Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Looking after the eye area with Ole Henriksen eye creams

I have used eye creams since my early twenties as I 've always thought that preventing wrinkles and looking after the very delicate area is the best approach. My first eye creams were just light hydrating gels/creams but as I got older I started looking for more nourishing formulas. I've tried lots, some were better then others but strangely, it was always hard to see any difference in my under eye area. My latest eye creams are the ones that I feel they actually are working, they were recommended to me by Ole Henriksen as a part of the #RealUsersRealResults campaign (check my skincare routine posts here and here). While I'm yet to have deep wrinkles, fine, dehydration lines were quite visible but lately my skin has looked much more hydrated, smoother and younger.

Ole Henriksen eye creams

Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Cream
This is my morning eye cream and I like that it contains SPF 15 to help to protect the delicate skin from harmful sun rays. It has a creamy rich consistency but at the same time it gets absorbed in seconds and leaves my skin instantly hydrated, soft and plumped. You need a tiny bit as a little goes a long way. I can't noticed any particular scent.
It contains Omega 3 concentrate, which improves microcirculation to diminish the appearance of dark circles, Tripeptide-5 stimulates collagen production to smooth out lines and wrinkles, while Micro Algae provides firming care.
I have noticed that my under eye area is brighter even though I do go to sleep rather late and with two small kids early mornings are the norm. I love that my concealer blends so much better and it doesn't crease like it used to and I'm sure it's down to this cream and how much more hydrated my skin is.

Ole Henriksen ultimate lift eye gel
This gel is my evening eye treatment, it has a thin consistency and light cucumber scent. It takes a few minutes to be fully absorbed but that's because I apply a more generous amount to my under are area, as recommended. It is a bit sticky for the first minutes but as it's a night time cream/gel I don't mind those little niggles.
The gel contains Hyaluronic Acid and Biopeptide el-6, which hydrate and lift sagging skin, restore elasticity and diminish crows feet and wrinkles. Added Red Micro Algae instantly lifts and tightens, while Cucumber Extract calms and soothes the skin.
My under eye looks brighter and plumped in the morning. If you suffer with under eye bags and puffiness I think this gel would be a nice treatment for you.

Ole Henriksen eye creams

I've been using both creams for two months and I'm really happy how my under eye skin looks now comparing to a few months ago. Sure, I have some fine lines as it's hard not to have them at my age but my under eye area is much smoother and plumper.
My only negative on both creams is, that they come in a jars which I'm not the biggest fan of, especially for eye creams as they last long time and I don't like the thoughts of bacteria breeding inside.
Which eye creams have worked for you very well?
Disclaimer: these products were sent to me by Ole Henriksen team in exchange for an honest review, opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm lucky in that my eyes don't need moisturiser and any one will do for me. Ole Henrikson sounds like a great brand, I've heard loads of good things :) x


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