Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween: very easy vampire look - tutorial

With Halloween just around the corner I've decided to join in the madness and share with you my vampire look that I will be rocking next Saturday going 'trick or treating' with my children. In the country I come from we don't really celebrate Halloween (but it has been changing in the recent years) so when growing up I only knew it from American movies and then I got to experience it when I moved to UK. But I never was the one to dress up until the very recent time when my boys are big enough to understand what's Halloween is about and they're looking forward to it and all the sweets of course. So we've decided to make more effort this year and actually create some scary characters to make the day more memorable and fun for our kids.
I had never created any Halloween makeup look so I wanted to go for something quick and easy, using products I already have in my collection, the only extra was the artificial blood which you can find in any shop selling some Halloween costumes, I bought mine in a supermarket.
Halloween Vampire look

I wanted to look like a scary, hungry vampire who just had been feeding. The face needed to be pale with bruised-like eye area and some small veins visible through the thin skin.
Eyeshadows used to create the look:
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 palette: 1 - Smooth, 2 - One Way, 3 - New Rules.
Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals: 4 - Tone.
Halloween Vampire look tutorial
Halloween Vampire look tutorial
 I forgot to add in the tutorial that I smudged black eye pencil on my eye lids, added red lip pencil on my water line and applied a few coats of mascara.
To make me look scarier I also used a cheap wig with black long hair that completed the overall look.
And this is the finished vampire look :) 
Halloween Vampire look
Halloween Vampire look
Halloween Vampire look
And more pictures with some special effects :)
Halloween Vampire look
Halloween Vampire look
Hope you enjoyed this Halloween makeup tutorial. I had so much fun creating it, it made me want to experiment more with this kind of scary looks. My boys were quite terrified when they saw me in my costume, haha! So I think I did well :)
Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween?


  1. I have been following your eye makeup tutorials for quite some time and being a simple no fuss girl myself, i have found myself copying your styles as they are easy yet so gorgeous! You nailed with this so easy and so scary look once again! Keep up the good work xx

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot that my work is appreciated!


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