Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My week away from blogging in pictures

Welcome back after my short break I took from blogging!
As you might know my Mum visited us for a week and as we see each other only couple of times a year I wanted to spend quality time with Her and focus entirely on my family.
We had great time together, boys were spoilt rotten by Grandma and we all were very happy. Times like this make you appreciate all the little moments in life that, at the end of the day, mean the most.

Blogging is becoming a big part of my life so I've decided to share a bit of personal life here on my blog and share with you, my readers, some important moments thus this post.

Without writing too much I leave you with some photos we took during my Mum's visit.
We visited Living Rainforest full of amazing, exotic plants and some animals. Great place to go with children but oh boy! it was hot in there :)

Another amazing place for a day out with family is Beale Park. Beautiful green areas, animals and lots of activities for children.

Finally we managed to have a night out without children which was a-mazing!
If you have children and no grandparents close by, to stay with them once in a while, you know how great and relaxing can be a simple meal out without kids. Noo matter how much you love your children it's nice to spend some time just with your partner. We had a delicious meal in a Mexican restaurant and then we went to the cinema. What a luxury! :))

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you like it I might do, once in awhile, this kind of update on my life, let me know in the comments below. And tomorrow I'm back with my usual beauty post.



  1. Welcome back, Mummy! What lovely photos and adorable children. Thanks for sharing.


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