Monday, 7 September 2015

Inglot Cosmetics haul - swatches and first impressions

Hello all! I'm back from my little break and while I thoroughly enjoyed our holidays it's good to start blogging again :)
As I feel tiny bit rusty after two weeks of staying away from the internet (apart from Instagram, you need to do something while lounging on the beach, don't you?) I thought I would just ease myself in with a quick post about my beauty purchases done while being in Poland and specifically my Inglot haul. I didn't get crazy to be honest, I think I'm at the point when I have realised how much makeup I already own which need to be actually used and I control my beauty shopping a bit more. Having said that, I could not missed the opportunity to visit Inglot shop which are hard to come by in UK and also prices here are about 30%-40% higher then in Poland, crazy, I know. Surprisingly I didn't buy any eyeshadows, just couple of pigments, as I wanted to try different products from the brand and I already have tons of eyeshadows to use. I had a little makeup makeover done by a lovely lady at the counter and most of the products I bought were the ones she used doing my makeup.
Let me share with you all the beauty bits I got.

Inglot Cosmetics haul

I have wanted to try the HD Perfect Coverup Foundation but buying any base product online is not the best idea so I took the opportunity to be shade matched at the Inglot counter, I'm using shade #74 which is just slightly lighter then my body right now but it looks great with a bit of bronzer and will match me perfectly when the little tan I have will wear off. I've been using the foundation for the past week and so far I'm really liking it, it looks very natural and feels lightweight even though it has a good coverage. Review coming soon.
Inglot HD Perfect Cover Foundation

As I have never tried Inglot lipsticks I decided to get one, shade #120 is a beautiful dusty rose with berry tones and it's the perfect shade for me to transition from Summer to Autumn, the lipstick has a satin finish and it feels very comfortable on the lips. I added also gorgeous lipliner in the shade #74 which match the lipstick perfectly.
Inglot Lipstick #120
Inglot Lipstick #120

A few months ago Inglot released Brow Pomade which looks very similar to the ABH one which I have wanted to try for ages but didn't know which shade to choose. The lady at the Inglot Counter advised me to get the Inglot Brow Pomade in the shade #16 which looks very much like my brow hair and I really liked the effect of it. I always thought that the pomade will be a hard work but it's actually as easy to use as my trusty Rimmel Brow Pencil.
Inglot Brow Pomade #16
Inglot Brow Pomade #16
I didn't want to buy more eyeshadows but I was dying to get my hands on some Inglot Pigments, they have so many stunning shades that it was very hard to choose just a few but I decided on:
Pigment #115 - golden peach with pink undertones,
Pigment #35 - light purple with golden duo-chrome effect,
Body Sparkle #51 - white silver shimmer with blue duo-chrome.

Inglot Pigment #115
Inglot Pigment #115
To go with all the pigments I also bought Duraline which is a fantastic product to create a foil effect of any pigment or eyeshadow and a liquid consistency of any powder or cream products.
I got a Base Coat for Peeling Nails as my nails are in quite bad state right now, let's see if this product will compare with the great OPI Nail Envy. I also bought one nail polish which sadly got broken during my holidays *insert sad face*.
Inglot Duraline
Lastly I bought two Contour Powders, which were used in my makeup makeover, together with the little magnetic palette to hold them in. I adore the light powder #503 to set my under eye concealer as it brightens that area like nothing else I used before, it's a HD powder with light reflecting qualities, very finally milled and silky soft.
HD Contour Powder #508 gives me the most naturally looking contour, although it might look a bit too light on my hand which is obviously much tanner then my face. The powder is also very finally milled, silky soft and blends effortlessly.
Inglot Contour Powder #508
Inglot Contour Powder #508
So these are all my purchases from Inglot, and some complimentary samples of face tonner and nail polish remover, hope you enjoyed seeing them. I will review separately some of them in the near future. Let me know if you're interested in anything particularly so I will write about it first.
Hope you all have a fabulous week!



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