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Makeup through the decades #5 1960s

Welcome to the 60s! A youth oriented decade with makeup ranging from the au naturel hippie look (late 60s) to the dramatic black and white eyes of mod look (modernist), the London Look. After the elegant phase in 1950s (check my post here) with simple cat eye and red lips, the 60s is the time when the emphasis is on the eyes, especially on lashes, with the rest of the face being kept quite nude. The older women would more likely stay with the familiar makeup of 50s and early 60s but young women who were highly influenced by the fashion, TV shows, magazines and music would go for bold eyes copying the very trendy model Twiggy or actresses Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick, Sophia Loren or Elisabeth Taylor.
1960s makeup look

To create the 60s inspired makeup look I applied my foundation (Vichy Dermablend in Natural), concealer (Maybelline The Eye Eraser in Light) and set it with a powder (Vichy Dermablend) like I would normally do. In 60s women liked to use matte very pale pink, peach, nude blushes and used them to lightly contour their cheeks and brought them up to the temples, just like we do today with a bronzer. I used the Max Factor Crème Puff Blush in Nude Mauve which is perfect for adding just a hint of colour and lightly contouring.

Brows were kept groomed and filled in with a pencil accordingly to their natural shape, I used my tiny brow pencil from the Seventeen Brow's That Way Brow Kit.
Eyes were the main focus in 60s, the lid was kept very light, pale blue, grey or white matte eyeshadows were used and the crease was very sharply defined with dark eyeshadow, often black and left quite un-blended, the typical Twiggy look. As I have deep set eyes and cut crease is not really visible on my eyes I just blended dark grey eyeshadow in my crease and applied white eyeshadow on top of a white pencil to make the lid stand out.
The black eyeliner was definitely present, from the very sexy feline flick, Brigitte Bardot's signature look, to softer line defining the lashes. I created a small wing using black eyeshadow.
Lashes were very important in 60s and false lashes were super popular, young, fashionable women would wear them on everyday basis. Also, for the first time in decades the bottom lashes were emphasised, and you can see some models (Twiggy) even painted them for a more dramatic effect.
I used a pair of Red Cherry #747M lashes and because my natural bottom lashes are really pathetic I also used some false bottom lashes focusing on the outer half of my eye.
(I am very sorry for the poor quality photos but the weather has been terrible and the lighting awful, the day I created this makeup look was super grey and dull and I'm glad I could save at least few photos from all the ones that were really terrible quality. I desperately need to invest in some studio lighting because this time of year is absolutely dreadful for taking the photos, especially of makeup!)
1960s eye makeup look
In the 60s lips were kept quite pale and understated, not to compete with the modern, geometric, dramatic eyes. To finish off the makeup I used the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Lipstick in the shade #45.
1960s makeup look

1960s makeup look

1960s makeup look

I hope you enjoyed my recreation of 60s makeup look, despite the poor quality photos. I loved discovering all the facts and trends of that time, it was a very characteristic and different decade when the makeup is concerned, which I really like.
And we can't forget the awesome music from 60s! Who doesn't love a bit of The Beatles? :)
What do you think of that era? Do you like the 'Twiggy' trend? Would you wear this kind of bold eye makeup look today?


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