not stop thinking of this palette, (nothing hunts us more then the things we didn't buy, right?), so when Debenhams was running an offer of 20% off beauty I didn't wait any longer and bought the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette to complete the family :)
Around the same time Makeup Revolution released a few new eyeshadow palettes including the Salted Caramel palette which looked just like the perfect 'dupe' for the Too Faced offering. And we all know that Makeup Revolution is really good at bringing alternatives of much more expensive products soI just had to buy their palette. I thought it would be a great idea to compare both palettes to see if it's better to splurge on the Too Faced one or safe with the Makeup Revolution (check my comparison post on the original Chocolate Bar palette vs Makeup Revolution).
I have tested both palettes against each other for a few weeks and I'm ready to share with you my thoughts.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel

Both palettes have the outer packaging inspired by chocolates, Too Faced following the original Chocolate Bar palette and the Makeup Revolution continues with the design of the melted chocolate bar as the other I Heart Chocolate palettes. Inside both palettes there are mirrors, with the Makeup Revolution one being actually a nicer, bigger size. Too Faced palette comes with a little booklet with a guide on how to create 3 different looks with it. Makeup Revolution comes only with a sponge applicator. The names of eyeshadows in the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette are printed on the actual palette which is always nice while the Salted Caramel palette comes with a plastic overlay with names printed on it.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel

Formula of eyeshadows
Both palettes have nicely pigmented and smooth eyeshadows, the formula varies slightly between shades and some are better then others. Overall, in my opinion, matte shades from the Too Faced palette are more buttery, better pigmented and blend easier then matte shades from Makeup Revolution. Shimmery shades are more vibrant in Salted Caramel palette and they swatch better, although these shades from both palettes perform in a similar way on the eyes, using makeup brushes. There is a bit more fallout with the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows but I also experienced some with the Too Faced ones. Eyeshadows from both palettes have a nicely delicious smell, the Too Faced ones of a milk chocolate and the Makeup Revolution ones of a chocolate-y caramel.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel

All swatches were done without a primer but were built up to show better the true colours on the pictures (eyeshadows from both palettes were built up the same way, swatched twice).
First row.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel swatches

Second row.
Too Faced Pink Sugar and Makeup Revolution Cake are more of a pressed duo-chrome glittery dust then your normal eyeshadow, they look great on top of another eyeshadow to add a subtle sparkle.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel swatches
Third row.
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar vs Makeup Revolution Salted Cramel swatches
My thoughts
As you can see some shades differ slightly with undertones or pigmentation but in overall they're quite similar and when using them on eyes it's hard to tell the difference. The overall quality and performance is a bit better with the Too Faced eyeshadows but the Makeup Revolution ones are still very good, especially considering how affordable they are.
Splurge or save?
If you can treat yourself to the Too Faced palette then I'd say go for it because it's just a bit better. If you don't want to spend that much money on one palette but like the look of the Too Faced Semi Sweet one I'm sure you'll be happy with the Makeup Revolution alternative as it's nearly as good, shades are very similar and it costs much less.
If you don't like 'dupes' and prefer the original versions of makeup items, no matter what, then you know your answer and no alternative will satisfy you :)
What would you do, splurge or save?

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