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HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, first impressions

Being in my mid thirties means that good skincare routine is more important to me now then ever before, (check my current skincare routine), obviously, who doesn't want to stay looking younger for longer? And while I take all the anti-aging 'miracles' with a pinch of salt, I'm sure looking after your skin from outside and inside makes a big difference in its appearance. When I was offered to test the NEWA Skin Rejuvenation Treatment by HoMedics I hesitated a bit as, even though I'm not against facial procedures like Botox or Fillers, I'm not willing to do any of this invasive treatments at the moment. But a quick Google search assured me that NEWA is a non invasive, clinically proven system that works by delivering energy (heat) 3 layers deep into the skin, reactivating the natural collagen producing process. Considering that no cream/serum/mask can do this I was sold :)
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

As we age our skin begins to lose collagen, which is what gives the skin its shape and firmness. This is the cause of fine lines, deep wrinkles and sagging skin. NEWA, by using 3DEEP  technology, reactivates skin╩╝s natural ability to produce collagen. More natural collagen means skin is lifted and plumped up, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, face and neck are reduced.
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment
HoMedics NEWA (£199), which you can buy in Boots, comes in a kit including everything you need to start your treatment straightaway at the comfort of your home: the NEWA device, Activator Gel specially formulated for NEWA, power supply, satin storage bag, instructional DVD, quick reference guide and user manual.
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The NEWA device is small enough to be comfortably held in your hand. It has six metal tips (electrodes) which deliver the energy deep into the skin. The NEWA Activator Gel is specifically formulated to use it with the device, it smells very nice, it has not greasy texture and it's easily removed with a cloth after the treatment. The quick manual is good enough to be able to start the treatment even without watching the DVD which explains everything in more details.
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

How to use NEWA?
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

You need to apply the Activator Gel to the metal tips covering them carefully, connect the device to the power supply, move the Power Level Switch to position 2, the LED will emit blue light, press and release the Power Button, the light will start blinking. Once you've reached the optimal skin temperature during the treatment the light will turn green.
HoMedics NEWA - Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Before treating the skin with NEWA you need to apply a thin layer of the Activator Gel on the skin as well, all six electrodes need to be in continuous contact with skin during the treatment, to avoid burning your skin you're advised to move the NEWA in circular motion during the whole cycle which lasts 4 minutes on each area of the face. The device starts to vibrate when the time is up. Then you can move up to another area, adding up the Activator Gel to the device and your skin first. The producer recommends dividing the face into 6 areas: upper cheeks, lower cheeks and jawline and under the chin to get the most benefits from the treatment. Even though using the NEWA device on the forehead may not bring expected results I am doing it as my forehead is one of my main concerns at the moment when it comes to wrinkles and lines.
The treatment needs to be done 5 times a week during first 4 weeks and then 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks to get the best results. The collagen production will be stimulated for up to 6 months after finishing the treatment. Then you may want to repeat the intense treatment or just keep doing the 'twice a  week' session to maintain the effect of smoother, tighter skin.

My thoughts on NEWA and results after first week of using it.


I don't have deep wrinkles yet, my main areas of concern are fine lines around my eyes and on the forehead so that's where I concentrated my treatments, although I still used the NEWA on my lower cheek and jawline. I've used NEWA 5 times and while the difference is very subtle I have noticed it. My skin looks slightly plumper and brighter and I feel like my fine lines are less prominent.

The treatment itself is actually quite pleasant, it feels like a warm massage but you do have to be careful not to stop moving the device so you won't get burnt. Just right after the treatment my skin is slightly red, which is a normal occurrence, but not in any way irritated and the redness disappears within 20-30 minutes. My only little niggle with it is that it feels sometimes like a chore as you have to spend up to 30 minutes doing the treatment. But once you get hang of it you can actually doing it and watching TV, YouTube etc.

I'm quite excited to see how my skin will change after a month of using NEWA and beyond that (stay tuned for un update). I'm all for preventing rather then treating and I hope that using this device regularly will keep me looking younger for longer. It's quite an expensive purchase but when you think about it in terms of how long you can use it for (although you will need to replace the Activator Gel, £30) and that will potentially replace any more expensive clinical aesthetic procedures in the future, it's actually worth the money.
Have you heard of the NEWA device? Have you had the chance to try it? What are your thoughts on investing your money in NEWA?

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me for an exchange of an honest review, opinions are my own.

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