Monday, 10 August 2015

Zoeva Smokey palette - review and swatches

If you're a beauty enthusiast I'm sure you're well aware of the latest addition to the Naked palettes family by Urban Decay, the Naked Smokey palette. When I saw the first sneak peaks of it on Instagram a few weeks back, I got very excited and thought immediately that I will have to have it, obviously, I'm an eyeshadow palettes addict :) But then I got a closer look at more pictures and some pre-release reviews and my excitement died as the palette didn't seem as attractive as I first thought it would be and considering the high price of it I can't justify spending that much money just to go with the hype, especially that I have already lots of palettes to create smokey eye looks with.
I've been thinking that maybe there are more people like me who can't/don't want to spend too much on one palette but still want something suitable for those smokey, sultry eye makeup and decided to talk to you about a cheaper alternative, the Zoeva Smokey palette (€17.50). It's not a dupe of Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette, in fact it was released last year, so definitely wasn't inspired by it but it contains some beautiful 'smokey' shades.

Zoeva Smokey palette

The packaging, as usual with Zoeva palettes, is made of cardboard but it's sturdy and very good quality. The design of it is very pretty with grey/black pattern of smoke all over and inside there is a sentence:
"I can resist anything except temptation"
Don't we all really?
The Smokey palette consists of 10 eyeshadows, most of them have matte finish and the shades are on the darker side with lighter muted colours perfect for blending or creating some more day appropriate eye looks.

Zoeva Smokey palette

The overall quality of the eyeshadows is amazing in my opinion, all the shades are very pigmented, silky smooth, they blend really well and last around 10 hours on the eyelids without creasing or fading. The matte shades are very soft, not chalky at all and just a dream to work with. There is a bit of fallout, especially with the darker shades, but it's nothing extraordinary and careful applying technique and doing eye makeup before the rest of the face solve this issue.
Below are swatches of all shades, done on my hand without any primer/base underneath.
Zoeva Smokey palette swatches
Relieve The Moon - matte cream/off white shade, silky soft with good pigmentation, perfect as an under brow highlight or to help with blending out other eyeshadows.
Sleep To Dream - matte grey with lilac undertones, beautiful to dust in the crease, excellent formula and pigmentation.
Soul Searching - shimmery grey-ish taupe, very soft and well pigmented, beautiful to add a bit of lightness to those darker shades.
Sweet Smell - matte camel brown, incredibly soft, almost creamy, with fantastic pigmentation, because of the softness it kicks up lots of powder in the pan, you only need to lightly touch the brush in it to get enough product without making a disaster mess in the palette.  
Dark Edge - shimmery dark olive green, very soft and with good pigmentation but a bit crumbly so requires a bit more work on the lids to achieve a smooth, opaque finish.
Dust & Memories - matte dusty rose, great formula and pigmentation, beautiful all over the lid or in the crease.
Smokey Wishes - matte dark brown with burgundy undertones, very pigmented and silky soft.
Elegant Chaos - matte dark aubergine, great formula and pigmentation.
Ashes Awake - matte dark grey-ish brown, amazing colour payoff and very soft.
Real Light - matte black with very good pigmentation and silky formula.
I am a massive fan of Zoeva palettes, love their packaging, different palettes' themes, the names of eyeshadows and above all, the formula is great across all their palettes. And the Smokey one is not exception, with only couple of shades requiring some more careful work, I think it's a fantastic option for someone who wants to have a good variation of matte shades with great quality at reasonable price. I love smokey eyes and wear this kind of look quite often and use different shades with different finishes. But I have found that matte smokey eye look with just a hint of shimmer looks more sophisticated and chic and have been reaching for this palette a lot when I'm in a mood for sultry makeup.
What about you?
Are you tempted to get the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette or maybe would you consider the Zoeva Smokey palette instead? Are you fan of wearing smokey eye makeup?


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