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Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette - review and makeup look

If you're a fan of Freedom Makeup (the sister brand of Makeup Revolution) then you know that they teamed up with House of Glamdolls, London based makeup school with the talented makeup artist David Horne as the main tutor, and offered short makeup courses which I was lucky to attend one of them (read about my experience here). Recently Freedom Makeup in collaboration with House of Glamdolls launched 4 new makeup palettes with different themes. I was kindly sent the Vintage Doll Look palette (£8)* and decided to share with you my thoughts on it and makeup look I created using it.

Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette

The palette contains 2 blushes, 10 eyeshadows, 3 highlighters, 4 brow powders and 4 lipsticks, all housed in a black sturdy packaging with a large mirror. The set contains also a little booklet with a 'step by step' guide on how to create a Vintage Doll look. Of course there are no limits in makeup and you can create whatever look you want using this palette :) But it's a nice addition for people who are just starting their makeup adventure and needs a bit of guidance.
Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette

When I saw all 4 palettes being released I got really excited as I love the idea of a themed palette like this with most makeup products you need in one place. It's a bit different from all the things on the beauty market and being approved by David Horne make it more special. Let me show you the swatches and share my opinion on the quality.
Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette

Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette
Starting with the things I'm actually quite disappointed with, the lipsticks. Firstly, they should have some protective cover because the first time you use the powder products the lipsticks section will be covered in some of them. Secondly, while they look really beautiful in the pans they are quite sheer when swatched or applied on the lips, they feel to me more like tinted lip balms then pigmented lipsticks, the formula is also a bit too waxy, gloss-like in my opinion and not what I was expecting. They leave a very subtle wash of colour on the lips which doesn't last long. Maybe they will appeal to some people but I wanted a full on colour so they didn't meet my expectations.
Freedom Makeup & House of Glamdolls 'Vintage Doll Look' palette

The matte eyeshadows are really great, well pigmented, silky soft and they blend really well. Some of the shimmery shades are not as pigmented as I'd like them to be but they're still silky soft and buildable, Starlet and Heroine are gorgeous though.
Blushes are great, well pigmented, silky soft and easy to blend.
There is one matte off-white highlighter, shimmery champagne and frosty white, they all are really nice but the small pans make it difficult to use your regular highlighting brush, if you want to apply them on your cheekbones, and you might pick up some of the brow powders and end up messing up your makeup, which happened to me and, let me tell, it was not a cute look.
Brow powders are fantastic, very pigmented, buttery soft and come in nice shades which should suit most people.
So in overall, I think the Vintage Doll Look palette is a great, creative idea, it has a nice selection of shades, the quality across the board is good but, in my opinion, it should be thought out better in terms of sizes of pans and protective overlay for lipsticks section. And I wish the lipsticks were of the same quality as the regular lipsticks I've tried from Freedom Makeup and liked much more.
Some issues aside, here's the makeup look I created using the Vintage Doll Look palette. First I thought I'm going to go with the classic Vintage Pin Up girl look but once I started playing with the shades I fell in love with the purples and went ahead with them.
To fill in my brows I used shades Bark and Taupe. I set my concealer with Light, highlighted my brow bone with Pure and applied shade Demure as a transition to my crease. Then I defined my crease and outer corner with Allure, gorgeous matte purple. I applied Siren to the inner half of my lid and Heroine between Siren and Allure blending the edges lightly. Then I lined my upper lashes with Jet, matte black and created a small wing which I smoked out inwards darkening the very outer part of my eye. I lined my lower lash line with Jet and blended it out with Heroine. To my inner eye corner I applied Delicate which is a beautiful duo-chrome light pink with purple shift to it. To finish off my eyes I lined my waterline with nude pencil, applied my mascara and added Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes.
To contour and bronze my face I used the Freedom Makeup Pro Powder Strobe Palette* (review), added mix of Starlight and Haze to the tops of my cheeks and applied Retro blush.
For my lips I used Flapper, applied with a lip brush and then I dabbed with my finger a bit of Delicate eyeshadow in the centre of my lips for a matching effect with my eyes.
And that's the finished look :)
Freedom Makeup 'Vintage Doll Look' palette makeup look

Freedom Makeup 'Vintage Doll Look' palette makeup look

Freedom Makeup 'Vintage Doll Look' palette makeup look

Freedom Makeup 'Vintage Doll Look' palette makeup look
Let me know what do you think of this makeup look and the Vintage Doll Look palette?
Disclaimer: these * products were sent to me for a review, all opinions are my own.
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