Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Disappointing products #1

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover

Every now and then we all buy product that doesn't perform as we expected and leaves us feeling disappointed. It happens to me quite often even though I try to make my research before buying certain products and normally I'm not an impulsive buyer who throws to the basket whatever catches my eye. But I still end up with beauty products that I'm not happy with. It doesn't mean they're bad, they just either don't work for me or didn't meet my high expectations.
Writing this post I don't want anyone to put off of getting certain products, I just want to share my honest opinion and my experience. Obviously everyone is different, with different preferences and expectations so if something is not good for me it doesn't mean it will be bad for you as well.
Having that in mind let me tell you about some of my 'disappointing' products.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body in 2W2 Rattan - a few months back my skin was looking very bad, with the pigmentation getting much darker, red patches all over my face so I decided to splurge on more expensive foundation which would help me cover all my skin concerns and make me look my best when I want to put a full face make up. I hadn't bought a high end foundation for a few years so I was very excited about getting one and started researching all the options. I was gravitating towards the original Estee Lauder Double Wear but while online I found the Maximum Cover and decided to get it as it claims to be a camouflage make up so I imagined it being the miracle base that will make my skin looking absolutely flawless.
Unfortunately it's not what I was expecting. Firstly, the shade is too orange for my skin tone but that's my poor judgment on shades so it has nothing to do with the product itself, nevertheless made me dislike it immediately. Second, it looks so cakey on my skin it's basicly un-wearable. Obviously it's a full coverage foundation so it has to be detectable on the skin, I knew that but I didn't think it would look so bad. It's thick in consistency and difficult to blend. And on top of that it still doesn't cover perfectly my dark patches or broken capillaries. I know I probably had way too high expectations for this foundation but still made me feel disappointed. As I don't want to throw it away I like to mix it with my MaxFactor foundation which is slightly too light for me at the moment to extend the wear time of my base and increase slightly the coverage. The one thing that is definitely a plus it's the staying power, the few times I wore it on my face it did lasted nearly all day ( looking awful, may I add).

Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution Ultra Calm - I tried different micellar waters over the last year and my absolute favourite is the Garnier Micellar Water but one day I was feeling like I want to test different make up remover and saw that Botanics have new Micellar Waters and decided to give it a go. The result was that couple of days later I run to Boots to get my trustworthy Garnier one. Botanics Micellar Cleansing Solution stings my eyes and makes my skin slightly irritated. I don't know how it's supposed to be suitable for even very sensitive skin if my is not overly sensitive and the liquid makes it feel very uncomfortable. Yes, it does removes the make up well but in my opinion is not suitable to use on eyes so I still need another product which makes the whole idea of micellar water pointless.

So Susan Flutter Mascara - I got this mascara in a beauty box, it claims to help to achieve the darkest, voluminous, multi-dimensional, curviest lashes possible, I love the packaging and I was very excited to try it. But, oh boy, what a disappointment! First, the brush is tiny, with the bristles so separated that I knew immediately they will not do any good to my lashes. Second, the formula is so thin that doesn't do anything to my lashes, like, seriously, it barely defines them and there is no sign of volume or curves. If your lashes are naturally beautiful then you might enjoy this mascara but for my nearly non-existent ones this product is pretty much useless and definitely not worth the £14.95 price tag.

So here they are, my few disappointing products. Have you tried any of them? Was your experience with them better than mine?




  1. Always good to get other peoples views on products, and it's horrible when you are disappointed with something :(

    Pam @

    1. It is awful to be disappointed with products, especially the ones you had high hopes for. xx

  2. I haven't tried any of these but I know how awful it is when you are disappointed with a product - especially a high end one you have spent quite a bit of money on!

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. It is very disappointing when you reach for a high end product and it doesn't perform as well as you expect it to. That's the main reason I stay away from more expensive brands as I don't have enough money to spend on something that works no better than drugstore offering. :) xx

  3. I've heard lots of poor reviews about the So Susan mascara - so much so mine is still unopened! Not sure it's worth bothering with!

    1. I'm very disappointed with this mascara and have even two of them as I received one in the last LacquerLove. x

  4. I love reading honest reviews about products that bloggers found disappointing as it's nice to have a different view before making a decision. There's nothing worse than getting a product that doesn't work for you especially if it was pricey x

    Beauty with charm

    1. So true! I like reading honest opinions even if the product didn't work for someone. Always make me dubious when some bloggers review million things and love everything ;) x


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