Monday, 19 October 2015

New Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks - review

A few weeks ago I was perusing aisles of Boots and found a few new products that caught my eye, one of them being the new Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipsticks by Max Factor (£8.99). They're fairly new, I believe they were launched last Summer and as I had never tried any lipsticks from the brand I decided to get couple of shades. I don't remember reading any reviews about them but I was curious to try lipsticks that promise to be long wearing but moisturising and lightweight.
"Infused with nourishing oils, this long wear lip colour doesn’t crack, crumble or bleed. Up to 8 hours of vibrant, nourished colour that doesn’t dry out lips."
MaxFactor Lipfinity Long Lasting LIpsticks

Firstly, I like the sleek, golden packaging that makes you think you're holding a high end product. The clear lid makes it so easy to see the different shades which is always helpful if you have a few from this range or, like me, lots of lipsticks in general, #makeupaddictproblems.
These lipsticks have a subtle sweets scent but nothing unpleasant and it fades very quickly on the lips.
Both of the colours I got are nicely pigmented, they glide effortlessly across the lips, don't accentuate any dry skin or settle in lines and feel very moisturising. Even though they are not overly creamy in texture and don't slip around, they both bleed slightly so using a lip liner, especially with bolder shades, is practically essential. I don't think they can last up to 8 hours like the claim says, unless you're not eating and drinking at all, then maybe it's possible. The average wear time for me with these two shades is 3-4 hours with a snack and/or drink in the meantime which is pretty good. They won't survive a proper meal though. But they do wear off really evenly so there's not a disaster if you can't reapply them throughout the day or after eating.
MaxFactor Lipfinity Long Lasting LIpstick Always Chic

Always Chic is a deep raspberry red with subtle metallic finish, it looks really beautiful on the lips and for some reason makes me think of Christmas, you can see me wearing it in this picture. It's quite unique shade, I don't have anything similar in my collection. The pigmentation is really good and single swipe gives me punch of colour. Wearing lip liner with this shade is essential though.
MaxFactor Lipfinity Long Lasting LIpstick Evermore Lush
Evermore Lush is a plummy pink, with lustre finish, perfect for every day and great for Autumn/Winter as a subtle version of berry lips. The pigmentation is good although it needs to be layered on the lips to achieve an opaque finish. You can skip lip liner with this shade but I like to use it anyway as the lipstick does bleed ever so slightly.
These are really lovely lipsticks, they feel very comfortable on the lips, last a bit longer then your average creamy lipstick and there are some gorgeous shades to choose from, 12 in total. Having said that I wouldn't run to buy more for the full price but if I see an offer on Max Factor cosmetics I will probably pick some other shades.
Have you tried these lipsticks? If so, did you like them?




  1. I love the packaging but after reading your review I will stick to Lipfinity (original one). I remember my first time with Lipfinity. I went out for a bday party and spent half the night making out with this gorgeous boy. When I came home my lipstick was still there. And I was 17. There was at least 4 hours of making out non stop and that's after a good 6 hours of wear during the party haha. Thanks for sharing, as usual beautify pics and clear review x

    1. Haha! Love that story behind your Lipfinity lipstick! Thanks doll!


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