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Sleek Del Mar vol.II - perfect palette for Spring

Sleek 'Oh So Special' eyshadow palette was my first palette which I bought just after starting reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos 2 years ago. Before that I was only buying smaller drugstore quads or single eyeshadows. But once I ventured into the world of bigger eyeshadow palettes there was not coming back ;) I absolutely love them and they're my biggest makeup obsession.
Recently, while watching some makeup tutorials, I came across a person who used Sleek palettes and that reminded me of my first palette which has been siting in my dressing table un-loved for long months. So I decided to play with it and I have fallen back in love with these eyeshadows. After that I just had to order some new Sleek palettes and decided to go for the latest limited edition Del Mar vol.II which is a continuation of Del Mar vol.I which was released last Summer and I was lucky to get my hands on it as well, you can see it in this picture on my Instagram. Both palettes are colourful, Summery, inspired by colours and atmosphere of Ibiza.

Sleek Del Mar vol.II palette

Seeing as the Del Mar vol.I is not officially available anymore and the Del Mar vol.II has been only recently released I decided to share the latter with you and maybe to inspire some of you to get it as it's just perfect for Spring/Summer if you like to experiment a bit with colour.
As usual with Sleek I-Divine palettes the packaging is black plastic, very slim and sturdy, with large mirror inside and it contains 12 eyeshadows.
The outer packaging of the palette looks beautiful, reflects the colours of the eyeshadows inside and it makes me want to go on holidays ASAP :)

Sleek Del Mar vol.II palette

There is a mix of matte and shimmery shades, they're all very nicely pigmented and while you need to build them up for higher intensity I don't think it's a bad thing, especially with bright colours as they're just easier to work with. All eyeshadows are silky soft, blend beautifully, last up to 10 hours on my lids without creasing and fading. There is a bit of fallout when applying them but nothing a tapping your brush and/or doing eye makeup first can't solve.
All the eyeshadows have names which nicely fit the Ibiza/holidays theme :)

Sleek Del Mar vol.II palette-swatches
Loco - very light peach shade with metallic finish.
San Antonio - matte bright peach shade with tiny silver flecks.
Ibiza Rocks - matte bright yellow.
Zoola - metallic yellow gold.
Pura Vida - matte mossy green.
Spotlight - grey with blue undertones with matte finish and small silver sparkles.
Pearl - intense white shimmer.
Ushuaia - dusty pink/beige with matte finish.
Puro - very pale lilac, matte.
Bora Bora - matte turquoise.
Ocean Beach - matte teal.
Siesta - dark grey-ish brown with matte finish.
Even though it seems like it's a crazy colourful palette you can create many day appropriate looks with it, mine favourite recently has been: Loco on the lid, Ushuaia in the crease, Siesta in the outer corner and on the lower lash line, San Antonio lightly above the crease to add beautiful warmth to the eyes.
Do you have any Sleek eyeshadow palettes? I've added another two to my collection which you could see here, so you can expect in the future some makeup looks using them :)
What do you think of Del Mar vol.II? Is it a palette you would use?


  1. This is definitely colorful, and I actually prefer to pay more for neutral shadows that I wear often and spend less on color that is more for play :)


  2. I have the Sleek palette storm (I think) and I love it, not only are they quite compact but lovely shadows. Your one is super bright but beautiful, love the one called Pearl...can't wait to see the looks you do with this one :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  3. I love the puro shade, so pretty - also love the first two shades on the palette. You've really tempted me to buy another!

  4. Mademoiselle Lala13 May 2015 at 15:21

    The shades are perfect for summer but for me this palette is OTT - I just know I wouldn't wear these shades. :(

  5. I love the bright colours in this palette, but practically speaking, i would just never get around to wearing these shades so would probably sit unloved in my drawers :( I am realising I am more a neutrals kinda gal! :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  6. I will sit here and admire the shades in this palette which are without a doubt beautiful but knowing myself, I'll never use any of it. I still haven't found the courage to try bright eye shadows. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. This is so pretty! I never know how to wear brights but they're so nice to look at :) I need to dig out my Sleek palettes as I've been neglecting them a bit! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  8. I love the colours, they looks super fun but I do wonder would I actually wear any of them. I've never owned a Sleek palette before and I know they aren't pricey so I'll try check out the stand soon and see what I can get my hands on x

    Beauty with charm

  9. I recently bought 4 of them! I know, I have a problem, lol! They have such pretty palettes, from neutrals to neon colours, check Vintage Romance, I think you will love it :) x

  10. I've fallen back in love with Sleek, they have such gorgeous palettes! x

  11. Yeah, I know that colourful eyeshadow is not for everyone but I love them and if I could feel comfortable to wear purple eyes on a school run I would do it, haha! x

  12. Yeah, I understand that not everyone likes colourful eyeshadows but personally I love them :) You can always incorporate a it of colour on your lower lash line or as a liner :) x

  13. Sleek has been quite forgotten in the beauty world recently, time to give it a new life :)) x

  14. I agree, as long as the quality of eyeshadows is good why pay more for something that will be used couple of times a month :) x

  15. I have always wanted to try this brand, but it's not easily accessible in the U.S. - boo! Those swatches look so pretty!

  16. Maybe we can arrange a beauty swap :) That would be fun :) x

  17. I love 'Zoola' its such a bright gold! I cant wait to see what you create with these shades! I'm yet to try anything from Sleek, I don't think I've ever seen a stand for it :o

    Lauren | Porcelain Queen

  18. Sleek palettes are supposed to be very good so I think I'm gonna have to finally give them a try. But maybe I should pick more nude one for the beginning ;)

    If you'd like you could check out my new blog - I'd be honored ;)

  19. Both Superdrug and Boots stock them but I've only seen them in big shops, my local one doesn't have a stand either :( x

  20. Sleek have also gorgeous, more neutral palettes, you definitely should try their eyeshadows :)

  21. To be honest, when I saw the second's arrival, I was disappointed. The shades just don't excite me, nor inspire me. :/

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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