Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My makeup table/storage

Ikea Malm Dressing table
Makeup storage/collection are one of those posts/videos I always read/watch whenever I find a new blogger/vlogger I like because I'm nosy like that :) As a beauty enthusiast I love seeing how other people set up their makeup table, how organise their cosmetics. So today I decided to share with you my makeup table/storage, to let you have a peek into the part of my bedroom which has been my favourite place in the house since I bought the table a few months ago. My set up is not extra ordinary or pinterst-like but it has been the perfect place to do my makeup with all the things I need on hand. I absolutely love the table and always look forward to those moments when I can sit down at it and enjoy making myself up.
As you can see the table is the ever so popular Ikea Malm Dressing Table. I had wanted one since I saw it in some youtube videos couple of years back when I started watching youtube.
I love how sleek and simple it is but also great at storing lots of makeup in its long drawer.
The chair is a chrome and white plastic also from Ikea, surprisingly very comfortable.

Ikea Malm Dressing table
I put the table directly in front of the window as I like to do my makeup in a natural light without any shadows on my face, and also I love looking through the window while doing so. I keep the table strictly as my makeup table so there's not many decorations, jewellery or perfume on it which I keep on top of our chest of drawers.
I still want to buy a prettier mirror but the one I have just does the job and I haven't found a one I really love that could replace the old one.  
On the left side of the table I keep my brushes in some plant pots, I couldn't resist the cute Ikea pot that you can see on the makeup table of nearly every beauty blogger/vlogger :) I have on that side a small wedding picture of me and hubby and a pot of artificial daisies as I just love those flowers and they look cute and girly on the table.
On the right side I have a few acrylic containers holding my lip and some of my eye products and things that I reach for everyday, like my current foundations, concealers, brow products, powders. There is also always hand sanitizer, hand cream and lip balm.
In one of the acrylic drawers which I got from Homebase I keep my lip products, most of them are the ones I don't reach for too often at the moment. In the other set of drawers are my mascaras, eye pencils, eye shadow sticks, pencil sharpeners. On top of these organisers I keep two of my Makeup Revolution products: blush and highlighter, just because they look cute.
In the 'under table' drawer I have all my other makeup products. On the left side from the centre there are my blushes, bronzers, single eye shadows, highlighters, false lashes and my cheaper eye shadow palettes. As you can see I organised them in a metallic cutlery tray but I really need to get some other dividers that would fit nicely in to the drawer.
The centre of the drawer is for my big palettes and on the right side I keep the rest of my more expensive eye shadow palettes, my face primers, base products, some makeup removing wipes to clean up any mistakes or swatches from my hands. In the back there is also an antibacterial brush cleaner with a small face cloth to spot clean my brushes in between deep cleaning.
And that is it. I hope you enjoyed seeing my makeup set up :)
Please, let me know if you know of any beautiful small dressing table mirrors or drawer organisers that fit the Malm table.


  1. I love the makeup storage/makeup table posts, I think as I am nosy I like to see what other people have. Such a lovely dressing table and I also have that photo frame :)

    Pams Stuff and Things
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  2. I looove makeup storage posts too! I really like how simple and clean/uncluttered yours is! x

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  4. Woohoo you finally got it installed :D x

  5. Yey! After spending the whole morning trying to figure out what's wrong finally I found out I was typing the wrong name in the html code. But I'm glad it's working now :) x

  6. Ooh I have always wanted the Malm dresser.. it looks amazing for makeup storage. I wish I had a window infront of my dresser :D xx

    Gemma |

  7. I love my table so much :) and having it in front of the window is great but it means I can't put a big, nice mirror against the wall :( x

  8. Love this! I'm totally with you on reading watching every makeup collection storage, lol! :) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  9. Yeah, guilty of being nosy, lol! x

  10. I love these kind of posts too! It's so fun to see how other beauty addicts store their makeup collection. Your setup is beautiful! I really like it.

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  11. Thank you Alexandra! I love my table so much :) x

  12. I need to ask one question. Is this always looks so perfect and beautiful? :D I love this flowers! Very impressing :)

    Marcus Dean
    storgae Edinburgh


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