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The Lip Product Addict Tag

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I'm coming back with another tag, this time I'm going to tell you about my latest obsession: lip products.
So thank you to lovely Alina from Beauty with Charm who tagged me to do this post!
Up until a year ago, basically until I started reading beauty blogs I was the kind of girl with couple of lipsticks, a lip gloss and a lip balm. I didn't care too much about that part of my makeup and wasn't really excited about lipsticks. But that has changed a lot, especially since I started my blog, suddenly I realised I can't wear the same nude lipstick all year round, every day. So I decided to have a good browse in old good Boots in lipsticks section. And, oh boy, that was it! So many different shades, finishes, formulas! How could I ever lived with only one lipstick?!
My collection of lip products and my passion for them is slowly growing so this tag is a great fun for me to do it.
Let's get to it!

1. Favourite balm or treatment.
For many years my ultimate lip balm was good old Vaseline, but in the last few months I have been loving Nivea lip butters at night and Carmex during the day as a tiny bit of it hydrate and soothe my lips and also prime them for my lipstick.
2. Best eye-catching red.
Just a year ago there was no way I'd wear a red lipstick but lately I've been really enjoying bold shades, red being one of them. I'm still looking for my perfect red lipstick but the one I've been loving lately is from the new Maybelline range of Intense Velvet Lip Pencils in Red Essential (review here).
3. Best luxury and best drugstore lip product.
I'm yet to try luxury lipsticks but I'm lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury new matte range :) My recent higher end lipstick purchase was the Japonesque Pro Performance lipstick in shade #7 which is deep red with brown undertones and I love the formula and the colour as well - right back to the 90s :) From the drugstore I have to say Rimmel lipsticks are fantastic and very affordable too so I feel less guilty  to keep buying them, lol. My favourite at the moment are Lasting Finish by Kate #30 - deep berry and #08 - mauve nude.
4. Best MAC lipstick.
I don't own any. Yep, that's the fact. I will probably buy one at some point but for some reason I'm not that excited about them. But if you have any recommendation for my first MAC lipstick, please, let me know in the comments section :)
5. Most disappointing lip product.
So far the most disappointing lipstick I got it was from Wild About Beauty in shade 01Violet which is... transparent. Seriously, there is no colour, no pigmentation in this lipstick, I can't believe it costs £15, fortunately I didn't spend this money on it as I received it a beauty box but still it was a big disappointment.
6. Lip liner - yes or no?
Definitely yes if I'm wearing bolder shades as it helps to keep the lipstick in place and makes my lips looking more perfected. I'm not bothered with lip liner if I'm wearing nude, pink colour.
7. Favourite gloss.
I like ModelCo lip glosses as they're not sticky, they stay quite long on the lips and they smell like strawberries! Also I've been loving the liquid lipsticks from L'Oreal L'Extraordinaire, which are very pigmented, super glossy, not sticky and stay well on my lips.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it!
As we seem to be recently flooded with different tags I don't want to impose on anyone yet another tag post so if any of you feel like completing it, please feel free to do it and leave me a link so I will have a read.
What is your all time favourite lip product?


  1. Great tag, loved your answers :) I bet you'd love MAC Rebel as berry shades really suit you xx

    1. Thank you darling! I actually thought about buying Rebel as it looks very similar to the Rimmel lipstick I've been loving :) xx

  2. Really enjoyed reading your answers :) I have also only really got into lipsticks sine blogging - definitely just a few lipsticks and lip balm girl before!!

    Brenda BusyBee | GIVEAWAY

    1. Thanks Brenda! Blogging has been blamed for way too many beauty purchases ;) I used to buy new foundation when one run out now I have 3-5 on stand, lol! xx

  3. Thank for doing the tag! I used to be the exact same and now i can't go into Boots without picking up a lip product of some sort or having about 10 swatches on my hand! I love your picks and don't worry I only bought my first MAC lipstick not too long ago. It's a pinky nude shade Creme Cup if you would be interested :D x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

    1. I will check the Mac lipstick you recommend, thanks! I'm just the same, leaving Boots with hands full of colours like a child after art session, haha xx

  4. Great answers and yes I am the same, before blogging I owned around three lipsticks and a few glosses, now my collection is growing :P

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. hahaha, it's good to know I'm not the only one :) What blogging has done to us?? lol

  5. Lovely colours, this autumn I'm very addicted to lip products. So many beautiful shades to use ♥

  6. I've been loving the berry, plum trend this Autumn, can't seem to have enough of berry lipsticks :) x


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