Monday, 20 October 2014

Manicure Monday #18 So Susan 'Dark Denim' & Aqua Marine

So Susan 'Dark denim' So Susan 'Aqua marine'
Ever since I received the So Susan Lacquerlove box last month I knew I will pair these two nail polishes together as 'Aqua Marine' is a very sheer nail polish which requires many coats to get an opaque finish. So I thought that using it as a top coat over a darker polish would give a nice effect.

'Dark Denim' is a dark purple colour, has a lovely formula and it's opaque with two coats. 'Aqua Marine' is a very sheer baby blue shade with tiny silver and gold particles. I applied it over 'Dark Denim', firstly only on my ring finger nails but as I loved the finished effect I went ahead and paint all my nails. Who doesn't love a bit (or a bit more) of sparkle? :)
So Susan swatch of Aqua Marine
I really like the finished effect, my nails look more of a teal shade with subtle glitter, perfect for any special occasion or night out.
Do you like sparkly nails or prefer a cream finish?



  1. Gorgeous! I love that Aqua Marine!
    Angie x

  2. I LOVE the finished look of your nails - they are gorgeous! :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  3. Those are gorgeous! I have been so into blue polishes lately. It adds such a nice pop of colour to any outfit. I prefer creamy polishes but I love to add a shimmery detail on a accent nail.

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog


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