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My current favourite foundations, for combination/oily skin.

Finding the right foundation can be a bit challenging and I've been through many bottles, from very affordable ones to quite expensive, some were very good, some not so much but I'm yet to find the 'holy grail' foundation. Although I might be getting closer to that special product. Today I want to share with you my current favourite foundations which I've been using for the last few months and have been very happy with the way they work for me. For reference, my skin is combination, with a bit oilier T-Zone and normal cheeks, during Autumn/Winter it tends to get dehydrated with some dry patches. Although my skin's appearance has improved significantly over the last 6 months or so, I still have some hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone so I like my foundation to have medium-full coverage. I normally struggle with my foundation to look flawless for longer then 6 hours, so the longevity of it is another important aspect for me.

Bourjois Air Mat foundation

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation, shade 74, £23 - I bought this a few months ago while being on holidays in Poland, I was shade matched at the counter which is rather necessary as there are no names, just numbers so it's difficult to figure out what shade to choose. There are 16 shades available and number 74 was perfect match for me after Summer but it's slightly to dark right now, although I still can make it work.
'This hypoallergenic foundation provides long lasting coverage and conceals discolouration or any other imperfections. The product ensures natural, flawless finish adjusting to each skin tone and preventing excess shine. Enriched with white truffle extract, it keeps the skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin.'
The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump, unfortunately the pump doesn't work perfectly, sometimes it stops dispensing the product and needs a few extra pushes, maybe I just have a faulty one, but anyway I still can use it. The formula of the foundation is quite thick but it blends effortlessly on the skin and it feels very lightweight. It has slightly chemical scent to it which fortunately fades quickly. The coverage is medium-full but it doesn't look cakey on the skin, it provides a very natural finish with a bit of dewiness to it. It glides over large pores and imperfections blurring them slightly and creates beautiful flawless look. My preferred method of applying it is with Beauty Blender as I just love it for any of my foundations but I've tried different brushes and also like how it looks, especially when applied with a stippling brush. My only negative about this foundation is that it doesn't control oils too well, so after around 4 hours my T-Zone is looking a bit oily. Apart from the need to blot my skin the foundation lasts quite well on me, I'd say 6-7 hours before I see some wear off on my nose and chin, it doesn't separate or break down in an ugly way, just starts to disappear.
I really like the finish of this foundation, just had to be sure I use a mattifying primer underneath to extend the longevity of it. I think it would be a perfect foundation for those with normal/dry skin.
Vichy Dermablend foundation

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation, shade 03 Light Beige, £9.99 - one of my newer base products and new on the market, the shade I chose is a very good match for me. I believe there are 7 shades available but most of them are quite yellow based so you need to swatch it before buying to avoid disappointment.
'Bourjois Air MAT 24H Foundation has been specially developed to give skin a smooth, matte finish that lasts for up to 24 hours. Its non drying, lightweight formula lets skin breathe throughout the day and provides high coverage for a flawless finish.'
An absolute gem of a drugstore foundation! It comes in a tube which I actually like as it's very compact to store and easy to use the exact amount of foundation you want. The formula is quite thick but not as much as the Inglot one, it blends like a dream, leaving medium coverage. Even though it claims to be matte it doesn't look like a mask, it leaves the skin looking very natural. It's easily buildable if you need more coverage. It has quite strong fruity/floral scent but it fades rather quickly after the application. As usual I use my Beauty Blender to apply it but it works equally well with a foundation brush. It doesn't cling to dry patches, doesn't settle in my pores or fine lines. It controls my oils in a very good way, I can easily go 6 hours without blotting my skin. It lasts up to 10 hours on my skin which is pretty impressive. Just like the Inglot one it doesn't separate on my skin, just evenly wears off.
Fantastic foundation for many skin types, highly recommend it.

Inglot HD foundation

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 16H, shade Nude, £18 - after trying the Dermablend Corective Stick Foundation couple of years ago and really disliking it I was a bit apprehensive to try this foundation but recently many of my favourite bloggers were recommending it so I decided to give it a go. I chose shade Nude which is a very good match for my skin tone right now, there are 8 shades in total available.
'Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation is a high coverage foundation that provides a natural looking and lightweight finish. The product provides up to 16 hours of flawless, even coverage and becomes water and perspiration resistant when used in conjunction with the Dermablend Setting Powder.'
Almost heavy duty foundation which provides the highest coverage between these three foundations. It comes in a tube, which again, for me is an advantage. The formula is quite thick but I found it easy to work with, especially when using my beloved Beauty Blender. I haven't used any brush with this foundation as I don't like using them with high coverage foundations but I used my fingers which work very well blending the foundation into the skin. I've heard people saying that the foundation looks heavy and cakey but you have to be aware that this is a full coverage foundation so it won't be looking like a tinted moisturiser. Having said that using damp Beauty Blender makes the foundation look really nice and not cakey at all on my skin, giving me almost flawless and quite naturally looking complexion. I wouldn't recommend applying more then one layer of it as that's when things can go a bit wrong and the foundation will settle in fine lines or pores. Having said that I did layered it up in small areas, like over a spot or broken capillaries and it looked good. I didn't noticed it accentuates any imperfections or dry skin, although I haven't had dry patches for a while. This foundation controls my oils very well and I don't need to blot my T-Zone for up to 6-7 hours. Set with the Dermablend Setting Powder it lasts in a very good condition up to 12 hours on my skin. Sometimes I set it also with different powders and it lasts almost as good. It contains SPF35 so it's great to add extra protection to your skin but might not be good for flash photography.
Fantastic foundation for a special occasion if you want to be sure your skin looks its best and the makeup lasts all day.
Have you tried any of these foundations? Which base products are your favourite at the moment?



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  1. I really want to try the Vichy Dermablend Foundation! I love that it is full coverage, I do have to get a good makeup sponge with it though haha :)


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