Friday, 29 May 2015

Makeup look #19 Mermaid-like

Today's makeup look is full on Summer evening glam, one that makes you look like a beautiful Mermaid :) Since getting the Balmsai palette (review) I have been drawn to the shade Big Kahuna which is a gorgeous aqua blue with golden sheen, perfect for the mermaid-esque look. So one afternoon I sat down at my vanity and let the little girl in me play the mermaid :)

Mermaid eye makeup tutorial

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Balm 'Balmsai' eyeshadow and brow palette - review and swatches

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that eyeshadow palettes are my biggest makeup obsession and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that and keep collecting them :) At this stage I have enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime but there is this collector in me who wants to have all the palettes in the world and once I'm obsessed with something I am OBSESSED, lol!
I like to try different brands, to check their formulations, to compare the shades, etc. if you're a fellow beauty junkie you get the drill.
I wanted to get The Balm eyeshadow palette for a long time but was not sure what to go for, not sure about the quality as not too many people feature them on their blogs, videos. When FeelUnique was running some discount offers I finally decided to take the opportunity and ordered the Balmsai eyeshadow and brow palette by The Balm which was £20 at the moment (regular price £30).
And just look at the packaging, I just love it! All The Balm products have those funny packaging featuring pinup girls and cheeky quotes.

The Balm Balmsai palette

Monday, 25 May 2015

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer in 'Nude Pop' and 'Cherry Pop'

Before I started the blogging journey I was the type of woman who had one lipstick for a 'special occasion', couple of lip glosses and most of the time I was wearing only lip balm on my lips. But that has changed dramatically over the last year! Not only my lipsticks collection is growing but also the love for them. Nowadays I wear lipstick every day if I'm wearing any makeup.
So when I started seeing the new Clinique Pop lipsticks appearing on different blogs I knew I had to treat myself to couple of them. To start with, how beautiful is the packaging?!
There are 16 shades to choose from but after a swatching session at the Clinique counter I decided on Nude Pop, everyday shade and Cherry Pop, something for an evening.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Nude Pop and Cherry Pop

Friday, 22 May 2015

Makeup look #18 Lilac steel

Last Monday I shared with you the makeup I received from Nars and today I want to show you these products in action. When I first saw the eyeshadow duo, even though both shades are beautiful, I didn't think I would wear them together but then I just started playing with them and created a look which I really liked. It's a bit smokey but not as much that you need to wear it in the evening, I'd say it's quite wearable and would suit most eye colours. You could keep it even more day appropriate using nude lipstick but I complemented the look with mauve shade on my lips which made it that bit more special.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Haul | Beauty shopping with the girls

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet in person two of my blogging friends Pam (Pam Stuff and Things) and Brenda (Brenda Busy Bee), they're as lovely as I thought they would be!
Three beauty obsessed women in one place? Of course there had to be a bit of shopping done :)
We met in Guildford which is a fantastic town to shop for beauty as there are all the shops/counters you might want to visit, all within walking distance. We were very excited to shop together, it was so much fun and I hope we can repeat that soon :)
I didn't have any shopping list with me, I just knew I wanted to visit KIKO shop which I've never been to before and Nars counter. I set myself a budget and then just went with the flow:)


Monday, 18 May 2015

Are you a #NARSissist?

NARS is a brand I haven't tried much from, mostly because there is no counter in the area where I live and ordering expensive makeup online, without being able to see it in person, is a bit of a risk that I don't like to take too often. But whatever I've tried from NARS I was always impressed by everything, from the packaging to the quality of the product. So imagine my excitement but also shock, when a few weeks ago I received a private message on Twitter from the brand asking for my details  with the explanation that they want to thank me for being a loyal #NARSissist! First, I thought it was kind of a mistake or a joke, but after checking the official social media for NARS it seemed like it was safe to provide my address. A few days later a little package was delivered by FedEx to my house right from US :)


Friday, 15 May 2015

Makeup look #17 Coral pink eyes and lips

First of all, I can't believe it's Friday again, the time is absolutely flying for me! Anyway, I'm here to share with you another makeup look and this time will be something colourful for Spring/Summer.
If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I'm totally obsessed with eyeshadow palettes and recently I have added to my collection a few Sleek palettes which are absolutely gorgeous and I've been loving playing with them.
Even though during the week my makeup is quite simple and more on the neutral side when the weekend comes I let my creative juices flow and love to experiment with colourful looks.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sleek Del Mar vol.II - perfect palette for Spring

