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My Inglot palettes - swatches and first impresions

If you read my latest haul post you know that while visiting my family in Poland I got a bit crazy in Inglot shop and picked up some eyeshadows and blushes to create my customised palettes.
Inglot offers a Freedom System which allows you to create your own palette containing eyeshadows, blushes, powders or lip products. There are lots of different sizes of palettes to choose from so you can really get the exact one you want.
I chose three different sizes to fit the products I purchased.

Inglot eyeshadow palette
The first palette I will show you is the 10 round pans palette to fit the 10 eyeshadows I picked on my first visit to the shop. I got some shades that I knew are quite essential in a palette to be able to create a complete eye look, like crease shade and highlight but I also got colours that were just pretty and a bit different from what I have already (a bit of a hard task, lol).
A magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette holds securely pans in place, (you need a little magnet to remove the pans), the palettes are made of sturdy plastic with magnetic transparent lids.

Inglot eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadows don't have names, only numbers which is a shame as it's so much nicer to refer to a name than to a number and also easier to remember the shade if it has a proper name. But well, no complaints here, with over 200 shades available from Inglot I guess it was really difficult to name them all:)

#395 - white champagne shade with pearl finish, perfect inner corner or/and brow bone highlight.
#155 - true gold with metallic finish.
#407 - peach-y golden duo-chrome with pearl finish, such a stunning shade, beautiful all over the lid.
#361 - pink-y coral with matte finish.
#357 - medium brown with matte finish.

#413 - turquoise blue with pearl finish, I was very ready for Spring/Summer eye looks when picking up the shades :)
#112 - this shade is stunning and very unique, I don't even know how to describe it, it's another of those multi-dimentional shades that looks different depending on the light, it's a mauve-y golden light brown in my opinion :) It has pearl finish.
#402 - soft brown with pearl finish.
#423 - deep burgundy-y brown with pearl finish.
#329 - dark chocolate brown with matte finish.

As you can see I could easily create an eye look using just this palette but after couple of days of admiring my new eyeshadows I realised that I need a matte cream colour as I tend to put this on my brow bone for subtle highlight and the next visit to Inglot shop happened. Of course I couldn't pick just one eyeshadow so I created a 5 square pans palette :)

Inglot eyeshadow palette

I tried to create a little palette with essential shades that were missing in my bigger one but also one that would create a look on its own without the need of other eyeshadows.

#351 - matte cream colour.
#337 - medium taupe brown with matte finish.
#152 - metallic taupe silver.
#388 - medium blue with purple undertones and matte finish.
#482 - dark blue matte base with silver and blue sparkles, this look absolutely stunning in the sun or artificial lighting, unfortunately the picture doesn't do its justice.
Together with my eyeshadows I bought couple of blushes to fit a small palette.

#82 - dusty rose with matte/satin finish.
#72 - cool toned light pink with matte/satin finish.
As I haven't used all the eyeshadows I can't properly review the palettes but I definitely can talk about my first impressions and these are great!
All the eyeshadows are very pigmented and silky soft to the touch, the matte shades kick up a bit of powder but are not chalky at all, just soft. From my experience Inglot eyeshadows blend beautiful and stay on the lids for most of the day. I noticed that these eye shadows tend to crease slightly on my lids after about 6 hours if I don't wear a primer which is very often the case so I do have to use one if I want my eyes to look the best all day. But bare in mind, that my eyes are slightly hooded and I have a deep crease which is quite a challenge for any eyeshadow.
As I mention before Inglot has a very vide range of colours and finishes of eyeshadows and they retail in UK for £5 a pan which contains between 2.3 - 3.2 g of product depending on the finish of eye shadows, the shimmery ones are heavier.
I've tried both blushes on my skin and they also are very pigmented, silky soft and blend well. They stay on my face for all day and even around 10 hour mark I still can see some colour on my cheeks. They contain 6g of product and retail for £7 a pan.
In overall I highly recommend trying Inglot products if you haven't already, as they're great quality with massive range of colours and finishes and are really affordable.
Have you tried any Inglot products? If so, what can you recommend?
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  1. These are so gorgeous !! I own two purple Inglot shadows and love the formula


  2. Wow those are some lovely colours that you have chosen, the 155 is beautiful. Not bad on the price either which is nice. Can't wait to see some of the looks that you create with these :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  3. I've been really enjoying playing with those eyeshadows, stay tuned for Friday :) x

  4. I need some more shades, they're so pretty! x

  5. Oooh, I want everything! I especially love #155 #357 #402 & #423. All beautiful products! xx

  6. Love all these palettes!

    The color is just right


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  7. This post makes me miss living in a huge city because everything is just so easy to get to. Back in Malaysia, our home was only 8 minutes away from one of the biggest malls in Kuala Lumpur and every weekend was makeup shopping. Haha! Inglot is definitely one of the most underrated brand out there, I think their shadows can easily rival Mac.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. I love Inglot. I only have a quad but the colours are amazing and they are so buttery soft and pigmented. I wonder how many eyeshadows we have between the two of us!

    Anoushka xx

  9. These look like such amazing quality, the pigment is fantastic and you picked up such a great variety of shades. Love 361, 112 and 423 the most, the are definitely my kind of shades x

    Beauty with charm

  10. They are really great and there are so many amazing shades to choose from it's overwhelming :) x

  11. Haha, probably way too many, but keep it quiet :) x

  12. I'm sure your bank account appreciate the lack of every weekend shopping, haha! I agree that Inglot is totally underrated! x

  13. Shade #423 is stunning :) They are very pretty and I want more, ha! x

  14. The round pan palette is so pretty, #423 looks like such a beautiful shade. I'm still yet to try anything from Ingot, I'm always tempted to order online but I'm never too sure on shades. x

  15. I have a few inglot products and I love them. Last time I was there, I was offered a professional discount, but forgot my papers, and have yet to go back! yikes! But the price is so in expensive, I don't mind paying full price!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  16. Exactly, they're very affordable and the quality is great but do take advantage of your discount :) x

  17. It's very difficult to order online as you can't just see the swatches :( The #423 shade is stunning :) x

  18. You chose some gorgeous shades! I love 152 as its not a shade you typically come across and 413 is so fun and summery! I only have the Inglot Gel Liner which I love so I'd love to expand my collection.

    Lauren Porcelain Queen

  19. These look beautiful, I love the shades that you chose. I can't wait to try some Inglot shadows for myself!


  20. You need to try their other products, I'm sure you'd love the eyeshadows ;) x

  21. Thanks Rachel! You need to go to the Inglot shop, the amount of eyeshadows they have is amazing :) x

  22. I have never tried anything from inglot but your post has made me want to rush out and try them! I llove shade 107 - such a gorgeous colour! Love the palettes you have created - it is always fun to be able to create a personalised palette xx

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palettes Giveaway

  23. Those palettes look so gorgeous! think I need to dabble in some of these :)

  24. It is fun to be able to create your own palette but also so difficult to choose the shades :) x

  25. Highly recommend trying Inglot eyeshadows! x

  26. I recently got my first Inglot, eyeshadow palette and I'm in love! The quality is amazing, so soft and buttery in texture! You picked up some gorgeous shades :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  27. I'm glad you're enjoying your Inglot eyeshadows, they're fantastic! x


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