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Makeup through the decades #1 1920s

I love makeup, I love how it can change the way I look, the way it makes me feel and the process of applying it. But I also love the history behind it, how it evolved through the decades, how the trends has been changing. To add a bit more interest to my weekly makeup looks I decided to start a new series on my blog: Makeup through the ages.
Once a month I will be going back in time, talking about trends in makeup back then and trying to re-create the makeup from that time. I'm kicking off the series today with the 1920s when the makeup became very popular amongst all women, not just actresses and prostitutes.

1920s makeup look

Post World War I women were stronger, more confident and powerful and they were not afraid of showing it through fashion (shorter hair, shorter dresses, bare arms) and makeup (strong dark eyes and lips). Also at that time the number of women were much higher then men so, of course, all of them wanted to look their best, enhancing their best features to get attention of eligible bachelors. In addition more women were getting employed by companies and makeup were giving them a professional look.
Companies producing makeup like Maybelline, Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein, Elisabeth Arden, Coty were very popular in 1920s.
Face powders, lipsticks, rouge (blush) and mascara were the most known and used products. Although ladies used a mixture of goose fat or petroleum jelly (vaseline) with soot or coal to create the kohl and used it around the eyes which was then smudged to create smokey, sultry effect.
Pictures source: Glamour Daze
Women in 1920s relied on powders to make their skin look flawless, there wasn't many options so the typical look was a very pale, porcelain - like skin.
I used my palest foundation Revlon Colorstay to even out my skin tone and applied heavily powder on top (Essence All About Matte) to make my skin looking even paler and very matte and as I imagine that was the characteristic look in 1920s.
1920s see women emphasising their brows by plucking them and drawing quite rounded arches downward toward the temple. Women had only black or brown options so most of them were sporting quite dark brows.
I have tried my best to recreate the look of 1920s brows but I didn't want to pluck my already sparse brows so they are a bit thicker then I wanted them to be. I used my Rimmel Brow Pencil in dark brown and draw the rounded shape.
In 1920s women were not afraid of dark smokey eyes, black and grey were the most popular colours but dark green, brown or navy were also used. Mascara didn't look like it does now, it had a form of block/cake and was applied heavily with a tiny brush to enhance the lashes.
I smudged the Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in black around my whole eye and then applied the dark green eyeshadow from Zoeva Smokey palette bringing it up to the crease and lightly above, also in the inner corner. Then I applied a few coats of Maybelline Sensational mascara and skipped false lashes this time as they were not yet very popular in 1920s.
In 1920s blush was well known and came in different formulas, from powders to creams, usually was in pink/red shade and it was applied only to the apples of the cheeks in circular shape without bringing it up to the hair line like nowadays. No bronzers, contouring or highlighting, just a flush of colour.
For my blush I used Sheer Cheek Gel by Pixi in the shade Rosy as it's something I thought it would look the most 'authentic'. I applied it with a small stippling brush in a circle of the centre of my cheeks.
1920s makeup look
Very characteristic makeup trend in 1920s was the overdrawn cupid's bow and the rest of the lips made slightly smaller, much like a doll's lips. The most popular lipstick shade was classic red but deep berry/red was also used.
I outlined slightly my cupid's bow using Max Factor lip pencil and then applied Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel Matte.
And that's my recreation of 1920s makeup look :) I added filter to the photos to make them look more vintage-like.
1920s makeup look

1920s makeup look

1920s makeup look
Hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of this new series I've planned for my blog. If you know any interesting facts about makeup in 1920s please share them in the comments section as I'm not any expert and just know what I have read online.
If you want to recreate 1920s makeup look on your blog feel free to tag me as I would love to see your version of it.
PS. Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking 2 weeks break from blogging as we're heading for our holidays tomorrow and I need some time off :)
We're going to Poland to visit my family but also we will spend a week at the Baltic Sea in a beautiful city Sopot which I'm very excited about because I actually have never been there. Follow me on Instagram to see some holidays snaps :) I will be back on Monday the 7th September with some exciting haul (can't wait to visit Inglot shop)!


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