Sleek 'Oh So Special' eyshadow palette was my first palette which I bought just after starting reading beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos 2 years ago. Before that I was only buying smaller drugstore quads or single eyeshadows. But once I ventured into the world of bigger eyeshadow palettes there was not coming back ;) I absolutely love them and they're my biggest makeup obsession.
Recently, while watching some makeup tutorials, I came across a person who used Sleek palettes and that reminded me of my first palette which has been siting in my dressing table un-loved for long months. So I decided to play with it and I have fallen back in love with these eyeshadows. After that I just had to order some new Sleek palettes and decided to go for the latest limited edition Del Mar vol.II which is a continuation of Del Mar vol.I which was released last Summer and I was lucky to get my hands on it as well, you can see it in this picture on my Instagram. Both palettes are colourful, Summery, inspired by colours and atmosphere of Ibiza.

Sleek Del Mar vol.II palette


Monday, 11 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks - review and swatches

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite drugstore brands, especially when it comes to eyeshadows and cheek products but recently they have released some fantastic lipsticks from the Iconic Pro line and as soon as they were available on the website I ordered three shades. Makeup Revolution claims that their new lipsticks have intensive coverage and are comfortable to wear and I have to agree that they're really great and even though I've had them only for a few days I've been wearing them every day and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sample Sunday #2 Facetheory Relaxing Night Cream

Today I'm sharing with you another sample which I just used up recently and it's the Relaxing Night Cream (unscented version) from Facetheory, a new skincare UK brand which just launched their products a few weeks ago.
At the beginning of the year they asked on Twitter for volunteers to try their new personalised skincare products and I agreed to be put on the mailing list. Recently I received the sample and I was very eager to try it so started using it straight away.

Facetheory Relaxing Night Cream

Friday, 8 May 2015

Makeup look #16 Spring green

Even though the weather has been pretty awful lately we are truly in the Spring and I like my makeup to reflect that.
My last makeup look was pretty vibrant and colourful so today I'm sharing with you something more neutral but still fun with a  pop of green. I used the Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette which I bought a few months ago but totally neglected it so it was time to show it some love.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette makeup look

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

EcoTools Mattifying Finish and Eye Perfecting brushes - review

EcoTools is a brand known for their good quality, eco-friendly, affordable makeup tools. I have  a few of their makeup brushes and I really like using them. So when I saw the new range Complexion Collection in my local supermarket I didn't hesitate to pick up couple of brushes. I decided to try the Mattifying Finish and Eye Perfecting brushes. They look absolutely adorable with those blue/turquoise ferules and bamboo handles. They feel very soft to the touch but not as soft as the Real Techniques brushes for example. I've been trying to use them for the last month so let me tell you what I think of them.

Ecotools Complexion Collection brushes


Monday, 4 May 2015

Pommade Divine - the balm you need to have

Every now and then you discover a product that you know you will always repurchase because it's just that good and you can't be without. That's what happened to me with this fantastic balm.
When I was offered to try the Pommade Divine (*), the first thing that instantly intrigued me was the history behind it.
Based on a 200 year old British recipe, the original Pommade Divine formula was first created by the Royal Family’s chemist, Butler’s & Co – and since then has been used by citizens all over Britain (and the former British Empire). Throughout the first half of the 20th century was known as the "Nanny's Magic Cream" and was used by every nanny in every nursery. It was a remedy for all sorts of pains, swelling and bruises.

Pommade Divine


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sample Sunday #1 DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Today I'm starting a new series on my blog dedicated to samples which I have in abundance. I like to try new skincare products so deluxe samples are always welcomed by me but as they're only samples I feel like I can't write a proper review on them if I used the product only for a few days. Normally I don't bother with sachets that are for 1-2 uses but if I can trial a product for at least a week then it's worth trying it. And worth sharing with you if I would purchase a full size and why.
I will keep those sample reviews short and sweet, juts right for a quick read during Sunday morning coffee :)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday makeup look #15 Cosmic Chic

Today I want to share with you a makeup look which I created using Zoeva Retro Future palette. I liked it so much that I wore that eye look twice already and I'm sure I will recreate it again. It's colourful but still wearable in my opinion, perfect for Spring/Summer and if you like purple shades on your eyes I hope you will enjoy it.
I kept the rest of my face quite toned down but nicely bronzed to look a bit tanned as the makeup makes me think of holidays :)

Zoeva Retro Future palette
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