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Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette - review and swatches

Let's start the week with something fun and girly to make our Monday just a bit better! :)
New Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup 'Pink Fizz' palette (£7.99)* makes me think of parties, celebrations and nights out with friends. From the cute pink chocolate inspired packaging to the shades inside it screams 'let's have fun, girl' (no? just me then? oh well!). 'Pink Fizz' palette is one of the latest additions to the I ♡ Makeup chocolate palettes range and it was highly anticipated since some sneak peeks on Makeup Revolution Instagram feed a few months ago. As a big fan of their chocolate palettes I was quite excited when this one was kindly sent to me and I started playing it almost straight away (after taking all the blog pictures of course, lol!).

Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette

The packaging imitates half melted chocolate bar, just like the other palettes, I'm not sure about the pink colour though but it certainly gives a fun and girly character to the palette. Inside the palette there is a good quality large mirror and 16 eyeshadows with names printed on the plastic overlay and as usual the basic sponge applicator which isn't actually too bad if you want to pack the eyeshadow onto the lid. There is 3 matte shades and 13 shimmery ones. The overall look of the palette is pink and sparkly with a few darker shades which are essential to create a full eye makeup look. Most of the shades have lovely silky texture, they blend really well and stay on my eye lids for up to 10 hours without creasing and fading. Although using an eye primer is essential in my opinion if you want the colours to appear as vibrant as they are in the pan or on the swatches and to extend their longevity.

Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette
Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette

Let's get to the fun part which are the swatches obviously!

Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette swatches

Champers - matte off white, pigmentation is quite average but the formula is silky smooth and it's easily buildable, perfect to set your primer/concealer and highlight the brow bone.
Drink - matte beige, again the pigmentation is not very impressive but it makes a good transition shade, it has the colour of my skin so it's hardly visible on my arm but it does look better on the eyes, silky soft texture.
Flute - shimmery light pink with silver undertones, good pigmentation and texture.
Sparkling - shimmery pale lilac with silver undertones, very pretty, good pigmentation and formula.
Toast - coral-y pink with satin finish, pigmentation is quite average but it's very buildable and easy to blend.

Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette swatches

Bubbles - silver pearl, good pigmentation and formula.
Girl - shimmery dusty pink, great pigmentation and formula.
Party - beautiful rusty orange with satin finish, very unique shade, great pigmentation and formula.
Elegant - another gorgeous shade, deep rose gold with very subtle shimmer, very well pigmented and silky smooth.
Celebrate - light silver-y blue, shimmery finish, good pigmentation and texture.
Truffle - chocolate bronze with golden and burgundy micro-sparkles, good pigmentation and formula.

Makeup Revolution 'Pink Fizz' palette swatches

Rosy - this has a very strange texture, like a wet powder, I tried to build the intensity to show you the colour but it's not an opaque shade, it's just like an overlay of pink duo-chrome, it looks gorgeous in the inner corner or on top of another eyeshadow as it doesn't add much colour but only lovely subtle sparkle.
Cork - taupe bronze shade with satin finish, great pigmentation and formula.
Pop - matte chocolate brown, very good pigmentation and silky texture.
France - blackened navy with purple undertones, good pigmentation and formula although it can apply a bit patchy.
Pink Fizz - shimmery pink, the formula is a bit powdery (not in a chalky way though) and crumbly but the pigmentation is good.

I like this palette, there are some stunning shades like Party, Elegant, Cork and Girl but I feel like it's lacking some matte crease shades. But then the theme of it is Pink Champagne so it's only logical that there will be lots of sparkles. If you like girly, shimmery eye makeup then you'd probably love this palette. If you prefer more sophisticated, earthy tones with a bigger variety of matte shades then you might like better the Salted Caramel palette which was released alongside the Pink Fizz (I will talk about it soon in a comparison post with the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette).
What are your thoughts on the Pink Fizz palette? Are there any shades you particularly like?


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  1. I just received the palette in the post today and I love it, the pink sparkly shades are what drew me to it. I've not nad a chance to properly swatch it all yet so this is really helpful!

    Tore | xo


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