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Makeup through the decades #4 1950s, collaboration with Angela from Chocolate and Lipstick

Welcome to 1950s, the golden age of makeup, one of the most glamorous decade! Who doesn't know beauty icons from that time like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elisabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren whose style is still admired nowadays?! I'm very excited to share with you today's post not only because the makeup was beautiful and classy but also because it's a collaboration with one of my blogging friends, the lovely Angela from Chocolate and Lipstick. Angie has decided to join me on my journey through the decades (check my 1940s, 30s and 20s makeup looks) and recreate the 1950s makeup look inspired by one of her favourite actresses from that time - Audrey Hepburn.
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Pictures source: Glamourdaze

1950s was a time of growth and prosperity, businesses blossomed, people had more money to spend and makeup industry grew. Women had more time to look after themselves and shortage of men after World War II made them more conscious of the way they looked. Wearing makeup on everyday basis was a norm and leaving house without it was almost unacceptable. With TV becoming a popular pastime women were highly influenced by glamorous actresses and adverts showing the latest 'must-have' products. Brands like Max Factor, Revlon, Maybelline, Coty, Elisabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein were very popular.
To recreate the 1950s makeup look I used the Bourjois Air Mat foundation in shade Light Beige, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Light and Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in Light Beige for a flawless, matte complexion. In 50s cream foundation became very popular which was applied quite heavily and set with a flesh coloured powder. Also in early 50s Max Factor launched their first concealer in a stick form, called Erace.
Blush was used very sparingly and it came in soft pinks and corals, it was applied not only on the apples of the cheeks but also around temples and forehead to add 'soft warm glow', just like today we tend to apply bronzer. For my look I used Benefit Coralista.
1950s makeup look
Brows, just like in 40s, were looking more natural but well groomed, fashionable shape was a strong arch with quite thick brows that tapered out at the ends. Brow pencils were used to fill in the brows.
To recreate that look I used Seventeen Brow Pencil from their Brow Kit.
Eye makeup was simple with one colour of eyeshadow applied all over the lid, often taken out to the sides to elongate the eye, shimmery light colours were used. A black line with a little outward flick was the fashionable look, creating an almond-shaped eye. Mascara was every woman's essential and was applied mainly to the top lashes. It came in a block and cream form that was applied with a little brush but also the first tube mascaras with wand were being created by Max Factor and Helena Rubinstein. False lashes were also very popular.
I used shade Moi from the Too Faced Love in Paris palette, created small winged liner with Seventeen Lacquer Liner, applied mascara to my lashes and added a pair of Red Cherry #747s false lashes.
1950s makeup look
Lips were the strongest element of a 1950s makeup, with red being the main lipstick colour choice. Ranging from orange -red, true red to deep and dark. Although younger women started to wear pink lipsticks, Audrey Hepburn once declared that she "believed in pink!". Lip liners were used to draw a line outside of the natural lip line to create a fuller-looking lips.
 For my look I outlined my lips lightly with MaxFactor Color Elixir Lip Liner in Red Rush and applied L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 461 Scarlett Crème.
1950s makeup look

And this is my recreation of the 1950s makeup look :) I made an effort and styled my hair this time, although I was tempted to buy another wig :)
1950s makeup look
1950s makeup look
1950s makeup look
1950s makeup look
Let me know what do you think of 1950s trends in makeup. Which of the famous in 50s beauty icons is your personal favourite?
And don't forget to check Angie's post to see how she created Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup look.


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