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Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette - review

Contouring has been a massive makeup trend in the last few years and even though everyone is talking about strobing now (highlighting high points on the face without using harsh contour shades) I don't think the art of contouring is going anywhere. We have seen so many contour kits coming onto the market, starting from the cult product by Anastasia Beverly Hills to more budget friendly options on the highstreet. I've never been big on harsh contouring, also I don't think my face shape needs that, so I only use a bit of bronzer on every day basis and subtly contour my cheekbones when doing an evening/special occasion makeup. For this reason I have never felt the need to splurge on expensive contour kits and I have only used drugstore options, with the BarryM Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit being my favourite but now I have found a new love.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette

Makeup Revolution has released recently new Ultra Professional Contour Palette (£8) which contains 8 powders perfect for contouring, bronzing, highlighting and setting the under eye concealer. 5 of the 8 powders are matte, 1 of them has satin finish, 2 of them are baked highlighters with one of them having very subtle sheen and the other one full on shimmer.
When you look at the palette you can't help but notice that the 3 first rows look like perfect dupe for the ABH Contour Kit in Light version. As I don't have that palette I can't confirm that but looking at it online the shades look pretty similar.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette

The packaging of the palette is the black, reflective plastic case, characteristic for MUR palettes, with large mirror inside and the outer cardboard box which make it all look more expensive then it actually is.
Inside we have 6 powders with new shades, perfect for contouring and 2 baked highlighters that were already present in the Golden Sugar Blush Palette ( review).

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette

Swatches of the top row.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette swatches
1 - very light beige shade with peach undertones, perfect for setting the under eye concealer and very subtle highlight in the centre of the face.
2 - light yellow shade, ideal to set the under eye area.
3 - very light peach shade with satin finish, beautiful subtle highlighter, I adore this shade, it's a bit similar to the MUR Radiance Powder in Breathe.
4 - white highly shimmery shade, perfect for an intense highlight, I only use it in the corners of my eyes, where it looks stunning, as I'm not fan of these super shimmery powders on my face.
Swatches of the bottom row.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette swatches
5 - medium warm brown that doesn't look orange or muddy, it's the perfect bronzer for my skin tone, it gives me very natural sun-kissed look.
6 - cooler tone medium brown, I found this shade great for contouring as it gives me a naturally looking shadow on the skin.
7 - slightly darker then #5 shade of medium brown, would suit medium skin tones better, it's not too warm so can be used for bronzing and contouring.
8 - very light cool toned brown with satin finish, looks beautiful as a subtle highlighter or on top of a bronzer to add a glow from within.
All the powders are very finely milled, silky soft and they blend effortlessly. The pigmentation is great in all of them, and you only need to touch your brush in the bronzer shades to get enough product for application.
They last well on my skin, I'd say they still look good on after about 8 hours, I didn't experienced any of them getting patchy throughout the day. The light shades, which I use to set my under eye concealer, work great at subtly brightening that area and help my concealer lasts longer without creasing. I have used the palette in my latest makeup look if you want to see it in action :)
Overall I think it's an amazing budget alternative to more expensive contour kits on the market. The only downside is that, so far, there is only one version of this kit which suits light to medium skin tones so the brand needs to bring a darker version for different skin tones.
What contour kit/powders do you use? Are you tempted by the Makeup Revolution offering?

Disclosure: this product was sent to me for an exchange of an honest review, opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi, I've only just went and bought this so I appreciate your review on it as it's really helped me to see the shades. I lovely the MUA LUXE Contour Kit In Light, that has a gorgoeus all over shimmer that really does make that bronzer look effortless! Other than that I have been loving their all about that bronze pallete which is similar to this but has 3 lighter bronzers, and 3 darker ones with 2 baked ones that are light/dark.. I really recommend them both as the MUA one is £5.00 and the other MUR one is £6.00. Thankyou again for your review! I have a blog it's if you would like to check it out, if not it's not a problem I've reviewed the MUA one on there 😊


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