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Urban Decay Vice 4 palette - review and swatches

Happy Monday all! I'm kicking off the week with one of my favourite things: eyeshadow palette, and not any palette but the much anticipated Urban Decay Vice 4 palette (£43). Ever since falling in love with last year's Vice 3 palette I knew that I will most definitely be adding to my collection any other Vice palette if they will be released in the future. As soon as I saw that Vice 4 was coming I couldn't wait for it to be available in UK so I could get my hands on it. Just like any other Vice palettes, Vice 4 contains 20 colourful shades and while I adore my neutrals and use them most days in my makeup, I also love colourful eyeshadows and play with them very often, so for me this is an exciting kind of palette with different, more unique shades.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Let's take a moment to appreciate the packaging, shall we!
The whole palette was inspired by an oil slick and it's full of deep and jewel toned colours. The outer packaging is just stunning with the design imitating a shattered glass or web and multi-dimensional colours. I love it! The palette comes with a makeup bag with coordinated design and big enough to actually hold the palette inside which is great if you want to store it that way or to travel with it.
Urban Decay Vice 4

Speaking of traveling, Vice 4 palette is great for that, with sleek design, big, great quality mirror which stays opened at the right angle to do your makeup in front of it and 20 eyeshadows ranging from neutrals to bold colours for any type of eye makeup you can think of. The palette also comes with a dual-ended brush which is a decent quality, not one I would reach for over my other eye brushes but if I had only this one I could certainly do my makeup with it.
Urban Decay Vice 4
Urban Decay Vice 4

The Vice 4 palette contains 20 new shades, of course there will be some similarities with other shades from different palettes but you won't find the exact same colours being repeated from previous ones.
Urban Decay Vice 4

First top row.
Urban Decay Vice 4 palette swatches
Bones - light cool toned beige with pearly sheen, good pigmentation and smooth formula.
Grip - matte light grey-ish taupe with silver sparkle, well pigmented and silky soft but the sparkles tend to fall during the application process so sticky base is a must if you want them to show up on the skin.
Deadbeat - matte dark charcoal with iridescent micro-glitter, well pigmented and nice soft formula.
Beat Down - deep purple with blue undertones and pearly sheen, good pigmentation and formula.
Pandemonium - blackened plum with silver sparkles which tend to fall out, it definitely performs better with a  sticky base underneath although the pigmentation is really good.
Second row.
Urban Decay Vice 4 palette swatches
Framed - matte light peach, great pigmentation and buttery soft formula.
Fast-Ball - peachy pink with satin finish, good pigmentation and soft formula but a bit crumbly, requires a primer to perform its best.
1985 - bright fuchsia with purple undertones and satin finish, great pigmentation and formula.
Underhand - gorgeous burgundy brown with satin finish, excellent pigmentation and formula.
Harlot -  beautiful light lilac with satin finish, great pigmentation and formula.
Third row.
Urban Decay Vice 4 palette swatches
Discreet - matte light grey-ish lilac, good pigmentation and silky soft.
Grasshoper - metallic emerald green, great pigmentation and formula.
C-Note - frosted medium green with metallic finish, amazing pigmentation and formula.
Arctic - bright teal with metallic finish and silver micro-sparkle, fantastic pigmentation and good formula, although it does produce some fallout.
Robbery - beautiful dark taupe with metallic finish, fantastic pigmentation and formula.
Fourth bottom row.
Urban Decay Vice 4 palette swatches
Bitter - matte medium brown with orange undertones, amazing pigmentation and formula.
Flame - stunning coral-y orange with gold micro-glitter, the texture is quite gritty and it applies quite sheer so it requires a sticky base underneath or needs to be used with a damp brush, prone to lots of fallout.
Low - greyish dark brown with lots of glitter, creates lots of fallout and applies very sheer, it performs a bit better with primer underneath.
Crowbar - olive green with golden micro-glitter, another one that needs a good base to perform well on the eyes.
Delete - dark chocolate brown with matte finish, great pigmentation and formula, although it does produce a bit of fallout during application.
Overall I love this palette because it has some gorgeous shades and I'm fan of bright, bold colours, most of them are highly pigmented and great to work with. But the glittery shades are not that easy and require more effort to make them look pretty on the eyes, they definitely need a sticky primer/base underneath to intensify the colour and help the sparkles stay on the lid. They do produce some serious fallout, so doing an eye makeup before applying a foundation is a must in my opinion. The shimmery/satin/pearl and matte shades are gorgeous, silky soft, they blend really well and are easy to work with, but I would advice using a good primer under any of these eyeshadows as, in general, they would look much better on the eyes.
At this point I have tested probably half of the shades and they look and last well on my primed eye lids for up to 10 hours and apart from the initial fallout I don't experience any throughout the day.
Even though I love this palette I don't think it's for everyone, if you don't like or reach for colourful eyeshadows, hate glittery shades then I'm sure you wouldn't be in love with this palette. But if you're anything like me, eyeshadow palettes obsessed beauty junkie collector who is willing to put some extra effort with some of these shades, then I'm sure you'll be thrilled to have this beauty in your collection.
What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette? Are you a fan or you'd rather stick with the Naked palettes?



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