Friday, 27 November 2015

Makeup through the decades #6: 1970s

Welcome to 1970s! (Check out the 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s) The decade of flared trousers, hippie style, ABBA, Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Sarah Fawcett and disco! There was lots of diversity in makeup, from very natural hippie look, through glamorous disco style to avant-garde punk. With the average women going for a very natural looking makeup with the emphasis on the eyes. 1970s was a time of lots of political, economical and social changes. With women having their rights established and equalled with men, they felt liberated and powered. Sassy, independent woman was the characteristic trend in 70s.

Not wanting to be a 'sex object' most women opted for a makeup that looked very natural and only enhanced their natural beauty. Foundation was never heavy, cheeks and lips were kept in nude shades, eyes were more defined but far from the bold 60s makeup. Eyeshadow was usually pearlescent, applied all over the lid with all edges well blended, popular shades were blues, greens and beiges, brow bone was highlighted with shimmery white shade. Mascara was applied to upper and bottom lashes but heavy false lashes were abandoned. Brows were kept groomed, slightly on a thinner side in a nod to 1920s.
1970s was the time were sun tanning became very popular and the most desired look was a nicely bronzed skin, achieved by spending hours on the sun using oils or even light reflectors for 'better' effect (we now know how harmful this was though!) or using fake tans and bronzers.

To re-create 70s makeup look I applied my base products: foundation, concealer. powder, like I would normally. Then I quite heavily bronzed my face for that sun tanned look. I filled in my brows as usual, just keeping them a bit thinner. For my blush I used a pale, rosy pink for a natural flush of colour and on my lips I applied nude pink lipstick.
I wanted my eyes to be more on the disco style so they would reminiscent the 70s in more obvious way. I applied lightly shimmery blue eyeshadow all over the lid, up to and slightly above the crease, then I defined the crease a bit more with navy eyeshadow and blended everything very well. I highlighted my brow bone with shimmery white shade and lined my upper and lower lashes with dark grey pencil. I applied mascara to my lashes and added some falsies for a more defined look.
1970s makeup look

I could not help myself and I had to reach for this funny 70s disco style wig to have more fun and to make the look more authentic :)
1970s makeup look

1970s makeup look

1970s makeup look

1970s makeup look

With the 70s fashion trend being quite popular right now I'm wondering if the hair and makeup style will come back as well :) What do you think of 70s trends? Are you fond of that decade for any reason? I'm forever jealous of my parents growing up in that time :)


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