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New from Freedom Makeup, contouring on a budget.

If you're fan of Makeup Revolution brand you must know their sister brand Freedom Makeup who launched earlier this year. They claim to be a pro brand aimed at makeup artists and makeup enthusiast who want to experiment with great quality makeup without the high price. From what I have tried from Freedom Makeup I can say that the quality of their products is really good at this price point, quite on par with Makeup Revolution really and I still don't understand the need of creating a new brand instead of expanding the one that is already doing amazingly well. Anyway, I love makeup, even better if with good quality comes affordability so I'm not complaining. Last week Fredom Makeup has released some new products and I was kindly sent a few of them to try. As usual, we can see many 'dupes' of high end products which is always exciting. I have been using them for the last few days and I'm ready to share with you my first impressions and thoughts on them.

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe and Contour palette

This is without a doubt a much cheaper alternative to the Smashbox Priming Water which has been taking the beauty world by storm, I checked the ingredients and they're not exactly the same but there are similarities. Pro Studio Priming Water is a facial mist that can be used before applying makeup to prep your skin or after, to add radiance. I have tried using it both ways and I like it but I don't think it extends the wear time of my makeup. But it definitely adds some moisture to my skin so my foundation goes on smoother. I think people with dry skin would love this Priming Water as it feels quite hydrating, one of the main ingredient is glycerine-humectant which attracts moisture to the skin. The mist has a very pleasant, subtly sweet, almost coconut scent which doesn't linger for too long.
As for using it on top of applied makeup I think it works just like other setting sprays, it takes away any powdery, cakey look and adds natural radiance to the skin. For £6 it's definitely worth trying it if you want something extra for your makeup routine.

Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Ambient
Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Ambient

This is a very finely milled, silky powder which, without being shimmery or glittery, adds a very subtle highlight to the skin making it look luminous. This powder/highlighter reminds me of the Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in Breathe which I also have, and to be honest, I think they are the same products, just in different packaging. Nevertheless this is an awesome powder which I adore, it can be used all over the face for the 'glow from within' look or to subtly highlight the usual parts of the face. I think this is a great product to go with the new strobing trend as it illuminates the skin without being too shimmery.

Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Stick

Freedom Makeup Pro Contour Stick

Contouring sticks have become quite popular recently as they're easy and quick to use, I'm not really big fan of very defined cheek bones and never bother with cream contouring but I was excited to give this duo a go. Just with the first swatch I knew that the bronze/contouring shade is a bit too orange but with my skin tone I can get away with it. The highlighter is a beautiful pink based white illuminating shade. The formula of both shades is creamy but not overly so, it blends really easily and set with a powder stays on all day. I've used the brightening stick under my eyes and it didn't settle in my fine lines nor creased. The stick comes in an outer cardboard packaging which has illustration on where to apply each shade which is very useful, especially for those who are only starting the makeup or contouring adventure. There are three shades to choose from, Fair, Medium 01 and Medium 02 and I'm quite tempted to pick up the darker shade to see if that would suit me better.

Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe and Contour palette
Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe and Contour palette

This contouring palette (which looks like the perfect 'dupe' for Lorac Pro Contouring palette) comes in a cardboard outer packaging with instruction on how to strobe and a brush which can be used for strobing and/or contouring. The brush is very soft and good quality, it applies powders beautifully but I found it a bit too difficult to blend them with it. I feel like the bristles are a bit too dense and too short and there's not much flexibility to them when trying to blend the powder into the skin.
All powders are very soft, silky to the touch and are easy to blend, they have good pigmentation and stay on my skin for 8-10 hours depending if I used cream contour beneath and if I primed my skin before applying my base products.
Highlighting shades.
Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe and Contour palette

Two first shades are matte and perfect for setting under eye concealer and for very natural highlighting, the third shade is a frosty, shimmery white which can be applied very subtly or layered up for an intense metallic look.
My favourite is the first shade to use it under my eyes, it helps to brighten lightly that area and keeps my concealer creaseless.  

Contouring shades
Freedom Makeup Pro Strobe and Contour palette
As you can see from the swatches all three shades are cool toned so perfect for creating a naturally looking shadow on the skin, you can mix them to achieve the right shade for you but I think they already cater for different skin tones from very fair to more tanned. I personally like to use the third shade as it suits me best. They're all nice and smooth and can be easily buildable. I think it's a great contouring palette, one of the best in drugstore.

How I contour my face using Pro Contour Shaped Stick and Pro Powder Strobe Palette:

Pictures 1 & 2 - I drew lines on my skin with the darker shade in places where I would normally contour: in the hollows of my cheeks, around my forehead, temples, along my nose and beneath, along my jaw line. With the highlighting shade I drew an upside down triangle under my eyes, in the centre of my forehead, accentuated bridge of my nose, smile lines, cupids bow, centre of the chin.
Picture 3 - I blended the highlighting shade with damp Beauty Blender and the contour shade with a small stippling brush.
Picture 4 - I followed with powder products to set the cream in place and intensify the contouring effect, I used the first light shade from the palette and the large contouring shade.

Even though I'm not one to contour on every day basis, I just bronze my face lightly, when I do a dramatic/evening makeup I like to add more dimensions to overall look and I will most definitely reach for the stick, (although I will probably get the darker version), and follow with the powders. The Pro Powder palette is really great and I've been reaching for it ever since I got it to set my under eye concealer and to bronze my face. The Ambient powder/highlight is amazing and I love it. I am also really enjoying the Priming Water. Freedom Makeup has released some more contouring products and also Brow Pomades and Brow Powders which look very much like the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones so I encourage you to check their website :)
Have you tried anything from Freedom Makeup? What do you think of these recent additions to their range?

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me for an exchange of an honest review, opinions are my own.

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  1. I bought their brow products and they're amazing! The Pomade is so creamy as easy to apply and doesn't slide all day and the duo powders are amazing to set and lock the brow in place! I just got the strobe palette so I can't wait to try it out! The brush looks amazing to use and it looks like the NARS ITA brush but a bit thicker! Loved this post, really helpful with the swatches 😊


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