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Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette - review and swatches

Eyeshadow palettes are my biggest weakness when it comes to makeup and I have collected a lot of them in the last couple of years but I have reached a point when not every single palette excites me which is a big statement, believe me :) But every now and then a new palette is released and if it's a bit more different from what I have already I will be all over it. That was the case with the new palette from Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals'. While being on holidays I saw on Instagram that the brand has released this palette and I knew that I will add it to my collection as soon as I'm back in UK. So imagine how pleased I was when after arriving home I saw that Makeup Revolution kindly sent me this palette for a review :)
And just look at it! Isn't it the perfect Autumnal palette? So pretty!

Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette

The palette comes in a cardboard box and it's made of sturdy black plastic with matte finish front, just like the previous Iconic Pro 1 and 2 palettes. Inside we have a large, good quality mirror, 16 beautiful eyeshadows with different finishes and double ended Pro brush which is quite usable and the blending part does the job really well. All this for a very affordable £6.99!
Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette

All the eyeshadows have names which are printed on the plastic sheet, I wish Makeup Revolution would start printing the names on the actual palette as keeping those flying sheets is a bit of a challenge.
The palette has two rows of eyeshadows, the top one is more on the coral, burgundy side, the New-Trals and the bottom one is more your typical Neutrals. If you own the Iconic 3 palette from the brand you will recognise most of the shades in the bottom row.
I find most of the shades very pigmented and easy to work with which is what we've learnt to expect from Makeup Revolution. Even though I've had the palette only for less then a week I've been using it every day and really enjoying it, especially all those red toned shades. All shades last on my eye lids 6-7 hours without primer underneath and the wear time is much extended if I use an actual eyeshadow primer.
Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette

Top row shades.
Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette swatches
Bias - light champagne with pearly finish, perfect as in inner corner or brow bone highlight, it's nicely pigmented but if using all over the lid needs building it up.
Neutral - mauve light dusty pink with matte finish, stunning all over the lid or as a crease shade, very good pigmentation, silky soft and easy to blend.
Personal - peachy pink with shimmer, nicely pigmented but it applies a bit patchy and needs to be build up for a nice, opaque finish.
Vogue - coral pink with satin finish, very good pigmentation and easy to work with.
Trend - matte orange brown, great pigmentation and a dream to work with, stunning as a crease colour.
New-Tral - beautiful deep berry pink with satin finish, fantastic pigmentation and easy to work with, great all over the lid or the crease shade.
Tone - matte burgundy shade, gorgeous quality, beautiful as a crease colour or deepening the outer corner.
Custom - deep cool toned brown, nicely pigmented but needs to be build up to get the intensity of the above swatch.
Bottom row shades.

Makeup Revolution 'New-Trals vs Neutrals' palette swatches
Cool - matte off white, nicely pigmented, perfect as a brow bone highlight or to set your eyeshadow primer.
Style - shimmery light pink, good pigmentation, buttery soft but it applies a bit patchy so needs more work.
Partial - shimmery dusty rose with foil-like finish, fantastic pigmentation and easy to apply and blend.
Mode - bronzy gold with shimmery foil-like finish, great pigmentation and quality.
Adapt - mauve light brown with matte finish, good pigmentation and easy to blend, great crease shade.
Buff - taupe brown with pearly finish, great pigmentation and easy to work with.
Suit - deep taupe brown with satin finish, great overall quality.
Strong - matte black with burgundy micro-glitter, good pigmentation and blendability but the glitter tends to fall out a bit during the application.
I think the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette has a beautiful combination of colours, from very warm to cool tones, from your basic mattes to gorgeous shimmers. You can create a very natural eye look with it or very dramatic one, or something more fun using those coral, pinks and burgundy shades. I will be definitely sharing with you a  makeup look using this palette so stay tuned for that :)
What do you think of this palette? Are you tempted to get it?
Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for an exchange of an honest review, opinions are my own.


  1. Vogue, New-Tral & Tone !!! Those 3 shades give me life !!! Definitely on my do buy list now. I don't need more palettes tho !!! First world problems x

    1. Yup! I definitely don't need more palettes but keep adding more to my collection :-)

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